SpaceX’s Starlink also arrives in Italy (and exits the Beta phase)

Here we are, SpaceX's Starlink is about to land in Italy too! All users who had expressed their willingness to access the service by registering in recent months on the website of the SpaceX internet provider and Elon Musk, received an email announcing that the service is also available in Italy and that it is therefore possible to obtain the kit.

Who and how can use Starlink in Italy

Starlink has finally arrived in Italy, but it seems that in a first phase it will not be available for all those who have requested it . In fact, the users to whom the email was sent, following the Starlink link, were directed to a page which, in addition to allowing the booking of the kit, reads: " At the moment Starlink will be available to a limited number of users for each area blanket. Orders will be processed in chronological order. "

Furthermore, on this page , interested users were able to check, using a dedicated tool, if their area is covered by the service. In fact, the sending of Starlink satellites into orbit is currently only partial and therefore it is not yet possible to guarantee the service in every corner of the planet. So even in the same boot, not all areas still have coverage available .

Starlink's kit and operating speeds

So even in Italy, the first users who request it will receive the Starlink installation kit connected to the SpaceX and Elon Musk satellites at home.

The kit arrives at home in a very minimal package consisting of a parabola that will communicate with the satellites and a router to be installed in the house that has both Wi-Fi and Lan connections, finally all the necessary cables are available to connect to the domestic current. . The kit alone has a price of 499 euros, well above any home connection system.

The Starlink kit as it arrives at the home of users who request it

Furthermore, together with the almost 500 euros to be paid to get the dish and router, it is necessary to pay a monthly subscription of 99 euros to access the connection . Obviously, the installation of Starlink has considerable advantages and for some it could represent a great need, despite the prices that are not cheap at all. In fact, thanks to the SpaceX and Elon Musk internet service it is possible to obtain a fast and low latency internet connection even in areas not covered by the normal network.

Speaking of connection, according to what was communicated to the interested parties, the download speeds should be between 50 and 150 Mb / s , with a low latency that according to the official website should also allow you to play with low ping values ​​(users who have carried out the first tests speak of a latency on values between 40 and 50 ms ).

Starlink exits the Beta phase

Meanwhile, Elon Musk announces big news on his satellite internet service. Asked on Twitter by the user Overshield, Musk announced that the beta test phase for users will end next month , another important step for a service that announces to revolutionize our use of the internet.

SpaceX continues with Starlink launches

Meanwhile, the launches of Starlink satellites continue. During the summer the launch activities were practically stopped but already on Monday 13 September the launches resumed with the sending into orbit of 51 satellites, launched from the Vandenberg base in Canada. Therefore, the figure of 1800 satellites in orbit has been exceeded and the aim is sent to the partial objective of the 2000 active satellites, but it is still far from the final objective of a constellation composed of 12,000 units. At this rate, however, Starlink and SpaceX are confident they can reach the first 40 million customers by 2025!

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