Sony ULT WEAR experience: flagship level of battery life and noise reduction, with surprising upgrades to the bass

Speaking of Sony's subwoofer series, I believe everyone is familiar with it.

The MEGA BASS sound effects on tape players, CD players, and Sony Ericsson-era WALKMAN mobile phones were later directly attached to wireless headphones and speakers, directly creating a separate product series of EXTRA BASS sound effects. You must have heard or used these.

Now, Sony’s subwoofer series is getting updated.

The new heavy bass series is called ULT POWER SOUND. It is a series that focuses on heavy bass sound effects and is aimed at fashion groups and pan-music lovers such as rock, rap, EDM, etc.

When the new series was released, Sony also announced two products, namely the heavy bass portable Bluetooth speaker ULT FIELD 1, which will be released in June, and the heavy bass headset ULT WEAR in our hands.

Let’s talk about the sound part of this key update first. ULT WEAR is equipped with a 40mm driver unit specially designed for ULT WEAR and supports Sony’s most commonly used digital sound enhancement engine DSEE.

DSEE can compensate for lossy audio through algorithms to achieve effects close to lossless specifications. If the audio source is a streaming service with few lossless specifications, turning on DSEE can still improve the listening experience.

In terms of listening, ULT WEAR, with the support of LDAC lossless encoding and high-performance integrated processor V1, has a good sound base texture and quality. The sound tendency will be adjusted according to ULT POWER SOUND. By default, the amount of low frequency will be a little more, and the energy generated when drum beats will be more than Sony's headphones of the same position. The overall sound style is slightly biased towards highlighting the low frequency performance.

The details and vocals are neither blurry nor too sharp. The edges of the sound are slightly irritating, and the performance of quickly fading to the end is similar to the processing style of the CH and XB series, which is Sony's familiar digital pop flavor.

After turning on the surging sound effect at the highest level, it is like suddenly adding a subwoofer to the headphones that can cover the entire listening space and has a strong sense of presence. The sense of low-frequency energy is greatly improved. Impactful effects such as drum beats and explosions have been greatly enhanced. In addition, this sound effect can be turned on in any playback state. If the sound effect is turned on while playing games, it can bring a stronger explosion effect.

When I usually listen to songs, I feel that it is enough to turn on the first sound effect to enhance the low-frequency performance of the environment and make the drum beats more solid and full. If you turn on the second sound effect in games such as "Call of Duty" and "Peace Elite" or when watching videos, the listening experience will be improved more obviously than when listening to music.

In terms of appearance design, ULT WEAR continues the classic design of Sony headphones. For example, the narrowed cylindrical joint, the obliquely placed oval oval earcups, and the square sensor openings in the earcups. You can also see the shadow of Sony's design from these features.

Most importantly, Sony's signature folding structure of wireless headsets is back.

With the folding joint, users can usually use a smaller storage bag, or fold it and put it in the small compartment of the camera bag. There is no need to prepare a big bag for going out.

The other parts are the same as other Sony headsets. The flat shell supports touch control. The USB-C interface for charging, 3.5mm audio port, power button and noise reduction mode button are all placed at the bottom.

In terms of color matching, ULT WEAR is available in starry night black, galaxy white and forest gray. The forest gray on our hands shows a blend of dark green and gray under the influence of daily light. The surface of the earphones is coated with a matte coating, which eliminates the plastic feel of the material itself and makes the dark-toned body look more textured.

Sony has added an ULT button to the appearance this time that turns on the surging sound effect by default. The buttons and the Sony LOGO on the headband have been treated with laser phantom color, adding some embellishments to the matte and calm solid color body.

When worn, the oval earcups of ULT WEAR are large enough to cover the ears while leaving some gaps. In addition, the material of the ear cotton is relatively soft, so even when used with glasses, the squeezing feeling is not particularly strong.

The earphone shell uses a large proportion of environmentally friendly materials. The advantage of this is that the earphones can be made very light. Weighing about 255g, ULT WEAR feels very light when worn on the head, and will basically not affect activities in daily use.

Then, let’s take a look at the configuration and noise reduction of the headphones.

ULT WEAR is equipped with a high-performance integrated processor V1 and supports LDAC Bluetooth transmission encoding. The multi-point connection and one-key switching functions are retained. When the connected devices all support LDAC, ULT WEAR can achieve dual LDAC connections.

ULT WEAR can also wake up the voice assistant with one click after being connected to a mobile phone. In addition to supporting Xperia's own Aicy voice assistant, Siri and Tencent Xiaowei, it also adds OPPO's Xiaobu and Honor's YOYO, making the compatibility even richer.

In terms of noise reduction, ULT WEAR also supports the adaptive ambient sound control that comes standard with Sony headphone noise reduction headphones. With the official Sony | Headphone Connect App, the headphones can achieve adaptive noise reduction and 20 levels of noise reduction adjustment.

Based on the high-performance integrated processor V1 and Sony's noise reduction algorithm, ULT WEAR's noise reduction hearing effect is close to that of the 1000X series. At the highest level, it is a relatively strong noise reduction effect that suppresses the environment to almost complete silence. There is basically no need to question the strength of noise reduction. Music in coffee shops, mechanical keyboards and air conditioning noise in the office can all be handled cleanly.

Headphones will also suppress human voices in the environment. As long as you are not sitting very close to the person speaking, the sound will basically not affect you.

In terms of battery life, ULT WEAR is the flagship standard configuration of "30 hours with noise reduction on and 50 hours with noise reduction off", which is basically an inexhaustible level. The earphones support fast charging mode. 3 minutes of fast charging can provide 1.5 hours of playback, and 10 minutes of fast charging can provide 5 hours of playback. Even if you forget to charge it because the battery life is too long, a simple 3-minute charge before use can basically satisfy a round of commuting, and 10 minutes can also suffice for a day of use.

In general, ULT WEAR has the sound effects that a heavy bass series should have and the complete configuration that Sony headphones should have. The design adds the trendy attributes of the series. It is a very standard Sony heavy bass head-mounted noise reduction headset.

Wearing is the level that Sony's sub-flagship noise-canceling headphones have to have in recent years. The new generation of surging sound effects creates a freshness that is different from the EXTRA BASS sound effects. Coupled with the return of the folding structure and relatively user-friendly pricing, ULT WEAR still has a certain appeal to a new generation of young users.

If you are a Sony fan, you usually listen to a lot of EDM, rock, and hip-hop music, or you need a headset with stronger bass effect to play games and watch videos, you have the habit of backpacking when you go out every day, and you also have a need for high-level noise reduction. , then ULT WEAR will be a product worth trying.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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