Sony TV 2022 new product experience: QD-OLED panel TV is very fragrant and expensive

Before participating in this experience meeting, I have been trying to remember the new Sony TV 2022 model:

  • 8K Mini LED Picture Series TV Z9K
  • 4K Mini LED TV X95EK
  • 4K QD-OLED Picture Series TV A95K
  • 4K OLED TV A80EK, A80K
  • 4K LED LCD TV X90K, X91K

Are you messy after reading it? Anyway, I'm stunned…

Such a weird name can be said to be Sony's "traditional skills". After careful inventory, I still found some naming rules:

First of all, the suffixes of this year's new products are all "K", which represents the panel in 2022. As a distinction, the 2020 model suffix is ​​"H", and the 2021 model is "J". Keeping this in mind, you will be able to identify old and new models at a glance when purchasing.

Secondly, the beginning of "Z" still represents the flagship of picture quality, that is, the best Sony TV you can buy (excluding monitor series). The beginning of "A" represents the OLED panel, and the "X" represents the LCD panel.

Then the middle number, the larger the value, the higher the high end. For example, the positioning of A95K is higher than that of A80K.

▲ Sony flagship TV Z9K

The basic rule is this. But here comes the problem. If you are careful, you must find that some of the models listed above also have the letter "E". What does it mean?

After confirming with Sony engineers, it turns out that in the non-picture series TVs, "E" means the standard camera. For example, the A80EK has its own camera, while the A80K does not.

▲An extra camera on the A80EK

After some sorting out, I believe you have a lot of clarity. So, let's walk into the Sony Store by the Hangzhou Lake with me to see the performance of this year's new products.

▲ The first floor of Sony Hangzhou Direct Store

It should be noted in advance that the perception of TV and audio are subjective. The following experience is for reference only. Before you make up your mind to buy, it is recommended to experience it in a physical store.

4K Mini LED Series TV X95EK

Compared with the previous generation X95J, the X95EK has several significant changes: higher brightness, fuller colors, better black field performance, and more three-dimensional sound.

The TV is really interesting, and when you look at the X95J or X95EK alone, they both perform so well, it's hard to pick out the thorns. But put them together and play the same picture, you can clearly see the difference.

▲ Left is X95J, right is X95EK

The upgrade of the X95EK first comes from the Mini LED panel. Not only is the peak brightness higher, but thanks to the multiplied backlight partition, the contrast of the picture is also improved.

So in the picture below, you can clearly see that the skin color, clothing, and flowers of the characters, the brightness of the X95EK will be higher, and the layers of light and shade will be richer.

▲ Left is X95J, right is X95EK

In addition, the change of color is also obvious. X95EK uses the XR Terri Charm Max technology, the color is more real and full. For example, in the night scene of Las Vegas below, the X95EK performs better in the restoration of the color of the lights.

▲ Left is X95J, right is X95EK

Changes in sound cannot be expressed through pictures. Since the X95EK has added a bass unit and a high-frequency positioning unit, the sound is much thicker, and the position of the human voice is clearer, which can be heard by one ear.

Friends who just bought the X95J last year don't have to regret it. Because in fact, the difference in image quality between the two is most obvious when playing Blu-ray sources. When watching videos that are streamed daily, the gap isn't that big.

▲ Left is X95J, right is X95EK

It can be understood that the lower limit of the two models is comparable, but the upper limit of the X95EK will be higher.

4K QD-OLED Picture Series TV A95K

This TV is the model I am most looking forward to on my trip.

Because it is the first TV equipped with a QD-OLED panel in China, the price is as high as 27,999 yuan, which should be the most expensive 65-inch TV on the market.

Let's talk about this panel first, the so-called "QD" means quantum dots. This technology is to replace the traditional WOLED filter with a quantum dot film.

Because quantum dots are significantly more efficient at converting light than filters, QD-OLED panels are brighter than conventional OLEDs. Secondly, the light converted by the quantum dots has a narrower waveform, and the colors of the red, green and blue optical primary colors are more pure.

▲ Comparison of QD-OLED and traditional OLED. Image from: PCMag

If you are not interested in technical principles, then you only need to know that QD-OLED will be better than traditional OLED in terms of brightness and color performance.

Compared with the previous generation A95J, the A95K with QD-OLED panel, the picture quality is improved at a glance. The most obvious is that the A95K is no longer cyan when displaying white highlights, but true white, which is difficult to achieve with traditional OLEDs.

▲ Left is A90J, right is A95K

For example, in the picture below, the A95K on the right is obviously better for the texture of sunlight and the color reproduction of gold foil. In the white part of the fan, you can observe that the A95J is tinged with cyan, while the A95K is a more realistic white.

▲ Left is A90J, right is A95K

This group of pictures, the difference in color and brightness is more obvious. The A95K picture is transparent and the color is full, and the A90J is relatively dull.

▲ Left is A90J, right is A95K

It is a pity that this king of Sony OLED picture quality is currently only 65 inches in size. If the room is larger and the budget is sufficient, you can wait for subsequent products.


The X90J was one of the best-selling models of Sony TVs last year and is popular with young gamers for its excellent gaming performance. The X90K and X91K still focus on the gaming experience while upgrading the picture quality.

First of all, X90K and X91K can be said to be sibling models. The X91K is 200 yuan more expensive than the X90K, but in exchange for double the storage space (64GB).

In appearance, the two are slightly different. The bottom edge of the X90K TV bezel is black and the stand is silver, while the X91K is amber gold. Apart from these two points, there is no difference between the two.

▲ Left is X90K, right is X91K

From a cost-effective point of view, I prefer the X91K. After all, the TV replacement cycle is long, and the larger storage space is more "durable".

In terms of picture quality, compared with the previous generation X90J, the improvement of X90K is mainly concentrated in brightness and color.

▲ Left is X90J, right is X90K

The skin tones of the characters are also more natural, in contrast, the X90J's sense of realism is weaker.

▲ Left is X90J, right is X90K

Games remain the focus. X90K brings "Perfect for PS5" features, including HDR automatic mapping, content adaptive image mode. That is to say, without manual settings, the TV will automatically adjust to the optimal picture according to the content source.

▲ 75-inch version X90K

Three common upgrade points

In this experience, the protagonists are the above three TV products. 8K Mini LED Z9K, and 4K OLED TV A80K series, did not show on the scene.

There are actually some common points in experience or function between various models, which will be discussed together here.

First is the camera.

In Sony's 2022 new TV series, both the painting series are equipped with standard cameras. The non-painting series, the standard camera with "E" in the name.

The camera is designed for magnetic attraction and has a physical switch to prevent privacy leakage. In addition, the camera can be purchased separately, and TVs with XR chips can be plugged in.

▲ The camera is manually turned off

So what is this camera for? Smart functions such as video calls and AI fitness are not new, and for most users, they are not high-frequency scenarios.

More practical, AI environment sensing adjusts the Pro function. The camera can recognize the user's location and distance, automatically optimize the screen brightness and sound, so that any location can become the "emperor".

There is also an interesting function, which is the function of providing distance proximity. When the camera detects that the user's viewing distance is too close, it will automatically pop up a reminder, which is suitable for users with children at home.

The second point is the redesign of the remote control. Compared with the old model with too small buttons, the new model is obviously more in line with human usage habits.

The third point is in terms of sound. With the help of the XR chip, all new products of the series can use the TV as the center channel to sound when paired with Sony's home audio and video combination.

I experienced the audio-visual combination of X95EK and HT-A7000 + RS5S + SW5 on the spot. After turning on the "TV center speaker mode", the voices in the movie are obviously much clearer, and the immersion is stronger.

Overall, Sony's 2022 new TV series have strong product strength. Which one surprises me the most is the A95K with a QD-OLED panel. The rest of the products are regular upgrades, and the toothpaste is not squeezed much.

In contrast, the old Sony TVs after the price reduction are extraordinarily cost-effective. For example, the 55-inch A80J is currently priced at 8899 yuan on the official website, which is 2100 yuan cheaper than the new A80K.

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