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  • Someone designed a "dog phone", you can’t guess what it is like
  • Qatar builds first fully detachable stadium in World Cup history
  • Germany welcomes its first venture fund dedicated to female entrepreneurs
  • Better than the official? She designed a different Happy Paradise meal packaging for McDonald's
  • South Mountain Company: People, Earth, and Profit are indispensable

Someone designed a "dog phone", you can’t guess what it is like

⭐ Multiple perspectives help you open your mind

Many pet owners are equipped with pet cameras, automatic food/water dispensers and other "pet technology products."

There is a problem. The products mentioned above are designed around the owner's control and are for human use.

What about pets? What do they want? What about the technology products used for them?

Dr. Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas from the University of Glasgow made a "DogPhone" that is "True for Pets".

▲ Dr. Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas and Zack

Although it is a "phone", it is actually a toy ball that Ilyena's 10-year-old Labrador Zack likes, with an accelerometer hidden in it. After the ball is moved, it will automatically make a video call to Ilyena, and Zack can see Ilyena on the other end of the phone on the screen at home.

The concept is simple, but the details of the interaction are all work.

In the span of three months, Ilyena studied the behavior of Zack for 16 consecutive days.

In the first two days, Zack made 18 calls, but more than half of them were made by mistake-Zack pressed the ball while sleeping. Therefore, humans have to continuously adjust the sensitivity of the equipment.

However, in those "awake dials", Zack sometimes walks to the screen to show the owner the toys they often play with, implying that he wants to interact with the owner.

In the last 7 days of the experiment, the sensitivity of the “mobile phone” has been adjusted. Zack made a total of 35 calls, an average of 5 calls per day.

Although Ilyena also admitted that she is “not sure if Zack really knows the causal relationship between picking up the ball and making a phone call,” but it’s clear that sometimes Zack “must be interested in what it sees on the screen. And show some of the behaviors that occur when we are together."

▲ When Ilyena receives a call from Zack while walking on the road, she will show Zack the street scene and listen to the flute performance of the street performer

What's particularly interesting is that in the later stages of the experiment, Ilyena found that she felt anxious because she didn't receive a call from Zack, thinking "it usually calls me at this time."

In the face of this anxiety, she would comfort herself with the classic phrase-"He's just not that into you."

By the way, Ilyena can also call Zack, but Zack has to move the ball to "answer".

In fact, it is to give the dog a choice. We may not understand their choice. But this does not mean that they are not worthy of choice.

In her view, "dog phone" shows that dogs have the ability to control technology, and we can also build technology products for dogs.

Although "dog phone" is still a very early concept, Ilyena, who focuses on animal-computer interaction, believes that we are already developing in a new direction:

No matter what form we use, we have taken a step towards the development of a kind of "dog internet", which will give animals more autonomy and give them more control over technology interaction.

Perhaps, Ilyena’s idea of ​​designing products for pets can also be extended to all products designed for users of “non-mainstream” technology products-less guessing, and more thinking about how to help users who are “lost” master technology, understand and explore what they really need What kind of technology and products, there may be unexpected discoveries.

Qatar builds first fully detachable stadium in World Cup history

⚽ The World Cup is coming again

On November 30, the "974 Stadium" built for the 2022 Qatar World Cup will officially usher in the first game.

The number in the name "974 Stadium" has two meanings-"974" is not only the international dialing code for Qatar, but also the number of containers used in the construction of the stadium.

Yes, most of this stadium is made of containers and can accommodate 40,000 spectators.

Moreover, it will be completely dismantled after the World Cup, and its parts will be recycled for the construction of Tal and overseas sports facilities, which also makes the stadium the first fully detachable stadium in the history of the FIFA World Cup.

Most of the structure of the stadium is made of recycled steel. Compared with the traditional stadium development, its water-saving program ensures that its water consumption is reduced by 40%.

In addition, through design ingenuity, the 974 stadium does not need to use an air-conditioning system, and the gaps between the seats are carefully arranged to use natural ventilation to create a comfortable feeling of temperature. Moreover, the stadium is facing the spectacular West Bay skyline with pleasant scenery.

The 974 stadium has important symbolic significance.

This stadium is located in the Ras Abu Abu area of ​​Doha, the capital of Qatar. Previously, it was the headquarters of the Qatar Petroleum Company. Building a sustainable and innovative stadium here also symbolizes the hope of bringing new changes to the region.

Yasser Jamal, Chairman of the Operation Office of the High Commission for Delivery and Inheritance of the Qatar World Cup, said:

Peugeot's 974 stadium is a proud symbol of sustainability and innovation. Its completion is another important moment for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Germany welcomes its first venture fund dedicated to female entrepreneurs

 Create a more diverse capital environment

Recently, Germany ushered in Auxxo, the first venture fund specifically for female entrepreneurs.

Behind this 15 million euro fund are two of Germany's most famous angel investors, Gesa Miczaika and Bettine Schmitz, who will invest in startups with at least one female co-founder.

Next, Auxxo will invest in at least 25 pre-seed and seed-stage startup companies in Europe. The female founders of these companies must hold at least 20% of the founder's shares to "pass". The fund will acquire 3%-5% of these companies for GBP 100,000 to 600,000.

We see ourselves as a bridge between the traditional venture capital community and female founders…support them to find their own way in the field of venture capital and entrepreneurship.

Although more and more people are paying attention to the topic of female entrepreneurs, the improvement of the situation is limited.

In Europe, since 2017, companies founded by women have received financing only 1.3% of the total investment.

As we previously reported, the amount of investment that female entrepreneurs received in the US market this year was 70% higher than in 2019, but still only accounted for 18% of the total investment.

In addition to Auxxo, WinEquity in France, Borski fund in the Netherlands, Pink Salt Ventures in the United Kingdom, and SoGal Ventures, which have investments in Asia, are all investment forces that support female entrepreneurs.

Better than the official? She designed a different Happy Paradise meal packaging for McDonald's

 The story of sustainability can also be told like this

Although McDonald’s Happy Meal is a happy childhood memory of many people, in the new era, perhaps Happy Meal should also take a new look.

Recently, Malaysian designer Regina Lim has made a more sustainable happy meal design, which reduces the use of plastic as much as possible.

The theme of the design is "Magical Forest (Magical Forest)".

First, she replaced the plastic toys in the package with a set of wooden tree toys, and also matched the paper giraffe, elephant and zebra models that children can assemble.

After unfolding the box, we can see the illustrated story printed on it-telling how the seed grows into a tree.

Lim believes that McDonald's can replace these illustrated stories with publicity for the company's sustainable development initiatives.

In addition, she noticed that there was a problem with the original Happy Paradise meal packaging, that is, it was impossible to pack the soda in the package, so she had to pack extra after purchase. Therefore, she deliberately set enough space in the design to accommodate soda.

Regarding the design of Lim, McDonald's did not specifically comment. But in September of this year, McDonald's announced that it would reduce the petroleum-based plastic used in Happy Paradise meals by 90% by 2025, and instead use recycled plastic or degradable plastic instead.

In recent years, the plastic toys that come with Happy Meals have become targets of criticism-many people say that children get bored after only playing with them for a while, causing a lot of plastic waste.

South Mountain Company: People, Earth, and Profit are indispensable

▲ John Abrams, founder of South Mountain

A few years after starting the business, a friend and mentor who liked our work asked me, "Do you make money?"

I said no, we lost money on almost everything.

He said, then, your idea is really unique-to give money to the rich.

This is a conversation that changed John Abrams.

Establishing South Mountain Company, a construction company In the first few years, Abrams only focused on good construction. He didn't have much interest in business. But after this conversation, he decided to learn how to do business.

Now, "people, planet, and profit" have become South Mountain's three bottom lines.

At the "person" level, South Mountain has adopted an employee ownership system since 1987. Anyone who has worked in the company for five years or more has the opportunity to become the owner of the company-the responsibility, power, and profitability of the company's operations belong to employees Hold people.

When those who make decisions are also those who bear/share the results and results of those decisions, it can bring better results.

In terms of "earth", the company has been trying to incorporate solar energy technology into buildings since the 1990s, focusing on creating low-energy and durable buildings, and has a dedicated energy technology department.

We have decided that if a project will have a negative impact on the environment or our community, we will not do it.

For example , over the years, South Mountain has begun to welcome new residents who will only spend their summer holidays there. They demolished the local New England wooden houses full of history and built empty villas, which lost fuel in winter.

As a resistance, the company refused to build a building larger than 3,500 square feet for no reason, and promoted the long-term planning and improvement of the island by local managers.

Now, South Mountain is still striving to explore becoming a company that achieves zero emissions and zero waste at the operation and construction level.

In terms of profitability, in 2017, South Mountain had an annual revenue of approximately US$10 million with 35 employees.

In fact, its founder, Abrams, will officially retire in 2022, and COO Deirdre Bohan, an accounting company, will take over. It can be seen that Abrams did pay more attention to the company's operational efficiency in the later period of the company.

▲ Abrams and Deirdre Bohan who will succeed CEO

However, South Mountain will still adopt a collaborative management approach. In addition to maintaining employee ownership, the new CEO will also be assisted by a four-person senior management team. They are construction, energy and engineering, finance and human resources, and The person in charge of the production department.

The transformation of the entire leadership is not a short sprint, it is more like a long journey, you can stop and take a look at the scenery along the way.

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