“Social fear” also wants to post, an app that frequently appears on the mobile phones of lovers who are in love has become popular

At the beginning of the year, a desktop widget called LiveIn became popular.

It's fairly simple to play: add friends, upload a picture, and "stick" your big head on your friend's desktop.

At the beginning of April, LiveIn changed its name from LivePic Widget to what it is now, so this acquaintance social widget is like a rocket. LiveIn topped the US App Store free list for 5 consecutive days.

▲ Taken from Sensor Tower

The appearance of LiveIn is an album, an electronic album on the desktop of a friend's mobile phone, but the inside is a wormhole, which narrows the distance between you and your loved ones, and the bright screen can remind you to greet your girlfriend/family/best friends in time.

The extremely simplified function is the reason why it is accepted by more and more people. People don’t like more and more bloated apps, but instead look at those small and beautiful apps.

LiveIn allows users to push pictures to each other and is attached to the desktop component functions of iOS/Android. It forms a complementary and symbiotic relationship with other social software, and does not occupy the retention time in other social software. After all, you have to rely on other software to chat, but when a friend When your new photos are pushed to your phone, no matter how busy you are, you will remember to say a few words to your friends.

There is also a similar app in China, the name is very direct, called "Tie Tie".

It's playful and easy to understand at the same time. This name is also very helpful in spreading the word. A good name is half the battle. The previous LiveIn has proved this with actual results.

Please maintain social distance offline, let's "Tie Tie" online

Open "Tie Tie", follow the guide to complete the registration, you can see the in-app interface, and you can get 5 sharing opportunities, which means that this app has its own fission properties. user.

This is exactly the case. As of press time, "Tie Tie" has 21,000 ratings in the App Store, ranking 117th in the free list.

Obtaining this result is not easy for a software with such a single function.

"Tie Tie" implements minimalism to the end. There are only three interfaces in the app, and the only functions related to taking pictures are: flip the front/rear camera, switch the focal length and the shutter button.

After taking the picture, you can also write words on it, and click OK to choose which close friend to send to (calling the contact in the app). photo.

It should be noted that if you are using an Android mobile phone, especially a brand mobile phone such as Xiaomi and vivo, their system has its own personalized desktop component function. Since "Tie Tie" has not been specially adapted, its desktop component is hidden. deeper.

Take the MIUI 13 device as an example, long press the "Add Widget" button on the blank space of the desktop and click to enter, pull down to "Support Widget Apps", click "All", and enter "Android Widgets", where you can start Find the widget for Stickers.

In addition, the app has a beautiful vision, which is to hope that friends can share more real moments with each other.

Due to this rule, the photos transferred by "Tie Tie" can only be taken now and cannot be imported from the album.

This is also similar to BeReal , which featured anti-filters and anti-retouching pictures some time ago, all of which are to share the unmodified self.

So, I saw the first review in the App Store that said:

Don't be able to choose pictures from the album! Do not send privately! Don't lengthen the video! Do not open comments! Do not upvote!

This comment was posted on April 14, when the "Tie Tie" had already opened the comment and like function, and close friends could like and leave messages on the pictures they received.

Whether the "Tie Tie" in the future will become more and more complicated is still unknown, but the early users have obviously felt that "Tie Tie" is not so pure.

More voices believe that "Tie Tie" needs to become more diversified, so they put forward many suggestions for improvement in the App Store.

However, so far, "Tie Tie" is still "simple", but even if the function is so simple, there are still people who help "Tie Tie" to discover functions such as checking posts, supervising each other's weight loss progress, and desktop emoticons. Has the power of a chameleon.

Although the production team of "Tie Tie" is backed by Momo, its main focus is completely different from the past stranger socializing, perhaps to catch up with the new trend of acquaintance socializing.

Whether it's LiveIn, BeReal overseas, or "Gel", which exploded a few months ago, they all focus their development on the small circle of acquaintances. From the developer's point of view, this makes it easier for good apps to spread. An app recommended by friends naturally eliminates new users' distrust of unfamiliar products.

▲ "Gel" app interface

For users, our social circle has long been solidified by WeChat, and it is not uncommon to try new social apps occasionally. Just like a fitness person who is accompanied by chicken breast every day, he will not resist the "cheat meal" once a week, on the contrary, he is full of expectations.

Desktop widgets, a new outlet for niche applications

Let's turn our attention to foreign countries. LiveIn and Locket Widget, which are similar to "Tie Tie", continue to iterate new functions. The former has already launched the "World" function. When users send photos, they can choose to send them to "World" for all members to see, or only send photos. For friends, it's like a challenge to Twitter.

▲ LiveIn in-app screenshots

Whether it is "Tie Tie" or LiveIn , they have all taken advantage of widgets and flew to the top of the rankings of major application markets, which makes people re-examine the hidden value of desktop components.

This feature has existed since the days of the Macintosh, migrated to Windows, Android, iOS and other devices, and now shines on mobile devices.

This iOS makes widgets more diverse and practical, and various Android manufacturers in China regard this field as a arena for new system features.

The widgets of MIUI 13 and the atomic components of OriginOS are among the best, and the desktop of mobile phone users has once again become colorful.

▲ iQOO 9 Pro desktop

At the same time, the function of desktop widgets has also made developers feel the rain for a long time, and the application market that has been "boring" for so many years has become active again.

This time, desktop widgets take into account both aesthetics and practicality, not just displaying the weather, time, and memos.

After downloading "Mystery Vinyl", we can "put" a vinyl record player on the desktop of the mobile phone; the "Training Notes" component can display the daily training time on the desktop.

The desktop component is no longer the second space for information display, it has the meaning of deep interaction with the app.

On September 16, 2020, Apple released the iOS 14 system. In November of the same year, Sensor Tower released a report that 15% of US users had downloaded the top five widget apps ( Widgetsmith, Color Widgets, Photo Widget: Simple, WidgetBox, and Photo Widget ).

▲Intercepted from iMore.com

In three months, these five apps have accumulated over 45 million downloads in the global App Store market.

The media thought that the launch of the desktop component function in iOS 14 was just another proof that "iOS is becoming more and more like Android". However, the wave of gameplay of the desktop component has not only not been fleeting, but has become a new trend. Today, "Tie Tie" and LiveIn can still keep our users curious.

After the launch of iOS14, every time I download a new app, I will open the component library first to see what its widgets look like. When I encounter something that looks good and interesting, I will try to put it on the desktop. feeling when applied.

Perhaps the mobile Internet application market, which has been silent for many years, has dug up a new fountain of vitality this time.

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