Social death, wise… How come these words are stigmatized

Then you are so wise!
You are wise!

What are these two people doing? When I asked this question to my friends and even my elders, they gave very different answers.

An elder who is nearly 70 years old said that this is two people complimenting each other, which is good. And my cousin who just went to college said that these two people are arrogant and demeaning to each other.

The reason for the different answers given by the two parties is closely related to the living environment. In the life of this elder, wisdom has always been a commendatory term, and in the living environment my cousin came into contact with, the term wisdom has become "derogatory." .

In recent years, there have been quite a few cases of moving from neutral words to negative, especially in the environment of rapid spread of the Internet, words like literary youth, social death, public knowledge, etc. have gradually become negative.

The communication dilemma behind word stigma

The original meaning of the term social death was that a person was forgotten after death, and then it was extended to be embarrassed to the public, so embarrassed that life is worse than death, and it has a similar meaning to the term "public punishment."

On Douban, Weibo and other major social media, "social death" is considered a high-frequency vocabulary. Douban's social death group has already enrolled 236,000 people, which is still strictly restricting people from entering the group. the result of.

Whether it is Douban or Weibo, it is not difficult to find that when people use these words, most of them are sharing their own or friends' embarrassment. Compared with embarrassment, it is more ridicule and sharing, and the word expression is closer to a neutral word. .

However, when the word “social death” appears frequently recently, the meaning is completely opposite to that mentioned above. In the Tsinghua school sister and even the more distant Liang Yingluo champion incident, social death appears as a negative term, and the meaning of the word changes. It became because of doing bad things that were intolerable by family, friends, and even society, resulting in the inability to survive in the social environment.

From neutral words to negative words and even from praise words to derogatory words, there are not many such cases. Ten years ago, wise was a praise word, but today it is mostly considered to be irony and derogatory in disguise. Recently it has been discussed a lot of part-time job The same goes for people and comrades.

The term “knowledge” has even been taken with the meaning of leading public opinion, insincere attitude, and French commentary in Chunqiu style, which is quite different from the past.

The Internet, as a communication channel, actually magnified the stigma of words during this period.

Today is different from the past. Most of the changes in the meaning of words in the past will be limited by time and geographical space, and the scope and speed of transmission will be greatly reduced. There are not many words that can really survive after emotions.

Now, with the blessing of the Internet, especially with functions such as forwarding, commenting, likes, and even smart algorithms, the scandals that occur today are the hot searches of tomorrow, and the speed and scope of affecting people have been greatly enhanced.

Most of the changes in the meaning of words such as social death and wisdom mentioned just now have social media as a communication channel to amplify the influence of the degree of discussion, and it is through the Internet that many people have learned the negative meaning of this time for the first time.

The problem also arises at this time. Whether it’s Weibo hot search or Zhihu hot list and other social media, the number of people affected within a fixed period of time is still limited. Take a step back and say that the meaning of social death has changed at the same time online. People are limited. Although there are many more people compared to the newspaper era, they are still limited compared to the people of the whole country.

This has created a communication dilemma. You might as well think about it. When you talked about "social death" when chatting with your friends, you originally wanted to share an embarrassment in your life for fun, but your friends saw the hot search Content, mistakenly thought that you did something that is not acceptable to society, and quickly ended the topic and left.

I'm afraid not many people want to encounter this kind of thing.

The stigmatization of words, under the influence of the Internet, quietly created a gap, and different cognitions of words made communication more difficult.

Some people change words, some people think coldly

If there are artificial words and word changes, someone must popularize science or think about the meaning behind the words. The multi-faceted nature of things undoubtedly reveals the stigmatization of words.

There is a group on Douban called "Cun Tong Net-Internet Black Language Guide". From the point of view of the organization, the significance of the group establishment is quite humanistic. It provides a community for people who do not understand all kinds of stalks and even small communities. Exchange science.

▲ itself is also a stalk, intended to ridicule the phenomenon of less knowledge of people and things on the Internet

This group was created in November 2019 and now has 135,000 users. It seems that there are not a few people who don't understand the Internet popular stalks.

There is no need to worry about being left behind in the village communication group. For example, when you are complicated about the ambiguity of the recent frequent social deaths, you can post a question in the group. Of course, the premise is to become a member of the group.

You can also see many cases of stigmatization in the word science posts of the Douban group. They are also hurting some people. The word NT has evolved and has become an abbreviation for cerebral palsy, but this is undoubtedly correct. Injuries of patients with cerebral palsy.

There are also Douban users who mentioned that NT was originally expressed as a new type in the Gundam circle, and some users were even reported for using NT to express the meaning of a new type. This is again a typical stigmatization term. Communication dilemma.

To a certain extent, it is also the oppression of niche culture by the popular circle. When NT appears as a derogatory term in the popular meaning, the situation of this word in the context of other niche cultures is very embarrassing and can only be used for the popular context. Give way.

Of course, the Douban group still has a threshold, and many groups have established group audits, also to control the discussion environment.

In addition to small groups, we can also understand the meaning of emerging vocabulary in other ways to avoid communication difficulties. For example, Xiaoji Dictionary is a product that has emerged after the Internet word-making trend in recent years. It contains a large number of stub and word meaning interpretations that can be queried. .

▲Because there are so many stalks, some people regard the Little Chicken Dictionary as a new Internet surfing ground, and one hour has passed after a visit

Whether it's the morning strike worker, Ye Qinghui, or the more distant three essential human stalks that have been frequently discussed recently, you can find the corresponding content.

In addition to popular science such as and Xiaoji Dictionary, what is even more rare is the Douban group such as "Hot Concepts and Cold Thinking". Keep calm under popular words, stalks, and new concepts, and conduct multi-faceted and deeper thinking. .

Like the popular word hitting worker some time ago, it became a hot topic in the group. Some users asked whether the morning hitting worker, in addition to ordinary people’s self-deprecating and rejoicing in the deteriorating competitive environment, has also eliminated the work itself in an entertaining way. Value and dispel the sense of self-worth realized through work.

There are also users who say that hitting workers is more of emotional output that resonates, and the so-called cause of dispelling the value of work, precisely because the current competitive environment is bad, and too many individual values ​​are suppressed and consumed.

Seeing the ideal mentioned when discussing the misuse of the ini-juan. The large number of misuses of the ini-juan makes it a "tragic description" instead of looking for the cause of the problem and thinking about the possibility of the answer.

This is exactly what is missing in the mass dissemination of hot words and stalks. The stigmatized words are only emotional outlets, and the meaning and thinking of the problems it contains become unimportant content.

The change of meaning of words is a natural law, but stigma is still worthy of vigilance

Word creation or word meaning change is actually the natural law of language development. The word OK is a classic case. It originated from the attempt of the editor of the Boston Morning Post in the United States to write "all correct" as "oll korrect" and then take it. The two-character abbreviation is "OK".

Nowadays, as an English acronym, OK is not only widely used in English-speaking countries. Even we, who are mainly Chinese, are very familiar with the word OK. This proves that language and writing will follow the migration of society, the flow of people, And the change of culture.

▲ Picture from: Emojipedia

The popularity of abbreviations such as u1s1, people’s hardship, and social death actually fits our environment—information overload and the pursuit of high efficiency. Most of them use fewer words in a more accurate and vivid way. It conveys the environment and personal emotions, etc.

While the Internet speeds up the transmission of information, it also greatly enriches the amount of information. As a receiver, screening information has become a requirement for everyone in the environment. Vocabulary with higher efficiency and more accurate expression is naturally more popular.

There are also reasons for the rapid development of circle-like subcultures. Fanfan circles and e-sports circles, as the most popular subculture circles in recent years, have basically formed their own vocabulary and even language systems. Outsiders basically don’t understand. Meaning of related words.

The black words have become the lowest threshold in the circle. Most of them are transformed according to the special content and common interests in the circle, such as flashing, piercing, aligning and other out of circle words, in fact, they all come from the e-sports game "League of Legends" Game mechanism or skill name.

▲The word "eye-in" in "League of Legends" has been extended to mark something

This kind of word-changing words is like the name of a circle. As the most easily perceptible content, language can directly and clearly prove the identity in the same circle. Everyone can understand the words output in the same circle. , Naturally you can talk together.

Of course, the convenient Internet community has also accelerated the formation of circle culture. In the past, it was not easy to find a like-minded friend with common interests, but now most social media such as Weibo and Zhihu provide topics, special content and other functions. , People with the same hobbies can get together under the same content, and then socialize.

Negative words will always appear whether it is circled or the development of words according to the environment. The same reason is that they can output emotions and expressions in a more concise and intuitive way. Most of them appear in this way.

But what still needs to be vigilant is the stigmatization of words. Newly coined or modified words are at best unclear, while stigmatization is more likely to cause misunderstandings and even quarrels. I originally wanted to use wisdom to praise people’s cleverness. You are mocking him.

What is even more frustrating is that when words are stigmatized and the scope of influence is extremely difficult to count. Friends you know may not know. The difference in cognition of words between the two parties is often related to the channels of receiving information.

Language development has its own laws, and we still recommend using less and not using stigmatizing and insulting words.

The title picture comes from the movie "Hunting"

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