Sneakers and blind boxes emptied my wallet, and it ran away from my “WeChat balance”

I have run out of money lately, can I go two days later?

Ya Ya, who has just been in contact with "Zhang Zi" for a short time, was shocked when he saw a group member in the WeChat group saying that he had no money. After starting to work, she basically never saw a person who frankly stated that she had no money and asked others to allow her for a few days. Whether it was the speaker’s open-minded attitude, or the fact that the other party could not pay the amount of only 7.5 yuan , she was shocked.

In fact, there is more than one magnanimous person. After one person cried poorly, the other group members also said that they  "Now, I have to wait a few days.

Faced with this incomprehensible "black word", Ya Ya directly asked the meaning of the word in the group, and the other group members gave her the answer-the tail fire is "the butt is on fire and can't pay."

▲ The members of the group expressed their tail fire, and most of the people in the chapter circle are tail fire people

Zhang Zi can do anything but wait

As a fan, Ya Ya is not "qualified." Because she doesn't make data or control evaluations, she still buys endorsements that like artists, and she still buys them according to her own needs. Zhang Zi is the only peripheral product she will buy. Xianyu was the first channel for her to get in touch with Zhangzi. When she saw that the classic styles of favorite artists turned into craft badges in the app information flow, she wanted to buy a chapter.

I bought it right after I saw it at that time. The Zhangzi plus the postage 40+, I think it's a good deal. That look makes a lot of sense to me, and the official seldom produces such good-looking peripherals. After receiving it, I am super happy.

And this is just the beginning. After getting a favorite star Zhangzi for the first time, Ya Ya discovered that everything can be a Zhangzi.

Favorite public figures, classic poems, cartoons and games paper man, relatives and pets around them… all these can be solidified in metal. Their audience is fans, audiences, readers and other people who have feelings for the content of the chapter.

▲ The metal badges of Naoki and Xiangqin. The picture comes from: The metal badges are about to be drafted by @Tomatoes.

The chapters mentioned here generally refer to metal badges. Wang Zhe, a supplier who has made similar chapters for Netease and Pinduoduo, said that similar badges are mostly made of metal. From a design drawing to a badge, different processes such as polishing, polishing, electroplating, coloring, and baking are required to be finally able to Presents a beautiful metal stamp.

As a supplier, Wangzhe generally has a large number of brands and manufacturers' orders. The minimum order quantity is 500 and the number of chapters is tens of thousands. It is a business that belongs to the B-side alone. However, the chapters that Ya Ya they like do not have such a big market demand. The numbers of 50, 100, and 150 are the common numbers for private customized badges.

The entire custom process for metal badges is very long. People who want to make chapters will take pictures to find the drawing manuscripts. The drawing hands usually have their own schedule. When they start to draw the pictures for the customizer, the line draft is drawn and the color is confirmed by the customizer. The whole process is a short week. , Three or four months long. After the picture design is completed, contact the factory, make a sample, and confirm the customized quantity after the promotion in the same good group, and then place an order to the factory.

▲ The owner of Zhangzi customized car will use this small program for digital adjustment.

The process of the factory is not fast. Due to small orders and many requests, it usually takes a few months for the product to be finalized to the large shipment. In this process, anything can happen.

Little A, who has been in the chapter circle for 10 months, has already entered more than 100 chapters, but to this day only half has been received, and the remaining half are still waiting for replenishment and mailing.

Roxy, the "car owner" who drove the chapter, encountered a situation where the "passenger" in the car was blocked and completely disappeared on WeChat. The other party just paid the Zhang Zi's share of the cost, and the unit price has not yet been paid. NS.

Rannia, the "passenger" who has been in hundreds of vehicles, knows more gossip anecdotes. During the long delivery period, many car owners disappeared. Shanhe made the "car owner" roll 14W off the road, and the victims exceeded 3,000. The chapter circle owner of the e-sports club AG also disappeared with a 1W+ advance payment. Every time a car owner runs off, there are at least hundreds of victims.

▲ Someone in Zhangquan made a metal badge of “you will die if you roll money and run away''

In this chapter, "black talk" continues

The chapter circle is a slightly closed circle with special rules and terms. People who have just entered the circle are often confused.

No one understands this feeling better than Xiao Deng. In 1995, Xiao Deng was already an "old man" in the chapter circle. He first entered the chapter circle just to find a birthday gift for his girlfriend. He gave her a few king-related spot chapters, but found that he had communicated normally. Can't understand.

At first, I thought it was "black talk" after 00, but after discovering that my nephew didn't know these words, I determined that it was a chapter circle black talk.

▲ Wang Zhaojun Zhang Zi received by Xiao Deng.

While tossing around in various groups to collect spot chapters, while trying to understand the technical terminology of chapter circles.

  • Amortization: The cost of proofing and drawing of a chapter is shared equally by all the people who buy the chapter, and the average amortization is generally between 2-30 yuan.
  • Air Chapter: You just have the right to belong to the air if you paid the money and haven't received the spot.
  • Tail fire: I bought too many chapters to pay the balance.
  • French fries (number adjustment): The right to buy Zhangzi is opened before Zhangzi's large goods, so that car owners can better determine the quantity of large goods.
  • Jumping: You can get off if you don't want Zhangzi, but after you lock the car, you will be blocked by the owner and enter the owner's blacklist.
  • All  : After buying a Zhang Zi, you can’t sell it at a high price, you can’t bundle it, you can’t exchange it with other Zhang Zi, you can only hold it yourself.

▲ Some car owners summarized some professional terms for getting on the car to help newcomers quickly understand the rules

Among the many "black words", Xiao Deng felt that he was the most unable to integrate into the term "Mummy".

Most of the chapters purchased by Xiao Deng are on the theme of the glory of kings and e-sports. Generally, such chapters are not profitable by default, and the car owners rely solely on love to generate electricity. They work very hard. Not only do they have to take the lead in finding a painter to make drafts, they have to find a factory to communicate the situation, but they also have to screen defects and deliver them. Passengers thank them for their efforts, so they will call them mommy affectionately.

▲ Mom needs to promote in various group chats after driving, otherwise it will "burn the car". The picture comes from the badge squatting group

But as a 25-year-old boy, Xiao Deng couldn't say the word "Mummy" in the face of car owners who were mostly younger than him. Although he is insensitive to this kind of over-intimacy, his many experiences after entering the chapter circle still make Xiao Deng feel unexpectedly warm.

After knowing that he was looking for Zhangzi to send his girlfriend, several girls have been actively helping him find a spot of chapters, pulling him into the group chat, and sharing him as soon as someone came out. A girl who appeared chapters in Xianyu told him not to buy his own chapters after knowing his purpose, because there were small flaws that were not suitable for giving away, and then helped him and another person who produced the chapters to get it on the line. A fan who went out of the pit didn't ask him to pay for the stacking postage because "everyone is a fan."

▲ One of the craftsmanship of the metal badge, the detailed drawing of the paint. The picture comes from: the promotional drawing of Dongguan Ji'an Factory

Within one month of joining the circle, Xiao Deng has received 48 spot chapters. The unit price of these chapters is only about 30. However, the combined cost of multiple stamping and amortization exceeds 1,400 yuan, which is already a rare sight in the chapter circle. Efficient. Contrast with his high efficiency is the inefficiency of the entire chapter circle behavior. The chapter sub-process has to be collected three times starting from basically two months, and many transaction methods are very old.

I think this circle is still too young. Many car owners are students, some are even underage, and only drive during the winter and summer vacations.

Sometimes they can be very persistent. I have seen some car owners quarrel in the group, that kind of behavior is quite naive, and others will organize the violations of other car owners into PDF documents to hang people, these are actually I am entering Unexpectedly in this circle.

▲Metal badge of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum made by fans of King Glory

Violation of business logic, chapters and circles make their own rules

In addition to being a passenger, Little A is also a painter.

Many people will find her through Xianyu, including the fan circle, competition circle, anchor circle, and cross talk circle, and Xiao A, who has already made money in chapter circle with his own skills, is actually a student.

▲ The real star detective badge shared by the metal badge manufacturer Kang Rui. Picture from: @康锐文化

Youth is another characteristic of this circle. In the various group chats in the chapter circle, there are always group members expressing their sadness about accepting leave. Searching for "homework" in the group chat can also see the daily life of many group members.

Rannia has ever been in a car, and the owner will indicate that he is underage, worrying that he will not enter the chapter. After staying longer in Zhangquan, she also encountered a high school student who drove during the Spring Festival, and then disappeared completely and couldn't contact the car owner because of the college entrance examination. "But adult car owners are not 100% safe. Shanhe Lingzhangzi was made by adult car owners. The amount of 14W was huge, and there were more than 3,000 victims."

Little A is a racer, and almost all the chapters she likes are related to e-sports. In her opinion, people who like the same badge basically have the same preferences, and sharing and communication in group chats is also a happy thing. But some people fished in troubled waters to commit fraud, and the circle did not have perfect supervision and trading channels, which also made her very distressed.

▲ Design picture of the competition circle badge

If absconding with money is a well-known crime, there are many rules in the chapter circle and it is estimated that it violates the consumer rights law.

All  This is an obvious example. When passengers buy their favorite chapters from the owner, they cannot resell or exchange them because of the owner's request. On many second-hand platforms, whenever someone hangs up All  Zhang Zishi can also receive friendly reminders from others, "This is All  Oh! "But this is not without a solution. If you really think of it, no one can stop it. It's just that more passengers are afraid of getting on the blacklist.

The after-sales service in this circle also has stricter rules. If there is no unpacking video, there is no after-sales. The unpacking video needs to show the unopened outer packaging in front of the camera in 360 degrees. Unpack the package without magnifying the lens, display the badges one by one, and finally show that there is nothing in the lens. . At the same time, the after-sales threshold is also very high. A chapter must have 4 defects to guarantee the after-sales. This is in sharp contrast to the seven-day unreasonable return of online shopping.

▲ After-sales rules are very complicated

Even so, few people will challenge these rules that violate business logic, because most people know that car owners are very hard.

Ya Ya said that he only bought chapters and didn't make chapters because it was too much trouble to make chapters. Little A has seen many owners of unprofitable cars go to the entertainment industry to drive from the unprofitable e-sports circle by default: "If you can earn more than 10, the profitable chapter will almost always pick something to get, and you can sell hundreds of them. That kind of .” The supplier’s king said that the chapter will only get cheaper and cheaper. The most expensive thing is the mold. After that, the price of each item is actually very low. If you want to make a profit, there is indeed a lot of profit.

▲ Picture of the metal badge submission. The picture comes from: The metal badge submission super talk @peasecod

However, a large part of Zhangzi is actually at risk of infringement, and their portraits are unauthorized. Some celebrity support clubs will call on everyone not to buy, and some officials will supervise them, but these can never be restrained, and rules can only regulate the behavior of some people.

Roxy, the owner of the car, doesn't feel hard. She feels that the passengers who are willing to get on the bus are sharing the cost with her so that she can make what she likes. The love for Zhang Zi can make her full of energy, even if she needs to file Zhang Zi, publicize accounts, and ship manually, she will not feel difficult:

Sometimes I think chapter circle is like utopia, a group of people get together for the same thing and do one thing like crowdfunding. Coupled with the behavior of restricting high-priced chapters to prevent new friends from being taken advantage of, everyone's likes are actually pure and there is no hype, which makes my enthusiasm for chaptering never exhausted.

Of course, there are also runaways, collisions, and quarrels. It can only be said that even utopias are disputed.

The picture is from @徽加 badge

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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