SMS Marketing: a winning strategy to build customer loyalty

SMS Marketing

Now more than ever, companies need to build customer loyalty, but classic channels aren't enough. During this difficult time when we are forced to live our lives mostly through our electron devices due to the Covid-19 pandemic that is now underway, send multiple SMS to customers with the aim of effectively getting there corporate communications is a winning strategy . We are talking about SMS marketing: are you undecided whether to take this path for your business marketing? The MDirector platform could be for you.

SMS Marketing: the MDirector experience

How many times have it happened to us to mark as read an email that we have not even opened? Many! Traditional methods such as newsletters and promotional emails are increasingly ignored by users. An SMS, on the other hand, is fast and direct . In fact, with SMS it is possible to increase the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns in a very simple way. The SMS reaches almost 100% of the users. Furthermore, with MDirector's SMS MAIL it is possible to enrich the SMS with a link to a microsite that allows you to generate data to make decisions more quickly.

SMS Marketing
MDirector platform: simplicity is the watchword. Credits: MDirector

MDirector was born in Spain and is becoming increasingly popular. MDirector allows you to manage digital marketing at 360 degrees : plan and implement campaigns to increase the visibility of companies, not only online. The platform does a constant analysis of the data that allows you to check all aspects of your advertisements or campaigns, in order to check if they are actually having an effect on your turnover. Furthermore, it specializes not only in SMS Marketing but also in the creation of personalized emails and campaigns on social networks.

The term SMS (abbreviation of the English Short Message Service) is used to refer to a mobile phone service to send short text messages from one mobile phone to another, and is by extension commonly used in Italian to indicate every single message sent with this service. So speed is the watchword.

Compared to traditional media such as TV, radio and newspapers, SMS has a higher percentage of effectiveness. We might also think that SMS are now outdated, but used in the right way, with industry-leading tools , they can prove to be a very effective tool for corporate communications.

Reach more customers thanks to SMS Marketing

Currently in Italy, based on the data provided by AGCOM in the communications observatory, there are approximately 100.2 million SIM cards in circulation, of which 52.2 million are those with Internet access . Therefore, companies need their customers' numbers in order to successfully carry out an SMS Marketing campaign. But how to do it?

Obtaining customer phone numbers must be a completely transparent process. The customer must consent to the use of his personal data, including the telephone number. This can be done via steering wheel alerts, social media or business cards, so that the customer sends a message if they are interested in staying up to date. Loyalty cards, discounts, promotions and coupons can be valid alternatives to collect telephone numbers, with the consent of customers.

Whoever receives the message must be interested in what the company wants to communicate, otherwise this strategy can become counterproductive. So, identify your target, collect phone numbers and start your campaign! But…

What and how to write to your customers?

SMS Marketing
Effective SMS example. Credits: MDirector

SMS can contain both real campaigns in which offers and promotions are offered, and the announcement of a new product or service, in order to invite your customers to use it. These messages are without personalization as they will be sent to all customers on the list.

There are also “one-to-one” messages that go beyond just promotion. These may contain information useful to the individual user such as appointment reminders, invoice information, shipping or order receipt notices.

But how are these messages written? Be concise and effective! You only have 160 characters available so remember to enter the link to your website or company phone number . Two or three phrases that entice customers to come back to your business are the key to success.

Other tricks such as the time and frequency of sending, which should not exceed 2 SMS per month, and the fact of entering the company name instead of the number of the unknown number, can make a difference in this type of marketing, more useful than ever in this period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Inserting your company name in place of the phone number is a winning strategy. Credits: MDirector

Would you like to use this type of corporate communication? You just have to try! Follow our advice, use a cutting-edge tool like MDirector and start sending SMS. You will see your turnover grow and your customers more loyal than ever.

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