Smart city driving worth 100,000 yuan! Baojun Yueye PLUS gives the new forces a heavy blow

Every year as the New Year approaches, car companies usually put down their work and quietly wait for the New Year. But in January this year, Baojun suddenly announced the five-door model of Baojun Yueye and named it "Baojun Yueye PLUS".

After a quarter of polishing, Baojun finally launched the large Yueye today.

Let’s talk about price first:

  • Baojun Yueye PLUS flagship version: 93,800 yuan
  • Baojun Yueye PLUS Zhizun Edition: 103,800 yuan

Only by understanding its price can we fully feel the shock brought by Yueye PLUS.

Different from the three-door version of Yueye launched last year, the larger PLUS model no longer emphasizes "one person can travel to the end of the world with a sword", but instead emphasizes space and practicality.

From "I" to "us" is the new slogan of Baojun Yueye PLUS.

From Yueji to Yuejia

For this "PLUS" model, Baojun's approach is very simple and clever. A rear door is inserted directly into the middle. The same color trim panel of the rear body is slightly embellished. It is equipped with a luggage rack and tungsten Y-shaped rims, giving it an off-road flavor. Out.

But despite the "PLUS" in its name, this car is actually still a very compact SUV.

Due to the removal of the "small school bag" on Yueye's back, the length of Yueye PLUS is even less than 4 meters, only 3996mm. The height of the new car has not changed much compared to the three-door model. Since it also adopts the Square Box design language, headroom is still guaranteed.

Of course, the most critical improvement is the longitudinal dividend brought by the 2560mm wheelbase. Because of this, Yueye PLUS is no longer a simple big toy, but a "practical first" family multi-functional vehicle.

When talking about space, Zhou Ling, deputy general manager of SAIC-GM-Wuling Brand Division, said that "please yourself and your family" is the core goal of Yueye PLUS.

In order to implement pragmatism, Baojun Yueye PLUS has 28 storage spaces arranged in the square body, including center console storage compartments, trunk hooks, etc. The most ingenious design is its central armrest, which can not only put down two water cups for the main and passenger passengers, but also meet the needs of "1 water cup + 1 mobile phone".

In terms of configuration, Yueye PLUS is equipped with Baojun’s new generation intelligent network connection system, which has a more beautiful interface, more complete applications, and the voice assistant’s response speed is also faster. The only drawback is that the steering wheel of Baojun Yueye PLUS only supports upward and downward adjustment, which is not very friendly to taller drivers.

Judging from the layout of the front row, except for the central armrest, Yueye PLUS does not differentiate itself from the previous three-door models. The "PLUS" of this car is still in the back row.

Coming to the back row, you can deeply feel Wuling's "demand first" car-making philosophy. What do people need in this car? Of course it's space.

The rear seats of Baojun Yueye PLUS can be folded down independently in 5/5 points. With the sunken trunk, the cargo space can be expanded to a maximum of 1715L. For comparison, the Tesla Model Y, which is 75 centimeters longer than Yueye PLUS, has a cargo space of 2041L with the rear seats folded down.

In order to make the sunken tail compartment as large as possible, Baojun placed the motor in the square front of the car. This is a drive motor with a maximum power of only 74kW, which is just 100 horsepower, and a torque of only 180 Nm.

Therefore, just like its "little brother" Yue Ye, don't expect Yue Ye PLUS to really go off-road. Furthermore, the CLTC pure electric range of 401 kilometers only leaves 280 kilometers after the 30% discount.

If you really drive it to the wilderness and show it to you every minute, if you want Yue Ye PLUS to unleash its full capabilities, you still have to do it in an urban scene——

Baojun Yue PLUS uses the only high-end intelligent assisted driving without pictures under 200,000 yuan.

Relying on the 8-megapixel inertial navigation binocular camera above the front windshield and DJI's latest generation Osmo Smart Driving, Joye PLUS can achieve true mapless city memory navigation assistance and high-speed navigation assistance.

Zhou Ling said that Yueye PLUS's city memory navigation only needs one route learning before it can be used normally. It supports the memory of up to 10 routes, and a single route can be up to 100 kilometers long. It can be used in any city across the country.

More importantly, this function can be delivered as soon as it is launched and activated as soon as it is delivered.

In the parking scenarios that Baojun was best at before, Yueye PLUS has added two new functions: cross-city memory parking with a maximum length of 1 kilometer and 100-meter tracking reversing. The average duration of automatic parking has also been reduced to 30 seconds.

Having said that, I have to emphasize it again: this is a small car priced at 100,000 yuan.

Serve people, not lead with parameters.

Zhou Ling believes that although Yueye PLUS is not outstanding in terms of technical parameters, it has successfully brought an accessible smart travel experience to more mainstream home users.

From personality to mainstream

Baojun, born in 2010, is a young brand. With the hot sales of many models such as 730, 510 and 530, it attracted 2 million car owners in just 7 years.

In 2019, Baojun, which is about to usher in its first decade, is determined to embark on a new path of technology and intelligence. Not only did it come up with a new brand logo, it even directly named the new brand "New Baojun".

In order to adapt to the brand refresh, Baojun has successively released a number of models such as RS-5, RS-3, and RC-6. The prices of these models have increased significantly compared with the old models, with the price range ranging from 70,000 yuan to 130,000 yuan. .

But in the end, the new Baojun, which changed its logo, changed its appearance, and was marketed to be more in line with young consumer groups, did not receive a good response from the market. The reason is its "lining" – you can completely regard the Baojun RS-5 as " The Baojun 530 is the "beautiful version" of the Baojun 530, and the Baojun RS-3 is regarded as the "beautiful version" of the Baojun 510.

According to data from the Passenger Car Association, Baojun brand sales in 2019 were only 604,000 vehicles, a year-on-year decrease of 30.7%, with most of the sales still relying on old models to support them. At this time, Baojun realized that "changing the shell" not only could not support fashion and trends, but also could not break through the long-standing price shackles.

Transformation is imminent.

In May last year, the Baojun brand announced the launch of a new brand logo and fully entered the new energy track. Along with the new logo, a new car that emphasizes youth and individuality was born, Yueye.

In Yue Ye, we see Baojun’s new thinking on brand strategy.

Judging from the sales volume, Baojunyue, which is positioned as a "trendy pure electric SUV", has been on the market for nearly a month, and the number of orders from Dading users has exceeded 5,000. Although subsequent sales continued to decline and have now fallen below 1,000 units, as a recreational vehicle, Yueye's target sales volume is not high.

What Baojun really wants is a topic. Baojun Yue also has rich modification space and derivative ecology, creating more opportunities for Baojun to "dialogue" with young people.

Now, Baojun has begun to shift its target to the larger family market.

At today's press conference, Baojun officially released its "Tianyu Architecture", which has three platforms:

  • It focuses on the S platform of personalized mobility scooters, targeting young consumers. The body size is between 2500mm-3500mm.
  • The M platform focuses on medium-sized mobility scooters, targeting young family users, covering the size range of 3500mm-4600mm.
  • The D platform focuses on all-scenario home use and is aimed at a wider range of families with multiple children. The size is between 4600mm-5000mm.

Yes, Yue Ye is a model based on the S platform, and the Yue Ye PLUS released today corresponds to the M platform. Zhou Le revealed at the press conference that the first full-scenario five-seat SUV under the D platform will be officially launched in the third quarter of this year, and the large six-seat model will meet consumers in the fourth quarter.

Different from the promoted and superficial changes in 2019, today's Baojun starts from demand and has been laying out for two years, step by step towards the mainstream market.

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