Skyworth G90 display experience: The price is nearly 10,000 yuan, but it is quite cost-effective?

When I put the Skyworth G90 monitor on my desktop and replaced the previous 27-inch monitor, almost everyone passing by would ask in confusion: Why do you use a TV as a monitor?

I can’t say that because I like big ones, I’ll use "TV" as a monitor, so I have to teach my colleagues about it. It’s not the focus of it. The focus is on its 4K, 120Hz refresh rate, OLED panel, and Dolby. Horizon plus Dolby Atmos.

After all, OLED TVs are not cheap nowadays. I use a 48-inch "TV" to reduce the dimensionality of the display. It is not incomprehensible, right. The key is that Skyworth G90 itself is also a monitor. Don't just use it as a TV just because it is so big and so big.

Is 48 inches a good monitor size?

When I visited the Alienware computer store before, I was often attracted by the 55-inch OLED display inside. Then I asked in my heart: Who would buy such a large display?

Then I saw the price: 34999 yuan.

Oh, the rich will buy it.

When the Skyworth G90 monitor arrived, with its daily price of nearly 10,000 yuan, and occasionally a discount of two or three thousand, I thought of the luxury-level alien monitor. Under the condition that the paper parameters are not much different, In comparison with the former, this Skyworth G90 monitor is actually quite cost-effective, and it is roughly considered a light luxury product.

Over the years, many products have taught me to be a man: Don’t just look at the parameters.

▲ 48-inch vs. 17-inch screen

So, first of all, I'm self-defeating: Is 48 inches a good monitor size?

Before answering this question, I must say that no matter whether 48 inches is a good display size or not, it is not a size suitable for one person to install in the first place. It is really heavy and big. As an ordinary and confident adult man, I moved it to the third floor by myself, and then unpacking and installing it has been quite difficult. So don't be as stubborn as I am, and let the official install it with peace of mind. After all, this service is free of money.

It stands to reason that after installing this big guy, it's time to enjoy it, right? But the monitor is still a bit different from the TV, that is, it has to be connected to the computer. As mentioned earlier, I have been using a 27-inch 4K monitor, which is a good size and resolution for daily office work. When the monitor in front of me suddenly reached the 48-inch TV size level, I still took a lot of time to get used to it.

▲ Arrange five windows, very loose

I have to adjust my viewing distance and even my sitting posture, and the size of the window to adapt to the screen size. For example, after I maximize the browser to fill the entire screen, I want to switch tabs, I have to look up at the top area . This feeling is like sitting in the front row and looking at the IMAX screen. Many images are outside the center of gravity of the line of sight, and you must turn your head to adjust your field of view.

Of course, I directly run all the programs in windows and adjust them to the size that I feel comfortable with, and use the most primitive split screen to get the most efficient happiness. This is the advantage of large enough screen space. Although it is a 48-inch 16:9 ratio screen, we can completely ignore this ratio, ignore its upper space, and imagine it as a 21:9 or even a 32:9 ratio fish screen.

▲ 32:9 ratio fish screen in small window mode

In fact, Skyworth G90 also provides a "smart small screen" function, which actively shields a part of the display area to obtain display effects of other proportions and sizes. But after I tried it for a while, I still returned to the full screen. Although the OLED screen is very black and pure, it is not used in such a large area. It feels like I bought a four-bedroom and one living room, but only lived in the second bedroom.

For daily office needs, 48 ​​inches is a size that needs to be adapted and adjusted. After this process is completed, the door to a new world is opened. The only problem comes from Windows. Because Windows font rendering is not so good, and 4K resolution is spread on such a large panel, the font fineness will not be as good as the 4K small screen under the half-meter viewing distance.

It's best for entertainment

If Skyworth G90 is used as a game or video monitor, 48 inches is a pretty good size. Unlike text, even 1080P content can get a good display effect on this 4K screen, and if the content reaches 4K, the overall look and feel will be even higher.

After all, support for Dolby Vision, wide color gamut, high refresh rate and high brightness has minimal impact on the office, but it is essential for audio-visual entertainment.

▲ One of the advantages of OLED panels: the black display is very deep

In addition, compared to other monitors, Skyworth G90 also has a "dual system" concept. It can be connected to a computer and can be used as a monitor, it can also be used as a TV independently, and of course it can also be used as a host monitor. In addition, the 4K 120Hz screen actually does not require low connection bandwidth, so accordingly, it has added HDMI2.1 interfaces (2 HDMI2.1, 1 HDMI2.0), and the maximum uncompressed bandwidth that can be supported is 48Gbps. Ensure support for future equipment and content. As an Internet TV, it is also equipped with dual-band dual-antenna WiFi 6, and the hardware will not be constrained by bandwidth.

After restoring the settings, I tested with Spyder X Elite and found that the color accuracy performance was okay. The average delta E value was within 5, which was a good category, but there was still a gap from the nominal value. My thought at the time was that the engineering machine finally Can you take it back? Later, when I contacted Skyworth Technology, I learned that because OLED displays and traditional LED displays have different light-emitting methods. There is a difference in the spectrum, and many consumer-grade color calibration instruments will be inaccurate, and it is necessary to update more professional equipment for measurement, such as Minolta CA-410 to obtain more accurate data.

In DCI-P3 color space, general game mode, and D65 color temperature, the color accuracy data of this Skyworth G90 measured by Minolta CA-410 is as follows: The minimum delta E value is 0.91, the maximum is 3.32, and the average is about 1, which is very accurate color.

In addition to very accurate colors, its brightness data is 450nits, a typical peak brightness, and 900nits, a peak HDR brightness, which is slightly above the medium level among many OLED screens.

In summary, this monitor is used for office work, which is indeed a bit of overkill, but to watch the film, it is to make the best use of it.

A few details

The G90 is positioned as a high-end display of Skyworth. In fact, Skyworth has also put a lot of thought into the G90, such as a hidden cable design and a magnetic back cover, both of which can ensure the cleanliness of the desktop.

▲ Hidden cable design

Even on the back, Skyworth also added RGB lighting effects in order to correspond to the game and entertainment theme. Of course, the lighting effects are still relatively restrained and will not kill Matt too much.

I mentioned 2 HDMI2.1 ports that are well received, but in addition to the HDMI port, the full-featured USB Type-C port and DP port are absent here, which is a pity.

As a display speaker, the two 8W full-range speakers attached to the Skyworth G90 can perform well, support Dolby Atmos, and just match Dolby Vision.

When used as a monitor, Skyworth G90 will automatically darken the screen after a long period of static screen, but it is a bit sluggish from the sensing operation to the brightening of the screen.

▲ Built-in multiple image modes

Although Skyworth provides automatic ambient light detection, automatic brightness adjustment, and automatic color temperature adjustment, as well as filtering harmful blue light, I still recommend turning off automatic brightness adjustment and automatic color temperature adjustment, and switch to warm color mode, so that the look and feel will be better .

▲ The viewing angle is quite good

Thanks to the OLED material and special coating, Skyworth G90 has done a very good job of viewing angle and anti-glare and anti-reflection. The look and feel of the entire screen can be kept very consistent at all angles and under various light lines.

On the whole, the positioning of Skyworth G90 should be in the bedroom, not the living room or workstation. The 48-inch size is just right for the bedroom space and desktop. Secondly, its sound and picture performance is also suitable for the bedroom's leisure and entertainment atmosphere. From a point of view, it can be a good choice for users who want to try OLED screens, and want to get a display device in the bedroom, and have a relatively ample budget.

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