Sit firmly, the thin and light notebook can also rise up

EVO is short for evolution. When it comes to evolution, what do you think of?

Is Mitsubishi's legendary sports car EVO, or Digimon evolving, or is it HTC's classic EVO 4G smartphone? For me, Evo is not only the above-mentioned masterpieces, but also a new meaning-the Intel Evo platform, which is also our protagonist today.

The Intel Evo platform certification is not a simple stacking of parameters, but a common standard across devices from different manufacturers. After passing this certification, the Intel Evo logo will be affixed to the body, which means that different brands and different devices will have an excellent experience.

Today, let's experience this Lenovo YOGA Pro14c certified by the Intel Evo platform.

Lenovo YOGA Pro14c has a very special 360-degree reversible design, which can be transformed into many forms. At the same time, on this shaft, two Dolby Atoms certified speakers are integrated, and the two resonance woofers on the D side can form an 8W Dolby Atmos system spatial sound effect, which is in the notebook , It is powerful enough to immerse you in the movie screen.

The A side of the notebook is made of real cowhide, which is very warm to the touch. The C-side palm rest uses a whole piece of glass, without cutting, the surface material is treated well, and the wrist is placed on it, which is very comfortable.

The response of YOGA Pro14c is very fast. The most intuitive thing is to open the "cover" to light up and wake up instantly.

When I use a laptop, multitasking in parallel is a normal operation. Use YOGA Pro14c to open more than 20 web pages to search for information, a few Word, Excel documents for reference, and there are PS and PR hanging in the background, always on standby. In the face of such complex working conditions, YOGA Pro14c does not show any signs of shyness. There is rarely a lag in fast switching.

At the same time, the high-performance Intel Iris Xe graphics card and the 14-inch 4K screen certified by Dolby Vision complement each other , greatly improving the efficiency and experience of retouching. The brightness of 500 nits will not make you outdoor The awkward situation of not being able to see the contents of the screen clearly.

What if you feel that this 14-inch screen is too small when dealing with photos or videos? It can also be used with the Thunderbolt 4 interface on the left to allow the YOGA Pro14c to connect to an external 4K dual screen to broaden the field of vision. At the same time, the Thunderbolt 4 interface also supports charging and data transmission, so there is no need to bring a lot of cables when you go out.

In addition, YOGA Pro14c also supports the WiFi 6 standard. In the WiFi 6 environment, the download is faster, the network is more stable, and the waiting time is less.

While ensuring the above-mentioned sufficient performance, current notebooks can also be kept light and thin. The weight of this YOGA Pro14c at 1.44kg with a 14-inch body is not light, but it is thinner . Put it in the bag, the perception is not strong.

However, in order to maintain a thin and light body, it is easy to sacrifice battery life. Can YOGA Pro14c certified by Intel Evo do both? Let's start from the actual experience and take a look at its performance.

When the computer battery is fully charged, unplug it, turn on 4K resolution, 60% brightness, switch to the monitor, let go of your hands and feet, and ignore the power. After a morning of intensive use, at noon, the YOGA Pro14c battery was approaching the 20% critical value.

Fortunately, YOGA Pro14c supports fast charging. During the lunch break, the 65W PD fast charging head can be used to recharge the battery, which can basically meet the needs of a moderate office in the afternoon.

To be honest, with 4K resolution and an external monitor turned on, the laptop graphics card will be under more pressure and power consumption will also increase. Although it is only a morning battery life, I am quite satisfied with the performance of YOGA Pro14c.

In the stand-alone state of 1080P resolution, the same regardless of energy consumption, the same multi-tasking, there is about 60% of the power after the test in the morning, and it is not a big problem to go out to cope with the day's work.

After a period of experience, Lenovo YOGA Pro14c gave me the biggest impression of reliability. When multitasking, it is fast enough, when going out, the battery life is long enough, and when editing pictures, it is dazzling . The overall performance of Lenovo YOGA Pro14c has met my ideal needs.

What if you want a different design and also want to have the above experience? It's actually very simple, you just need to see if there is an Intel Evo logo on the laptop.

You can also experience the features of Lenovo YOGA Pro14c in this experience on other devices certified by the Intel Evo platform.

The Intel Evo platform appeared, the purpose is very simple, it is to provide us with a benchmark for blindly choosing notebooks. When choosing a laptop, we don’t need to know what performance the complicated hardware parameters represent. We just need to know that the Intel Evo logo on the computer means that this laptop has a sufficiently smooth experience.

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