Siri revealed the date of Apple’s spring conference in advance, which will be next Tuesday!

Recently, there have been more and more rumors about Apple's spring conference, and many friends have prepared wallets to watch the new generation of AirPods, iPad and other new products.

Just this afternoon, Apple's voice assistant Siri seemed to confirm the existence of the Special Event, and specified a specific date: April 20 , which is next Tuesday.

When iOS or macOS is set to "English (United States)" and asked for "Apple events", Siri will reveal the relevant news-the press conference is still scheduled at Apple Park, Apple's headquarters, and most likely it is recorded.

However, this "bug" of Siri has been fixed. No matter how much you ask it, it doesn't answer.

Earlier today, the news expert Jon Prosser revealed that the Apple Store has begun preparations for the launch of new products next week.

Some financial institutions said that even if mini-LED production capacity is frustrated, Apple will still launch a new generation of iPad Pro in April as scheduled.

These news seem to have confirmed that Apple will hold a spring conference in mid-to-late April.

Based on past experience, Apple will issue a "Special Event" invitation to the media one week in advance. If the "inner ghost" Siri's news is accurate, we will probably receive an invitation from Apple tonight.

As for what Apple will bring at this conference? Welcome to the forecast article we published yesterday .

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