Silly victory! Duck finally beats Pikachu

She has animal ears, a long tail, raised corners of her mouth, and her own eyes. She has shy blush girl powder all the year round. It is full of power and can even be transformed into a furry version if needed.

This is the most popular Pikachu in the Pokémon, commonly known as the yellow-skinned mouse, the top of the Pokémon circle.

▲ Pikachu

Encountered a hair loss crisis, and was disliked by people around him many times. His eyes and pupils were extremely small, and he had intermittent amnesia. His spine was not straight and his head was always tilted.

This is the Duck Duck that is often brought in Pokémon derivatives, and the public awareness is not bad. It's just that Pokemon couldn't get into the top 30 in the 25th anniversary voting, and it always failed to stand in the C position in the promotion of derivatives. This is the "two thousand years old" in Pokemon, cute but difficult to get on.

▲ Up to Duck

In the face of this situation, KFC shouted: " Pikachu is unsalable, look at the Duck. "

The second child of Wannian can reach the duck, and his number one in the hot search is his

There is a consensus in the entertainment industry that the data is false, and the purchasing power is the real money.

KFC does not come out with children's day packages, we don't know that the current Pokémon has "changed the world" long ago. Duck is number one, and Pikachu has to step aside.

After all, although the Children's Day package is randomly included, if you stare at KFC's young lady, she will not reject your love for KFC. Under such ardent hope, the Duck became the first package gift to be selected.

▲ The popular Duck player

After that, everyone who went to the KFC store could only hear a heart-wrenching reply:

Duck is gone, why don't you take a look at Pikachu, it's cute too.

Shocked, disappointed, heartbroken, what does the cuteness of Pikachu have to do with my Duck lovers.

▲ They are all music boxes, and everyone wants Pikachu even more

It's cute and thin, but my bald three-haired duck is "thick".

The Duck can sing, dance square dance, and even convey information with both hands high and one low. Where can you compare to Pikachu?

With the love for Duck Duck, everyone went to the KFC official blog to check in:

Duck Replenishment  Duck Replenishment  Duck Replenishment  Duck Replenishment

Duck replenishment fast fast fast!

The people of Shanghai also want to have cute ducks.

▲The whole world is looking for Duck

What you can't get is always in turmoil, and what you've already got is showing off without fear. Combining the magical music of the Duck Duck Music Box and the regular swing of the little hand up and down, someone placed a wish on it – I want to make a fortune.

And the real dream – to retire early.

The "color" quotations dedicated to Shiba Inu can also be applied to Da Duck – not color.

However, the most impressive thing is the like hand with two claws of Duck, one paw rising up is a like, and the other paw rising up is a like. This is much more pleasurable than the like icon on a social platform, at least not stressful.

If it wasn't so interesting, Shanghai parents wouldn't ask for it as a gift for their children's June 1st.

▲ It is reported on the Internet that Shanghai parents are asking for a duck

The life of the despised Duck Duck, and finally the victory of "Hanhan"

Don't look at Da Duck being robbed now, but whether in animation or in games, it has never been the "chosen child".

The video creator Kapijun once introduced in the video the experience of the Duck "Duck God" being disliked in every way in the animation. As a Pokémon, no one even wanted to conquer it at first. Even Xiaoxia, who aspired to become the greatest water-type Pokémon trainer, rejected it because she thought it was too stupid.

It's really unreasonable that someone can refuse the stupid duck duck who has been following you.

Fortunately, the Duck is very competitive. In the animation, trainer Xiaoxia accidentally tripped over a stone, and the empty Pokeball in her pocket fell out and rolled in front of Ducka. Ducka seized the opportunity and touched the Pokeball to "conquer" herself.

▲ Up to duck self-containment. Picture from: Kapijun

In the animation, although this product is called Da Duck, it can't swim. In addition to not being able to swim, he also likes swimming and the joy of wearing a swimming ring. For this reason, he made a lot of jokes and became the funny person in the animation.

However, another reason for the unpopularity of the Duck is that it is "weak". As a water-type Pokémon at first, it didn't even know the water-type tricks, except for the super-power tricks, only the most basic tail wagging and itching skills. As long as the head is not hit hard, the Duck is the little duck with little attack power. And when his attack power exploded, it meant that his head was beaten again, and he really couldn't help but love him.

Despite his hard work, Ya Ya is still not the most popular. In the video of Nostalgic Dream Niu 2004-2020, the up master of station B, Da Duck can barely belong to the most popular TOP 15 water attribute except 2006-2010, and it has never been on this list since it fell.

In the official Pokémon 25th anniversary poll, the top 12 in any region were "no such duck".

But Da Duck is still successful, and although it has never been the favored one in the game animation, it is deeply favored by the producers.

The Pokémon series producer Masuda Junichi's favorite Pokémon is Kota Duck. Not only is Kota Duck printed on his business card, but he also wears Kota Duck's shirt when he appears in official events. He was very fond of Da Duck and even wanted to use Da Duck as the cover character of the second episode of Let's Go, but it was only because Da Duck's color was too close to Pikachu that he finally made Ibrahimovic "superior".

▲ Da Duck, who was supposed to be the cover character of the second episode of Let's Go

The dumbness of the Duck has also made it appear in various emojis. Even if you haven't played the game, you've definitely seen this duck that doesn't look aggressive. Compared with the erotic emojis of Jenny Turtle, Pikachu's cute and cute emojis, and Duck's emojis are not the most popular, but they are definitely the most innocuous and harmless.

It's stuck like this, what else can it do?

As the most suitable Pokémon for long-term love, no one can refuse the Hanhan Duck. Even Xiaoxia, who disliked it very much in the early days, when faced with a group of people in the animation who wanted to exchange her for Duck Ducks, she would give up the golden duck and not exchange it.

▲ The Duck Duck that I disliked was also fond of later. Picture from: Kapijun

It can only be said that cuteness is no longer enough to conquer the world. Even if Pikachu wink discharges, works hard, and wears a floral skirt and overalls with a bright smile, it still can't match the dumbfoundedness of Duck without clothes.

The future belongs to the "Hanhan" can reach the duck, the cuteness is the same, and the foolish is one in a thousand.

▲ This toy can be sold domestically and re-exported

In KFC's 61st gift here, Duck Duck is dancing square dancing to music and waving his hands. Maybe many children will wonder why such an ordinary toy can be grabbed by adults, so I can only tell her:

It may be a little childish for children, but it is just right for adults!

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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