SIAE data breach: a new chapter of the story that concerns the artists

The ultimatum given by the attackers is midnight today 22 October , the time when they announced to publish on the network all the data in their possession, that is, those stolen from SIAE's information systems through the data breach that occurred in recent days .

But it does not seem the only new news concerning the heated story of the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers: in fact, some artists have received text messages that threaten them to make their personal data public if they do not make the agreed payment. Ten thousand euros in Bitcoin for each artist or at least this seems to be the figure announced by the various newspapers . However, the number of artists reached by this request is not yet clear, which could obviously change the income to the detriment of the Company.

The note from SIAE on the data breach that affected the artists

Last day SIAE published a press release via its website, in which it declares to continue to spend as much as possible to safeguard the privacy of its members. The company also speaks of having blocked a user, which could suggest an unauthorized access attempt, even if there are no further details regarding the attack method.

data breach siae

At the moment the investigations are continuing through the support of the Postal Police and "with the involvement of leading Cyber ​​Security companies as Feedback" . From today, Leonardo will also be hired, one of the best known in the field of investigations following security incidents.

The note also talks about the types of personal information that have been stolen and are likely in the hands of the attackers. These include: personal data, contact details, banking information, personal documents and data from the SIAE membership forms .

The possible evolutions of the SIAE data breach

Of course, some newspapers have already reported that there are some concerns in the environment, especially in light of the latest events. It is not possible to predict what will happen in the next few hours and the scenarios could be various: from the payment of the ransom (even if repeatedly denied by the SIAE itself) to the more feared publication of a huge amount of personal data on the net.

Furthermore, the hypothesis that some artists, fearing to see their personal data published on the network, give in to blackmail by paying the ransom of ten thousand euros in Bitcoin should also be taken into consideration. Others could, however, report the incident to the police to understand if the SMS matrix is ​​the same as the attackers or if others are the authors of the second extortion.

data breach siae

In the meantime, the investigations are continuing also thanks to the investigation opened by the Rome Public Prosecutor's Office, led by the Deputy Prosecutor Angelantonio Racanelli . The offenses are illegal access to the information system and attempted extortion. Finally, from the same note issued by SIAE it seems that the attackers were already known to the Police for other facts.

We will continue to follow the story carefully, especially in these last hours, crucial to determining the trend of things and we will give you updates as soon as they are made known.

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