Shh! This “part-time job secret” will help you get off work on time. Don’t let your boss see it.

How many people are like me, who are still wiping their butts before the National Day to this day.

Before the National Day, I moved all the requests from my leaders and colleagues to the folder "We'll talk about it after the holiday." Unexpectedly, when I came back, I saw that the list of work to be completed was more than ten pages long. I almost fainted at the work station and took 3 bottles of ice-based American intravenous drip before I woke up.

There are still several plan PPTs to be handed in this week, but I haven't even created the files yet. If I can't complete them in these two days, I will say goodbye to this year's year-end bonus.

What should I do, ask colleagues for help? But this is what I was asked to do; stay up two days and all night to get it done? Touch the few pieces of hair I have left, let them go…

It just so happens that Baidu Wenku has recently updated a large number of AI functions, which can intelligently generate PPT, intelligent editing, intelligent assisted reading, and can also "convert" Word directly into PPT. In this case, it is better to leave this hot potato to AI and let This lucky guy works for me.

AI is also very reliable in making PPT

Double 11 is coming soon, and I have to submit a Double 11 marketing plan PPT in the next two days. In the past, I would open Baidu Library to search for information, and then make it based on reference. It takes a lot of money to prepare and filter the information in the early stage. plenty of time.

Now, a series of preliminary work such as searching for information, organizing information, and making PPT can all be done in one place on Baidu Wenku.

Open Baidu Wenku again, and you will find that it has changed a lot from before. A new AI chat window has been added to the homepage.

This is the new AI function added after accessing the Wenxin large model. I directly sent my PPT production requirements to Baidu Wenku, and soon it was able to write a PPT outline according to the requirements.

The outline written by AI focuses on being comprehensive. It helps me sort out the content at multiple levels such as market research, product positioning, and marketing strategies in point-by-point and paragraph-by-point sections.

But there may be some issues that do not need to be displayed and discussed in the PPT, or there may be some parts that I want to add and adjust. In this case, I can edit it directly on this outline.

After adjusting the outline, I can let AI help me start making PPT. I choose the color I like before starting. It takes less than half a minute to complete a 20-page PPT on Baidu Wenku. Normally at this time I Usually I still choose the style of word art.

Although the time is tight and the task is heavy, the automatically generated PPT can basically cover the main content of the product, and the required catalogs, columns, and illustrations are all available.

This is equivalent to us getting a tailor-made PPT template before we start making PPT, and all that is left is to make some filling according to the specific content.

And in the process of "cloze", we can also use Baidu Library to automatically generate copywriting.

For example, when analyzing the needs of target customers, I will ask Baidu Wenku AI to help me think about a lot of needs, and then refine them myself, and the one-page PPT is quickly completed.

In addition to generating content, Baidu Wenku AI also supports intelligent editing. For example, if you want to change all the fonts of the full text from Microsoft Yahei to Pingfang, you can do it immediately by just talking to the AI. It is better than manually selecting and converting fonts page by page. Much faster.

Before this, I was worried that using AI to "be lazy" would make me lose my creativity.

But after some operations, I found that AI can complete for me in a short time the trivial tasks that originally required a lot of manual work such as selecting modules, adjusting layouts, and unifying styles, so that I can spend my limited time thinking about planning and conclusions. Writing and other tasks that really require thinking and creation have made my works more outstanding.

It doesn’t take a song to turn Word into PPT in seconds

In our daily work, we not only have to draft PPT from scratch, but also often need to extract information from the Word documents provided by customers and then make it into PPT, which requires us to repeatedly search for information, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

For example, a customer suddenly sends a Word document of dozens of pages, requesting revisions, or a leader is urgently required to make a report PPT quickly, which is simply the "darkest moment" for workers.

At this time, Baidu Wenku's newly launched document to PPT function comes in handy. That's right, now AI can not only generate PPT, but also help you read the customer's brief, and help you generate the PPT you need in a targeted manner, eliminating the need to even guess the customer's preferences.

The way to "use" AI is also very simple. Go back to the AI ​​interface and upload the document to be written to Baidu Library, and soon it will help you organize an outline.

Take this 90-plus page miHoYo research report as an example. It would take most of a day to sort out the logical relationships within it, let alone refine the key points. If this is handed over to an intern, it may take 2-3 days. It will take about a week to make the PPT.

But now, as long as you upload this report to Baidu Library, it can quickly divide the logical relationships of chapters and sort out the PPT content framework. You only need some additions and adjustments to complete the draft. The whole process may only take 1-2 hours.

If you look carefully at the content of the PPT, you will find that Baidu Wenku has done a decent job. It not only automatically adds pictures that match the theme, but also sorts out the important conclusions and data in the article, completing a lot of basic work.

This is because when you upload a Word document to Baidu Wenku, it can quickly parse the document structure, accurately identify title, text and other elements, then refine the information, automatically extract key points to generate a PPT content frame, and insert relevant data charts.

This is much more difficult than generating PPT in one sentence, because the difficulty of semantic understanding of a document with hundreds of pages is several orders of magnitude higher than that of one sentence. If AI is not continuously trained for semantic analysis, it can easily produce the same output as the original text. PPT that does not match the style and key points.

For example, the data analysis emphasized in the original text, ordinary AI tools may be ignored in the conversion, or visual design elements that are not related to the original text may be added.

Baidu Wenku AI has gained the ability to accurately understand the semantics of long documents through extensive training. It can dig out the key information of the original text and appropriately simplify and refine it, while maintaining the original language style and truly "understanding" the document content instead of copying it mechanically.

Compared with the method of manually extracting information sentence by sentence and then making a PPT framework, this function greatly reduces the workload. Next, you only need to make necessary optimization and adjustments to the generated PPT, and you can use it directly.

With the help of AI, I can directly get a tailor-made plan template, which not only improves the efficiency of my work, but also makes my results look more professional.

Use AI to read documents easily and efficiently

When writing a work report, summarizing arguments and adjusting the structure are the most troublesome things. Especially when large quotations are involved, it is even more difficult to summarize them concisely while maintaining the original meaning.

With Baidu Wenku, I clicked "Smart Summary" and a 7,000-word work report immediately generated a clear and focused framework summary. I only need to make simple additions on this basis to complete the extraction of the key points of the report, saving a lot of energy.

Before starting to write, I can also ask Wenku AI to automatically search relevant documents based on the specified topic and select typical paragraphs and sentence patterns. Then use Baidu Wenku's massive document resources to generate an initial article through intelligent combination.

If I need to adjust the tone of a sentence, I can simply make a request to "change the sentence to a concise style", and Wenku will immediately help me adjust the sentence, and the text will immediately become lighter.

It sounds like rewriting the tone is just adjusting some words in the sentence, but this is actually a big challenge for AI.

When adjusting the tone and length, AI needs to balance between ensuring complete expression and strictly limiting the number of words, which places high requirements on the stability of the model.

Current large models acquire various domain knowledge during the training process, which affects the word count distribution of their output content. At the same time, in order to diversify the generated results, its output will also be unstable, making it difficult for the model to accurately control the length of the generated content.

In order to solve this problem, Baidu Wenku has conducted extensive training on the model to improve its understanding of language rules, and used algorithms to optimize the distribution of generated content, so that it can ultimately ensure complete expression and output different tones within a limited number of words. dialogue.

In the past, I had to work on a 20-page briefing to summarize a clear framework. Now with Baidu Wenku AI, I can quickly compile a clear and professional report even if it is an extremely long document of hundreds of pages.

AI office is the office model more suitable for 2023

After the experience, I feel that the AI ​​capabilities launched by Baidu Wenku have made it much more powerful and fundamentally liberated my work efficiency.

It covers the entire creative process from document writing, data analysis to event planning. With only simple voice or text input, you can obtain professional-level manuscripts, PPT, plans and other results.

With the help of Baidu Wenku, which is trained on a large corpus, I can skip most of the manual labor and directly obtain high-quality creative content.

It can help me generate a 30-page PPT in 30 seconds and use rich data to draw beautiful statistical charts; it can design a novel and feasible activity plan in 1 minute based on a brand positioning; it can even input topics through voice, Develop a clear and informative framework for your article in minutes.

Work has become simpler, efficiency has improved, and I can free up more time to work on optimizing content.

After Baidu Wenku's AI functions were launched, they received positive feedback from many users. They said that these functions greatly reduced the workload and improved efficiency.

Just recently, Zhang Chaoyang also demonstrated the use of AI to generate physics class PPT in his "Zhang Chaoyang's Physics Class" and explained the complex Oppenheimer approximation concept in one minute through simple voice input. After the experience, the CEO who knows the most about physics said that young people will be able to get off work 2 hours earlier with AI tools in the future.

It can be said that AI-based knowledge services are helping people simplify their work processes in a new way and fundamentally improve the productivity of work and learning.

The AI ​​era brings us tremendous possibilities. Baidu Wenku is using actual products to prove to us that AI can not only replace repetitive work, but also become a powerful partner in office innovation.

Before the computer age, people could only write and print documents by hand. The entire process was extremely inefficient and impossible to modify the text. The emergence of computers has greatly reduced people's document processing labor.

Computers were initially only capable of inputting text, and users still had to manually typeset it. After the emergence of word processing software, we can use it to perform text formatting, style adjustment and other operations, which greatly improves the efficiency of document processing.

Subsequently, email and instant messaging made document editing a popular form of human-computer interaction. In the Internet era, cloud document editing has made multi-person collaboration possible, and document editing has undergone a major update called "Version 2.0".

Today, the new AI function launched by Baidu Wenku allows us to automatically generate a document framework and perform intelligent optimization by simply giving instructions, making document editing evolve from multi-person collaboration to human-computer writing.

It can be seen that from manual documents to computer editing, cloud editing, and then to AI automatic document generation, document processing efficiency continues to improve, and human labor time is gradually released. The era of smart documents represented by Baidu Wenku is also disruptive. The "one-stop smart document platform" makes the new automated and intelligent office from science fiction to reality.

We have reason to believe that in the not-too-distant future, AI will become everyone’s exclusive virtual “secretary.” We only need to make requests, and it can automatically complete document creation, allowing us to truly bid farewell to repetitive labor and enter a new era of innovation and creation. era.

It is worth mentioning that this is only the first year that Baidu Wenku has been connected to Wenxinyiyan. It is really hard for me to imagine how powerful AI will become in the future.

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