She ran 483 kilometers in six days without feeling tired. She said the secret is the “part-time job” mentality

At night, because I am short-sighted, everything I see looks like a person, communicating with you.

Or if you get dazzled while watching it, it will become a new kind of sculpture, and you will feel that the scene is changing, which is quite interesting.

Jia Xiaomeng relaxedly shared her experience of running the FURTHER Ultra Marathon, and the laughter of the lululemon running ambassador who said "E person is taller than E person" in the audience interspersed the whole process with waves of laughter.

Her good condition makes it hard to imagine that she had just completed the 6-day and 6-night ultramarathon challenge two days ago, running 483.67 kilometers.

▲ Although the photo was not taken, Jia Xiaomeng still had a blood glucose monitor attached to her arm on the day she shared it.

On March 6 this year, the FURTHER Ultra Marathon launched by lululemon officially started. Ten female ambassadors from all over the world, with different goals, different cultural and professional backgrounds, and physical conditions, started a six-day challenge at the Lake Cahuilla Circuit in California.

One of them is Jia Xiaomeng from Beijing. She is an entrepreneur who started running about ten years ago and has completed 146 marathons so far.

▲ Jia Xiaomeng’s goal before setting off was to run 360 kilometers in six days, and she happily exceeded this goal in the end

She considers herself to be a fairly mature runner. The most unexpected aspect of this challenge is this "relaxation":

I really didn't expect that I could be so comfortable, full of energy, full of joy and happiness in the past 6 days, and be able to run nearly 80 kilometers a day. I don't know where this energy came from.

The most extreme challenge, but made her feel free and happy? How does this experience, which is contrary to the stereotype of "extreme competition" with "bitterness and hatred", come about?

Can I sleep during an ultramarathon? Of course, there are still people who stay in bed

▲ Jia Xiaomeng often "fails to get up early", and running at night also has her own enjoyment

Running for six days in a row, do you need to sleep in the middle?

When talking about ultramarathons, this is the first question many people have.

The answer is of course "yes", and Jia Xiaomeng is still a solid "morning person with difficulty".

During the six days of FURTHER, watching other ambassadors "get up at 4 o'clock to roll up", she also set a flag for her support team members:

I said, I will get up at six o'clock tomorrow morning and go running with them.

As a result, I didn't get up. I didn't get up until 9:30 that day and didn't go out for a run until after 10 o'clock.

"Ultra marathon" is defined as a race with a distance exceeding a standard marathon (42.195 kilometers). There are two main forms: one is a fixed distance (such as 50 or 100 kilometers or 50 or 100 miles) to see who can finish faster; One is to set a time (such as 12 hours, 24 hours, and this time 6 days) to see how far the runner can run.

This time FURTHER is the latter.

When lululemon said that FURTHER has only one rule – "Run as far as you can.", it was really right.

During the competition, all ambassadors can decide their own daily schedule, and support is as diverse as a "buffet" – medical care, equipment, rehabilitation, cheerleading, supply points, etc. are all online 24 hours a day, but just like the "buffet", all of this focuses on one "Autonomous use".

For Jia Xiaomeng, the core theme of these days is "according to daily life."

After getting up every day, she would have a satisfying breakfast:

I am a bread person, so I must have coffee, bread, and egg rolls for breakfast.

You can let me get up late and have this breakfast, and I will feel that I am 100% full of blood for the day.

In addition to the nutrition team and resident chef, Jia Xiaomeng's "food resources" also include her own instant noodles, pickled mustard and hot and sour noodles.

Sometimes you need to give yourself some taste stimulation. After a bowl of hot and sour noodles, you will feel refreshed.

Coincidentally, among the ten ambassadors this time, three representatives from Asia have introduced the charm of instant noodles to international runners.

Oh, and crispy rice.

One day, Jia Xiaomeng went out with a pack of crispy rice and said to everyone she met, "This time they finally learned what crispy rice is." Everyone said "Wow" after eating it.

▲ Food is an important bridge for cultural exchanges at any time.

With a stomach filled with "satisfaction" from breakfast, Jia Xiaomeng will complete the first lap after getting on the track by "walking" to digest her breakfast. Next, she will run until around three o'clock in the afternoon, eat a lunch with enough protein, take a rest before setting off, and run until the evening.

In the eyes of other ambassadors, Jia Xiaomeng also has her own "hard work". After all, the sun is still circling her head at 12 noon. "I said there is nothing I can do. I can't get out of bed, so I have to Enjoy the noon sun alone."

The alternative psychology is powerful: the game is like "clocking in" and cleared every day

The results of FURTHER's runners are hundreds of kilometers, but in fact, behind these kilometers are running in circles of 4 kilometers one after another.

This also means that runners are experiencing the same scenery over and over again in the past few days.

Moreover, because the race is certified by the International Ultramarathon Association, it has its own strict regulations. Runners are not allowed to bring mobile phones or any Internet-connected devices, and they are not allowed to run side by side during the race.

This is a big blow to Jia Xiaomeng, because she likes to take photos and record the scenery while running marathons.

How to survive this?

Fortunately, in the early preparations, lululemon's research team also provided adequate psychological guidance to the athletes when cooperating with them to conduct sports scientific research.

After absorbing the learning, Jia Xiaomeng created her own coping mechanism after she started running – it's just like "working on the clock" while working.

Every day is the beginning of a new job. Your state in the morning should also be "A new day has begun" instead of "I am so tired after running a hundred kilometers yesterday." It is not a cumulative concept.

Moreover, Jia Xiaomeng, who has a part-time working mentality, really lived her true nature of work into the six-day competition – "I was a little bit fishy in the middle, especially on the third day. I ran up to 60 kilometers and stopped running. ”.

Because we have to circle around every day, "circle" has become a unit of measurement and perception:

I will break it (the circle) into several nodes. After passing these nodes, you will know that the circle is about to end.

Even now that the competition is over, the concept of "circle" has been internalized in her and several other contestants' minds.

They were running the Los Angeles Marathon, and they said in the group, "Isn't this just ten laps?"

During the run, Jia Xiaomeng will also get a lot of energy from the cheering group who also accompanies them in the "extreme challenge". Every time she passed by one of the stations, the cheerleaders would stand in a row and give her a "heart test":

My MBTI personality is INTP. When the surroundings are filled with the energy of E people, you yourself will be moved. I feel like I absorbed a lot of love energy.

At night, everything gets quieter:

At night you will see pelicans standing proudly on the lake.

You see it facing the lake calmly, enjoying its moment peacefully. You also become calm as you run through it.

▲ There was a barbed wire fence next to a section of the track. Ambassador Montana Farrah-Seaton joked with Xiaomeng: "Nikky, do you think we look like people in prison?"

Nature is beautiful, but what particularly moves her is people:

At night, the old man and old lady (staff) are there to make supplies for you and ring a small bell to cheer you up.

It’s rare for you to have another chance to experience a game where so many people support you, love you, and help you reach the finish line.

She is "unconventional" and we are all "unconventional"

The continuous blood glucose monitor, Oura Ring, costs $800 for an oral test pill every day. This is the monitoring device that Jia Xiaomeng had with her at all times during the days when she participated in the FURTHER ultramarathon.

There is also a special station on the track with more than 20 cameras set up to record the runners' posture and expression data.

Although she can eat hot and sour noodles and instant noodles, all the food Jia Xiaomeng eats during the competition will be weighed and recorded first.

Nearly a year before the competition, lululemon's research team had met with these 10 ambassadors in the laboratory to collect detailed data on each person's body and record their movement data.

In Jia Xiaomeng's eyes, the staff "has a very powerful excel sheet, and every deviation you make will be recorded."

On the one hand, these data are used to tailor sports equipment for these athletes, and on the other hand, they also provide reference for women's sports research in cooperation between lululemon and the Canadian Sports Association Pacific Branch.

As an editor who has watched too many dystopian science fiction stories and read a lot about the "tech bro" lifestyle, I almost instinctively jumped into the "laboratory rat" frame when I heard this.

However, while chatting with Jia Xiaomeng, I couldn't find the one-way feeling of "being studied" – she was making her own decisions.

The research team designed sportswear for Jia Xiaomeng, which should not only suit her sports conditions, but also satisfy her formal preferences:

I like running in skirts. Then they made me a one-piece shorts that ran like a skirt…

▲ Running jumpsuit designed according to Jia Xiaomeng’s preferences

When Jia Xiaomeng passes the equipment station while circling, she will tell the support team where her clothes or shoes are uncomfortable, and the R&D team needs to come over to adjust them, or what she wants to eat for the next lap, and let the team prepare them.

The premise of everything is that she should propose it based on her own needs, rather than let the research team make arrangements to help her set the best record.

▲ Everyone has different goals in this ultramarathon. “Ultramarathon Master” Camille Herron set 13 world records in six days

Because Jia Xiaomeng had a habit of skipping dinner, the nutrition team of the competition would often ask her support team if they had missed meals and why the caloric gap was so large.

The massage team often silently ran into the camp and asked, "Will Xiaomeng come for a massage tonight?" The support team could only point to the track and say, "Hey, Xiaomeng is running outside."

For a long time, there has been a data gap on women in both the medical and sports fields. Currently, only 4-13% of relevant studies conducted in various sports science/sports medicine journals around the world focus on women.

Why is this happening?

Many times it’s because women are “unconventional.”

Invisible Women points out that in many trials, women are not so popular. Because compared to the male body, "the female body (both human and animal) is too complex, too variable, and too expensive to test. Including sex and gender in research is seen as a 'burden.'"

Over time, a huge data gap has formed in the academic community, which in turn leads to a lack of data reference when developing products and drugs.

When lululemon launched its first women's shoe series in 2022, it developed shoe lasts from scratch using women's data, abandoning the past practice of mostly using men's shoe lasts for women's shoes.

Obviously, lululemon was still not satisfied. In the second year, in addition to the "2.0" update for the sneakers launched in the first year, it also launched the FURTHER project spanning many years to solve the existing gender data gap.

This FURTHER ultramarathon and sports research are all part of this large project.

This time the ambassadors wore the new beyondfeel running shoes after running the ultra-marathon, and they also received support from the data:

The women's beyondfeel takes into account the physiological structures of female runners such as the lower instep and longer arch, and enhances the foam cushioning in the front sole and the upper package in the middle;

▲ Women’s beyondfeel

The men's model pays more attention to cushioning performance, reducing the curvature of the front sole, and is wrapped in seamless breathable mesh to bring a more fitting feel to the foot.

▲ Men’s beyondfeel

Facing differences means facing complexity and "irregularity".

This is why the ambassadors participating in the FURTHER project are quite diverse in age, race, body shape and sports experience.

From Jia Xiaomeng’s sharing, we can see how unique runners think and feel, and how this uniqueness is respected.

▲ It’s important to work hard and celebrate

Once when I was chatting with a friend, I mentioned that many studies always make people feel cold. At that time, my friend said sadly:

I don’t want to become a number.

Being turned into numbers more or less makes us feel like our humanity has been erased, nested within the framework of research, serving a particular point of view.

But we also need data, especially in the field of women's health research, where there are still huge gaps to fill.

How to find balance?

Embrace the "unconventional".

Data is used to make better tools and better support people to do what they want to do, rather than to define and restrict people's feelings and behaviors. We can all have different "goals".

Have you seen “irregular” data and phenomena? Don’t think about compromising by hiding. According to Bezos’ words : “It saves trouble, but it won’t lead us to the truth.”

Have "unconventional" curiosity? So let’s support ourselves with data and research to explore as healthily and safely as possible.

Just like this FURTHER Ultra Marathon, the core is to "provide them with more resources and inspire them to achieve more possibilities."

What was the reaction of the lululemon nutrition team after learning that Jia Xiaomeng wanted to eat pickled mustard?

That's also a sodium supplement.

The pictures accompanying the article are from lululemon and Jia Xiaomeng’s Little Red Book sharing

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