Shadowstone Insta360 GO 3S released: 50 minutes of real-life shooting without overheating, the smallest 4K camera

Speaking of Shadowstone’s thumb camera Insta360 GO series, it has been updated to the third generation.

GO 3 continues the magnetic design of thumb cameras that can be attached anywhere. The thumb size can shoot up to 2.7K 30fps and 1080P 120fps slow motion. The small body can shoot for 40 minutes under the bright sun without overheating.

The third generation also has an expansion compartment with a flip screen, which can be used for framing and shooting without a mobile phone connected. It is more independent and convenient to use, and the control is more like a traditional action camera.

Simply put, Shadowstone GO 3 can be said to be the thumb camera with the most complete experience and the most convenient shooting experience in 2K or 1080P specifications.

Yes, it would be better if it had 4K.

For users who have upgraded their entire workflow to 4K shooting, the lack of 4K may be the last door blocking their entry.

But if we add 4K and increase the shooting bit rate based on the current basis, can GO 3 become the most complete thumb camera?

With this question in mind, let’s experience Shadowstone’s latest GO 3S.

4K, here it comes

Let’s talk about the latest image quality upgrade first. After GO 3 was updated to GO 3S, it was replaced with a processor with stronger processing performance. The CPU computing power increased by 50%, and the computing power was much improved compared to the previous generation. The upgrade of the processor allows it to support shooting at higher bit rates and resolutions.

Now, the highest shooting specification of GO 3S has been upgraded from the previous 2.7K 30fps to 4K 30fps, and the highest bit rate of video shooting has been increased from 80Mbps to 120Mbps.

At the same time as the computing power was upgraded, Shadow Stone also changed the camera module.

From the close observation and comparison, we can see that the camera module used by GO 3S is not the same as that used by GO 3. The light hole of GO 3S is larger.

▲ GO 3S 4K 30fps shooting

▲ GO 3S 2.7K 30fps shooting

After the module, processor, and bit rate specifications have been upgraded, the direct image quality of GO 3S has improved significantly. The overall resolution is stronger, details are presented more clearly, and the problem of edge image quality degradation is also better. The brightness of dark parts has been improved, more details can be seen than on GO 3, and the smearing feeling is not so serious.

▲ GO 3S 2.7K shooting

▲ GO 3 2.7K shooting

If you are shooting in 2.7K 30fps mode at the same time, GO 3S will be slightly better. It has been replaced with a new lens module. The camera also supports 4K super capture 2.7K shooting. The picture is better than GO 3 in terms of resolution and sharpness. Be stronger. GO 3S can retain more picture details, retain more dark details without destroying the current ambient light ratio, and the picture will not become too gray. The overall picture is cleaner and brighter than GO 3.

However, the specifications upgraded this time are only in resolution. For users who commonly use 60fps, it would be better if a 2.7k 60fps mode could be added.

After the maximum resolution was increased, Shadow Stone made adjustments to the shooting angle.

▲ GO 3S natural wide angle

▲ GO 3S super wide angle

GO 3S supports the latest "Natural Wide Angle" mode, which can minimize the impact of distortion on the picture while ensuring a wide viewing angle. The angle of view will be much larger than the "linear" angle of view of an action camera. If you want to shoot first-person short films, linear will be more useful.

In addition to this new ultra-wide angle, GO 3S also has basic linear and narrow viewing angles to choose from. From the largest MEGA to the narrow viewing angle, the viewing angle changes from the ultra-wide action camera to the main camera of a mobile phone.

In terms of slow motion, GO 3S has upgraded the frame rate from the previous 1080P 120FPS to 200FPS.

For users who shoot creative shots from special camera positions, a higher slow-motion frame rate can capture shots with a stronger sense of solidification and more obvious effects.

When it comes to resolution and frame rate upgrades, everyone will worry about overheating.

Especially the model of the GO series camera is too small and difficult to dissipate heat, and it is impossible to shoot alone without monitoring. It is also very troublesome if the machine stops recording due to overheating.

To this end, we conducted an overheating test on GO 3S’s 4K mode recording.

The results show that the performance of GO 3S in 4K shooting is the same as that of GO 3 in 2.7K shooting. There was no overheating or overheating prompt after recording for almost 50 minutes under the bright sun. Although the machine was indeed a bit hot when I took it off, it was able to last for more than 50 minutes at 4K 30fps. The performance of GO 3S can be said to be the benchmark for the first echelon of current action cameras.

As for anti-shake, upgrading to 4K shooting does not have much impact on the anti-shake performance of GO 3S. This is the same as the performance of GO 3 when shooting 2.7K 30fps. Whether it is going up and down stairs or accelerating, it is still quite smooth. .

FlowState is already a very mature anti-shake technology for Shadowstone, and there are many previous machines that support 4K recording, so there is no need to worry about technical adaptation and optimization issues.

In addition to 4K, these have also been upgraded

For GO 3S, upgrading to 4K recording is just the first step.

According to Shadow Stone's practice, new machines will also have functional adjustments and additions when they are upgraded.

In the shooting part, GO 3S has added interval recording, portrait filter and quick switching between horizontal and vertical shooting, ND filter and track delay. In the control part, it supports both voice control and gesture control, as well as the Find My search function of Apple devices. .

The upgrade of shooting functions mainly improves convenience. For example, the portrait filter can produce more relaxed and natural skin colors of people. On the overall look and feel, it can reduce the impact of the machine on preserving the space of the picture in the later stage, and reduce the pressure of post-production color correction.

If you want to record your daily life and take pictures immediately, just turn on the portrait filter.

Switching between horizontal and vertical shooting has become simple, and now the machine can sense its own orientation to determine the recording mode.

Compared with the mode that can be set after connecting to a mobile phone or expansion module, it is more convenient for the camera to directly identify and adjust. Especially if it is installed in some special and difficult-to-access camera positions, GO 3S can save you the trouble of taking it off at once.

The same goes for interval recording. There is no need to operate the camera after it is fixed on the camera. You only need to set a recording interval and wait until the entire recording is completed before taking it off. Then, with the AI ​​editing function of Insta360 APP, you can quickly and easily achieve good results if you want to process time-lapse videos of construction or single locations, or use it with the track time-lapse mode.

The ND filter effect is a one-click setting that can easily create a motion blur effect. It is more convenient for novices than running to set parameters.

The gesture control mode is similar to that of the Ace series. Taking action in front of the camera can start shooting or recording, and can be used when hands are free.

The same goes for voice control, which prevents you from having to press the machine after fixing the body. But in general, gestures will be used more frequently, and voice control is more useful when shooting with multiple people.

As for the Apple Find My function, you can use this function to find your machine when using it outdoors.

In other parts, GO 3S and GO 3 are basically the same.

The fuselage uses the same design, the shape and size are the same, and the bottom also uses the same magnetic structure. The advantage is that accessories that support GO 3 can also be used on GO 3S, realizing the benefits of interoperability with accessories of the same generation.

Without the pressure to update a large number of basic accessories, Shadow Stone also allocated its development accessory quota to some new accessories. Things like a larger lens protective cover with anti-slip threads and a flash memory assistant used on the main body are all new accessories that come with the GO 3S.

This flash memory assistant comes with Lightning and USB-C interfaces, and there is a micro SD card slot under the USB-C interface. After GO 3 is installed, you can directly transfer materials to the Insta360 App in a wired manner through the interface, or copy the materials to a micro SD card.

This kind of transmission is more stable than wireless, and can avoid the impact of the power of the expansion module on the transmission. It can also transfer files to the SD card to quickly release the body storage.

The configuration and functions of the expansion module have not changed, and the protective performance has not been upgraded. In addition, the size and interface of the fuselage are consistent, so the expansion module of the old and new fuselage can be used interchangeably. You only need to re-pair before use.

To this end, Shadow Stone has also launched a service that only buys new bodies. If users who already own the previous generation camera want to upgrade, they can simply purchase the GO 3S body.

Although the GO 3S has no changes in external factors such as size, shape, and expansion compartment, Shadow Stone has improved its waterproof level from 5 meters to 10 meters. It has finally caught up with the level of traditional action cameras and is more suitable for independent use. convenient.

The most complete three generations

Overall, Shadowstone GO 3S is a product that implements the "Three Generations Theory" and is currently the most complete Shadowstone thumb camera product.

The upgrade of the lens module and computing power has brought about smoother image quality, making up for the "there is no 4K in the era of 4K production" and filling the gap in waterproof performance with other action cameras. Coupled with the combination of a thumb camera and a traditional action camera with an expansion compartment, GO 3S is no longer limited to a certain scene or form. It can be said to be an action camera that can be used on the ground and on the water.

If you have stable fixings, you can even install it on a highly flexible DIY flying machine and let it fly into the sky.

Of course, as a product of the same generation, some of the old issues of the GO 3 generation are still there.

For example, AirPods cannot be connected and external audio equipment is troublesome. There is still some delay in monitoring when the magnetic suction is connected to the expansion capsule. The waterproof performance of the expansion capsule can only be used on land, and the magnetic suction at the bottom can only achieve the function of quick alignment…

These should be difficult to complete without major changes to the fuselage design, and may have to wait until the next upgrade to solve them.

But considering that the thumb camera is originally a product born from the combination of special needs and special camera positions, it is a camera that is convenient for ordinary people to take pictures from special angles. It is already very good to have such a degree of completion.

If you still have conventional cameras or mainly use mobile phones for daily shooting, GO 3 and GO 3S are indeed choices that can complement each other.

Simply put, if you care about 4K shooting, or are a user who has already entered the 4K production process, then GO 3S, which has more complete functions and shooting modes, is definitely your first choice.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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