Shadowstone Insta360 Ace Pro released: an action camera with a flip screen, a super-friendly entry-level option

On November 21st, Insta360 launched a new action camera series – Insta360 Ace. The series includes Insta360 Ace and Insta360 Ace Pro, priced at 2398 yuan and 2998 yuan respectively.

Traditional action camera with flip screen

Just by looking at the appearance, you can tell that the Ace series is the action camera with the most traditional design and the most action camera look among Insta360.

Both Insta360 Ace Pro and Insta360 Ace use a square gray body with rounded corners. The surface of the body is covered with matte and anti-slip material, which improves the sealing and durability of the body and makes it less likely to be bumped and bumped. scratched.

The lens cover has a square rounded corner design, and an ND filter can be installed later through external accessories. There is a small screen next to the lens that is only used to display shooting parameters, and there is a long strip of recording light under the screen. Compared with the old design where the recording light is retracted to the corners of the fuselage, the design of the Insta360 Ace series is much more obvious.

However, current action cameras have entered the era of supporting dual-screen viewing. When taking a selfie Vlog, if the front screen can only be used for parameters, it would be troublesome to position the camera first or monitor it with a mobile phone.

However, these are not problems for the Insta360 Ace Pro with a flip screen.

The flip screen design of Insta360 Ace Pro is similar to the flip screen of the Insta360 GO 3 expansion module. It supports flipping up to 180° into selfie mode. Users can directly use the screen to take pictures through the screen.

The rear screen is not as limited in size and proportion as the small front screen. Users can see the most complete view, which is why the flip screen is more useful than the front screen.

The screen hinge supports hovering at any angle. After being mounted on a bicycle handlebar, it can be flipped to a waist-level viewfinder. This makes it easier to adjust parameters without having to squat down and poke at the screen.

In terms of buttons, Ace Pro only retains the power button and record button. The QS shortcut mode button, which is very common on action cameras, is reserved separately on the Ace, but on the Ace Pro it is integrated into the power button.

The TF card slot, USB-C interface and battery compartment are placed on the left and right sides of the fuselage respectively. The protective covers on the side of the card slot and interface can be removed. After being disassembled, a dedicated USB-C to 3.5mm audio converter can be installed. Accessories for external microphones.

The bottom of the Ace series uses a new quick-release interface design. The quick-release base can be installed by aligning it with the groove on the bottom of the fuselage, and it can be fixed when you hear a "click".

The quick-release interfaces are equipped with magnetic suction, but they are mainly used for alignment and foolproofing. The suction force is much smaller than that of the GO 3 expansion compartment, so it cannot be directly adsorbed on the metal surface. A strong clamp and other accessories are required to achieve the camera position. Install.

To this end, Insta360 has launched a magnetic quick-release accessory with a 1/4 screw socket and a foldable two-claw base. The design of the foldable two-claw base allows the Ace series to be compatible with accessories previously launched by Insta360. Both interfaces are available and convenient. Users connect a variety of tripods, powerful clamps and other fixing tools.

There is also a chute at the bottom of the quick release, and a cold shoe can be added later to facilitate the user to add a small fill light or fix a microphone.

Super stable shooting effect

In terms of configuration, the Insta360 Ace Pro camera is equipped with a 1/1.3-inch sensor and a lens jointly developed with Leica, which supports up to 48-megapixel photo shooting and 4K 120P 4K slow-motion recording.

As for Insta360 Ace, it uses 1/2-inch CMOS and also supports 48-megapixel photo shooting. The highest recording specification is increased to 6K 30P, but it lacks the part developed with Leica.

▲ 12-megapixel mode shooting

Let’s take a look at the photography part first. The colors produced by Insta360 Ace Pro are relatively thick, and the overall contrast of the picture is much higher than that of traditional action cameras. The overall look is rich and transparent, and the lines and details in the center of the picture are sharper. Guangzhou in the middle The pattern of the tower is still very clear.

▲ 48 million pixel mode

▲ Center 100% enlarged

The difference in the 48-megapixel mode is not big. It can still remain clear after zooming in with sufficient light, and the style is similar to the 12-megapixel mode. If the user has no need for stylization, then there is no problem in sending the photo directly.

Insta360 Ace Pro provides the option of RAW photos in addition to the regular jpeg and Pureshot mode output, which is convenient for users who need post-processing.

▲ 4K 60P screenshot

The imaging style of Insta360 Ace Pro's 4K 60P shots is not much different from that of photos. It also focuses on bright and bright colors and transparent images. The problem of "sudden drop in resolution in the center of the screen" that was encountered in the initial firmware of Insta360 GO 3 no longer exists on Insta360 Ace Pro. The initial firmware is much more complete.

▲ 4K 60P screenshot

▲ In-camera 2x lossless zoom

When shooting, Insta360 Ace Pro can enable 2x lossless zoom. There is no obvious loss of clarity after zooming, and the detail performance is not bad. It is more intuitive and convenient to zoom in later than after shooting. If you take 12-megapixel photos later It would be better if it could also provide this 2x lossless zoom function.

▲ 4K 30P HDR

Insta360 Ace Pro supports sports HDR mode in 4K 30P mode. There will be no problems such as smear when moving the camera in a wide range or shooting videos with large movements, and it can also retain more visual details. If you mainly shoot videos in 30fps mode, the HDR of Insta360 Ace Pro is still very usable.

▲ 4K 60P shooting

In a dark light environment, the Insta360 Ace Pro's picture is clean. For example, there is no large amount of color noise in the night sky and dark parts that cannot be illuminated by light. The overall picture is not forcibly brightened, and the contrast and transparency during the day are still maintained.

Turn on night recording mode

Insta360 Ace Pro also provides a dedicated night scene recording mode. In this mode, the 5nm AI chip in the camera will perform noise reduction and other processing on the image based on the algorithm. After the mode is turned on, the overall shot will be brightened, and the picture will still remain clean. The highlight part will be a little higher than in normal mode, but it will not be completely overexposed. It can be used with a simple adjustment later.

Moreover, the night scene video mode has no requirements for dynamic and static scenes. If you don’t mind that the highest specification is only 4K 30P, you can also use it for simple walking scenes.

Speaking of the night environment, we also need to look at the anti-shake performance in low-light environments.

▲ Turn on night scene mode, the highest anti-shake level

When the highest anti-shake mode is turned on, Insta360 Ace Pro basically moves smoothly when walking on flat roads, and the slight up and down jitter caused by people has been basically eliminated. Even at the highest level of anti-shake, there is no anti-shake pulling on the edges.

The biggest impact now is that there will be some obvious slight jitters in some highlight positions in the distance. It seems that subsequent official firmware updates still need to optimize this.

If you switch to a well-lit daytime environment, the anti-shake performance of Insta360 Ace Pro is basically nothing to criticize. After the up and down jitter of the arm is eliminated, daily walking and cycling will be in a smooth panning state. If you can control the moving steps With such speed, it is not difficult to make a smooth movement similar to a slide rail.

The sense of pace when going up and down stairs has also been eliminated a lot, and there will be no too abrupt up and down jitters.

More importantly, turning on the highest level of anti-shake on Insta360 Ace Pro will not cause significant cropping, and the selfie angle will not be cropped into a large head. Users do not need to choose the anti-shake intensity for the viewing angle. They can just turn on the highest level of anti-shake on a daily basis.

Simpler, simpler

When it comes to image quality and initial firmware stability, Insta360 Ace Pro is indeed much better than the previous model. Coupled with the already excellent anti-shake, it is also very comfortable for first-time users.

But these are only part of improving the user experience, making users comfortable and interactive.

In terms of control, Insta360 Ace Pro has upgraded voice control to 2.0 and added gesture control functions. Before use, you need to open the drop-down menu. After opening it, set the camera position. When you are ready, just raise your hand towards the camera and extend your five fingers. The camera will automatically start recording when it recognizes it. Raise your hand again to stop recording.

We tested it on the rooftop of Big Sun's Future Society House. The recognition accuracy of Insta360 Ace Pro is quite high, and it can basically be recognized by raising your hand.

If your hands are not free, such as riding a bicycle, skiing, or playing ball, you can also use voice control. Especially if you want to start recording on the road while driving, the voice control function is very practical.

Another focus of photography after voice and gesture operations is the AI ​​function.

Insta360 Ace Pro has a built-in 5nm AI computing chip, which provides "AI highlight assistant function" after the computing power is improved. Open it in the drop-down status bar before shooting, and the camera will automatically identify the highlight moments in the video when shooting.

After the camera is connected to the App, the App will push the automatically edited "wonderful moments". This content will also be presented in the "Memories" module. You can view collections from different times of the day, week, etc., making it easier for users to quickly find video materials.

As for content recognition, we used skateboarding and street dancing for recognition during testing, and found that most of the camera movements and special movements can be accurately recognized by the AI ​​highlight assistant. Occasionally, other fragments will be recognized, but not many. To deal with these unnecessary clips, users can directly remove them in the camera, and when connected to a mobile phone, they can also directly uncheck the clips to further improve the efficiency of material screening.

Perhaps in the future, Insta360 can optimize the algorithm model through firmware upgrades, increase the recognition types of the AI ​​highlight assistant, and support more sports and scenes, similar to the recognition design of the camera focus system.

Insta360 Ace Pro has also added small operations in the recording control. For example, you can long press the recording button to cancel unnecessary clips. You can pause and continue recording during the recording process, which are all convenient functions for users.

Coming to the software part, the previous AI automatic editing function is still there, allowing users to complete the film with one click after importing the material. iOS users can now use the new version of the app to download in-camera videos and photos in the background, and do not have to worry about the app occupying the screen for a long time when downloading.

In terms of editing special effects functions, an “AI Magician” function has been added this time.

This function uploads materials to the server and uses AI calculations to create videos of different styles. Currently, six styles are provided: cyber, science fiction, space, animation, retro and voxel. You can also enter your own commands to achieve the effect. Customize, click upload after completion, and the application will automatically generate AI videos:

In addition to AI Magician, Insta360 has added an "ND Lens Special Effect" function to simulate the effect of slowing down the shutter and increasing motion blur after adding an ND lens, allowing users to achieve similar effects without an ND lens.

If you want to control light through an ND mirror, Insta360 Ace Pro has support for external ND mirrors, and users can directly purchase the official ND mirror accessories.

Finally, let’s talk about stability and battery life. Insta360 Ace Pro has a built-in 1650mAh battery and supports PD fast charging. In fast charging mode, it can charge 0-80% in 22 minutes and can be fully charged in 46 minutes.

Officials said that this battery can support 100 minutes of 4K 30P recording in default mode. We recorded 36 minutes in the 4K 60P long-term recording test. During the recording, all functions were turned on, and the battery power dropped from 80% to about 40%. The battery life The performance is actually pretty good.

If you just vlog regularly and simply record moments of life, two extra batteries are enough. It is even more convenient to use with a charging butler like the Insta360 X3 that can charge multiple batteries at the same time.

In terms of overheating test, considering that when we tested, Guangzhou was ushering in cold air, the official arrival of autumn, and strong winds, the camera body would not be too hot even when shooting under direct sunlight, so we recorded the test in 4K 60P After 36 minutes, the Insta360 Ace Pro body was still lukewarm.

Insta360 Ace Pro has a large body, which also has certain advantages in terms of heat dissipation. The temperature rise rate is quite slow during daily compound use, so there is basically no need to worry about daily use.

The correct answer to the version from entry to closing

Overall, the Insta360 Ace Pro is a user-friendly action camera with a traditional design.

The design tradition lies in the appearance. The shape of Insta360 Ace Pro is very similar to what we understand as the traditional action camera mode. The recording button is placed on the top, and the battery compartment, card slot and USB-C interface are placed on both sides of the fuselage. The door buckles are designed to be pulled down to open… With the operating system that can be exhaled from the four sliding sides, no matter what you have used before No matter which company's action camera it is, you will feel very friendly when you use Insta360 Ace Pro.

In addition, the flip screen with buckles is like a design borrowed from the Insta360 GO 3 expansion module; the red circle on the lens is standard for high-end models of Insta360 action cameras; the convex bar on the bottom of the front of the fuselage It seems to be a tribute to the external battery of the Insta360 One R series… If you are an old user of Insta360 action cameras, the Insta360 Ace Pro with many Insta360 design elements will make you feel more familiar.

The user-friendliness aspect, I personally feel, is reflected in the overall performance.

Insta360 Ace Pro uses an outsole, which sets the foundation for image quality. Insta360's accumulation in anti-shake, image algorithms and automatic editing have raised the lower limit of camera shooting. The addition of AI function provides a quick and easy option for content creation. The new interaction allows users to easily control the camera in various scenarios.

In addition, the Insta360 Ace series has not significantly changed the interface. The introduction of the magnetic quick-release interface is more to facilitate users to switch. The camera essentially uses a 1/4 screw hole and a two-claw base to connect accessories.

This means that users only need to buy a magnetic quick-release accessory to directly use existing accessories and accessories of the same specifications launched by other brands, which is very friendly to both new and old users.

So, if you want to choose the Insta360 action camera from the beginning, it doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran of action cameras or a newbie, the Insta360 Ace Pro is the right solution at this stage.

If you want to shoot from multiple camera positions, you can actually choose Insta360 Ace as a supplementary position, but if you only need a one-step choice, Insta360 Ace Pro is the first choice.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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