Sell ​​Your Dispos! This app that can’t P picture invites you to sell your photos as NFT

There are no filters, no P pictures, no "waiting for it", but the photos you take casually may have inestimable economic value.

The photo sharing app "Dispo" that simulates disposable cameras has launched a test to confirm which users are willing to sell their photos as NFTs.

▲ The user received the test page. Picture from: Dispo

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital collection that exists on the blockchain. It can be in various forms, including pictures, audio and video, game equipment, virtual fashion, and so on. Blockchain has the characteristics of anonymity, decentralization, and data that cannot be tampered with. When you buy an NFT work with cryptocurrency, then you will get its digital ownership.

The ownership of NFT works is unique, and short-term use rights can be sold. All transaction records cannot be falsified and will be recorded by the blockchain.

This also means that NFT has digital scarcity, which has the meaning of collection, circulation, investment and financial management.

▲ Beeple and his NFT paintings.

In the past, the art and game industries often appeared together with NFT in reports. Crypto artist Beeple has a $60.25 million NFT painting "Everydays: The First 5000 Days"; Wong Kar-wai also shot his first NFT movie-"In the Mood for Love-A Moment", which lasts 1 minute and 31 seconds.

Today, seemingly humble personal photos will also join the NFT queue.

The protagonist of this test is Dispo, which is not surprising. The ownership and owner of a certain NFT is determined, but everyone can participate in the blockchain-based trading platform; Dispo was originally created to redefine the "photo sharing experience". The two have a certain sense in common.

Dispo was launched in 2019. This is a very simple application and a community that really focuses on pictures.

It has a viewfinder, zoom control, and flash on its page. Users can take any number of photos, but these photos need time to "develop". They will not appear in front of you until 9 o'clock the next morning, and no more edits can be made. This is where Dispo resembles a disposable film camera-pressing the shutter is done.

Here, pictures are the only medium. Users can follow others and their photos, and jointly enrich the "film" album under a certain theme. In this era of race against time, Dispo forces users to focus more on the current landscape in a retro and novel way, and harvest photos that return to the original beauty of the negatives the next day.

According to Dispo CEO and co-founder Daniel Liss , Dispo is still considering the specific form of NFT placement, including what kind of blockchain it will use, whether to cooperate with the existing NFT market, etc. This is exactly what Dispo decided The reason for testing the user.

Daniel Liss hopes that Dispo will not only change the way people post photos, but also change the relationship between the platform and user-created content:

Why is NFT? The most influential memories in our lives have economic value, but social media in the past failed to recognize this. Therefore, creators with a large number of fans can sell content directly to a tag, rather than profit only from the content itself.

▲ NFT. Picture from: GettlyImages

In theory, the threshold of NFT is not high. Just like Dispo does, everyone can make their own photos and videos into NFT.

But contrary to the craze of the NFT concept is the "faltering" regulatory system and value concept. There is no consensus on the ownership and value of digital collections, and the market chaos of inflated prices and deliberate speculation has spread. If you use NFT works or free copies without authorization, there may be potential legal risks, but there is no need to worry about this now.

On the decentralized blockchain, the ownership of digital assets may become more and more important. Maybe some photos in our mobile phones will be as valuable as artworks.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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