screencast? Add money! How many audiences were driven to piracy by “Chasing Drama Assassin”

I picked up a beautiful ice cream at the convenience store. When I didn't pay attention to the price, I found out that it was 22 yuan. I almost lost my breath. Since then, you have called these ice creams whose prices are unseen by beauty and deceive people as "ice cream assassins".

After watching a drama at home, after casting one, I plan to replace it with the next one. As a result, the next one tells you that this drama does not support screen casting. If you want to watch it on TV, remember to buy a TV version membership. Since then, you have called these platforms that you don't know if you need to buy an extra member to watch them as "play-seeking assassins".

▲ The ice cream assassin has become the past tense, and now it is the chasing assassin

Youku said that mobile phone members cannot cast screen, and it is very "reasonable"

After eating hot pot and singing songs, the projection screen suddenly stopped working.

The audience chasing "Agarwood is like crumbs" was hit in the back by Youku without any precaution. The original process of watching TV is to open the corresponding platform on the TV, then find the corresponding episode on the mobile phone, and click the screen to watch the content on the TV for a long time. There are basically no advertisements and no lag. The overall experience very good.

But now, if you want to cast the screen, you can only see the prompt "Try it for six minutes, upgrade to Kumiao VIP to watch the whole movie".

Absurd, angry, speechless, you must be as complicated as me when you see a screencast and you have to pay a "screencast fee". Ordinary people can understand this logic – the platform wants to make money and grow, but the number of members now has basically reached a height where it is difficult to grow, so the platform needs to tap the increment from the stock.

▲ There is a lot of content on Xiaohongshu that is dissatisfied with Youku’s behavior

In other words, this is "sharpening knives" to old users. The first thing to do is to cast the screen that the user just needs. After all, it is normal to use mobile phones to follow dramas on the subway and bus, but who wants to watch the small screen when you get home? At this time, the function of screencasting is very important. It happens that all platforms have TV membership fees. It is naturally a good way to turn off the function that was given to you before and force you to buy a TV membership.

It's a good idea, but unfortunately users hate this kind of behavior, saying that the platform is too ugly.

Although the platform does not think it is, the customer service said when faced with users' doubts about whether it is a bug: "Youku member VIP rights do not include screencasting. At present, Youku VIP member rights support viewing on mobile phones, tablets, and computers, excluding TV. To watch on TV, it is recommended to upgrade or purchase a Kumiao membership.”

▲ Youku membership purchase interface. Picture from: Mumu

In fact, the second article of the "Youku VIP Membership Service Agreement" is indeed written like this. If the agreement is written like this, then Youku's "slashing a knife" at the projection screen is not illegal. There are also Tencent Video, iQiyi, and Mango TV that do not violate the regulations. Even if these big platforms ban screen projection one day, they will not violate the regulations, because they have already done the preparatory work.

In fact, there has always been a situation where some content cannot be screened. For example, Disney's "Spiritual Journey", "Zootopia", and many sports events do not support screen casting. It is not unfamiliar that popular episodes do not support screencasting in advance on demand, but this time the "slashing" of screencasting is particularly painful, because it seems that this situation will soon be "trial" on all platforms.

Before "Agarwood", "Outside Court • Blind Spot" and "To the Brave You" did not support screencasting. These are recent episodes. The platform is slowly testing the user's acceptance of this change. , although I think users can't accept it and won't change it.

▲"Agarwood is like crumbs" has attracted more attention, so this change rushed to the hot search

But, it's really expensive.

The members we usually watch actually do not include the TV terminal by default, and each platform needs to spend 40-150 yuan more to use the whole platform. This money is everyone's hard-earned money!

"The Assassin Chasing Drama" stabs again, and acts more and more recklessly?

At first, iQiyi added a member-only advertisement at the beginning, and I was silent because I was not a member.

When the Tencent video "Chen Qing Ling" was on-demand ahead of time, I was silent because I didn't watch "Chen Qing Ling".

When Youku started trying to "cut a knife" to the screencast, I was silent because I didn't use Youku at all.

The VIP of the video platform is shrinking step by step, and the VIP of the user is also getting less and less rights. The bottom line is that the platform wants to make more money, and in order to get the same experience, you have to hand over the money in tears, or endure watching ads, watching small screens, and waiting for weeks.

In the matter of "from extravagance to simplicity", the video platform can be said to have squeezed human nature to the extreme. After all, in any case, the experience of the video platform is better than the previous TV.

Streaming to watch ads? However, there have been no shortage of TV program advertisements in the past, and even 5 minutes of watching dramas and 10 minutes of commercials directly led to the regulation of relevant parts. Streaming has to wait to watch? But the content of the TV station has to wait longer, you can't even make your own choice, what to watch and what to watch, at most you can change the channel.

▲ Many Hunan Satellite TV advertisements in the memory of many people are often complained about

It can be said that the experience of the streaming media platform is to beat your favorite TV station when you were a teenager. They also believe that even if you charge a little more money, as an ordinary user, it is difficult for you to abandon streaming media and go back to watching cable TV without renewing your membership, because it is difficult to go from luxury to simplicity.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings reiterated his view on the investor conference call that Netflix is ​​in a good position because cable TV will die in "5 to 10 years" because they can't play.

The popular TV series "Grey's Anatomy" has dropped from 2000W users per episode to 400W, and it looks like it will continue to hit new lows in the next quarter. Hunan Satellite TV's ace variety show "Happy Camp" also announced its suspension after 25 years of airing.

▲ Restrictions on broadcast channels also made "Grey's Anatomy" a new low in ratings

The content of the TV station has not changed, but the content outside the TV station has changed. Netflix is ​​waving banknotes all over the world to buy good content, and You Aiteng's variety shows are never short of entertainment stars. What was once scarce and precious in the TV era is now commonplace.

So no matter from the overall experience or the richness of content, streaming media platforms are not afraid of you leaving. Those who are "favored" are so reckless (unscrupulous), as long as the user does not leave, it is not a problem to continue to boldly experiment with the VIP membership system (shrink).

My freedom to follow dramas is getting more and more expensive

To a certain extent, the advertisements you watch on the streaming platform, the membership you buy, and the money you spend for advance on-demand are indeed paying for better services, which are all things that TV stations couldn’t do with their money before.

The only problem is that this fee is getting more and more expensive. And they always don't tell you to charge directly, and come to some fringe price increases/shrinking behaviors, which make you feel that streaming media platforms are cutting you like leeks.

It is true that the platform also has many difficulties. The pandemic has affected the output of their content, cost pressures, slowing growth, and the need to continue to compete before making a profit are all real factors.

But don't sympathize with the platform (capitalist) because your wallet is also not easy. There are many news about layoffs, the cost of living is high, and prices are rising everywhere. The platform also changes the functions that you can use normally and starts charging. This disguised premium is also very painful for you.

More importantly, the relationship between the platform and you is a big platform "smashing" a sheep. But the relationship between you and the platform is that a sheep will be "smashed" by several platforms.

After all, users follow the content. Some users are long-term platform members, and some are platform members for 3 months or even 1 month. If a user wants to watch all the content, he may need 3-4 members of the platform. Even if it is calculated according to the lowest price of 15 yuan, it takes dozens of each month to cover the major platforms.

A platform began to shrink and increase its price, which also triggered a chain reaction. In the end, you may have to hold multiple mobile platform members, and at the same time, you have to increase the number of members to upgrade the entire platform to successfully cast the screen. The days of being chased by membership renewals every day to watch dramas freely must not feel good.

Although users will not run back from the streaming platform to sit on the sofa and watch TV, it is not impossible to run back to watch pirated copies.

As a kind of infringement, piracy is certainly not worth advocating, but for users, piracy has a complete appeal in addition to being free. After all, piracy platforms don’t stole content just because they appreciate a certain platform, so if users want to see Tencent Video, Mango TV, Youku, and iQiyi on one platform at the same time, maybe they can only choose to pay no money but the quality is not good. Stable piracy platform.

For "Youku", this is another dimension reduction attack and experience optimization.

Not wanting users to return to piracy, streaming platforms have to do a little better.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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