Scientists are building an earth version of the “black box” to record how mankind became extinct

Black box, also known as flight recorder, generally refers to aviation equipment that provides investigators with important data. It is installed in the tail of the aircraft that is most often kept intact during air crashes to record the causes of misfortune and avoid the same fate.

Recently, some scientists have proposed that they hope to create a huge and indestructible "black box" that will record scientific data and give future civilizations insight into how humans have fallen.

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This project is called " Earth's Black Box " (Earth's Black Box) , plans to build a steel boulder, and install it in a remote area of ​​Tasmania, Australia. This is easily reminiscent of Kubrick's black cuboid.

The team consists of researchers from the University of Tasmania, marketing agency Clemenger BBDO, and creative agency The Glue Society. They are designing this box to record two types of data.

The first category is measurement data of land and ocean temperature, ocean acidification, carbon dioxide, species extinction, land use, population, military expenditure, energy consumption, etc.; the second category is newspaper headlines, social media posts, and climate change conferences Wait for news of key events.

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The cabinet construction will be completed in early 2022, but the hard disk drive has already begun to record, starting from the Glasgow COP26 climate meeting in November this year. Using compression and archiving, developers estimate that there will be enough capacity to store data for the next 30 to 50 years. They are also studying storage methods to expand capacity and extend time, including engraving on the "steel plate":

This will allow us to use each layer of storage more efficiently and make it possible to store data for hundreds or even thousands of years.

The most curious thing is, how does it live longer than humans?

The box itself is a 10m×4m×3m steel body, located on a geologically stable plain, surrounded by rugged mountains. Inside the box will be a storage drive system connected to the Internet, powered by a solar panel on the top of the box, and a backup power supply.

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Jonathan Kneebone, co-founder of Clemenger BBDO, said: "If the worst happens, it will still exist just because the power grid collapses."

Considering that the solar panel may not have a long life, the researchers are planning to install an e-reader in the box, which will be activated in the sun. If the box enters a long-term sleep state due to a disaster, it will not lose this activation ability.

What if the civilization that found it cannot crack the data? Although developers will use multiple encoding formats, they also admit that this is a problem:

It can be assumed that it will not be of any use unless it is discovered by someone or something, and someone or something has the ability to understand and explain the basic symbolic meaning.

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Developers are also planning other functions, such as transmitting summary statistics to space at longer intervals, or using "heartbeats" to convey that the box has been opened and actively record them to site visitors.

Whether the black box can survive human extinction is hard to say, but the team is building it from now on, in fact, to remind the current humans to significantly change their lifestyles, otherwise climate change and other man-made dangers will lead to the collapse of civilization:

The black box of the earth will record every step we take towards this disaster. Data sets, measurements and interactions related to the health of the planet will be continuously collected and stored safely for future generations to use. The purpose of this device is to provide a fair description of the events that led to the destruction of the earth, to be responsible for future generations, and to inspire emergency action. How the story ends is entirely up to us. Only one thing is certain, your actions and inactions are now being recorded.

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Once the black box is up and running, the growing database will be accessible through the digital platform, and if people want to visit the site, they will also be able to connect to it wirelessly. When we know that our actions are being recorded, we may subconsciously change our words and actions.

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