School and collaborative robotics: Robo Lab is born

Created by Assolombarda, the Brigatti, Camerani and Pintaldi Foundations, and Politecnico di Milano, together with the scientific partners ABB and iMage, Robo Lab represents the first example of a laboratory entirely dedicated to teaching in the collaborative robotics school . The activities of the E-learning center started on March 10, in full pandemic.

There are currently six schools involved in the project: ITI Hensemberger of Monza, IIS Leonardo da Vinci of Carate Brianza, ITI Fermi of Desio, IIS Einstein of Vimercate, IIS Majorana of Cesano Maderno, IPSIA Meroni of Lissone. But an increase in adhesions is expected starting from the second phase of the project.

The project has now started on November 27 and will see the conclusion of the first phase on May 7. After a first course on the use of collaborative robots installed, with only the teachers of the schools in the Monza and Brianza area, three other courses (basic collaborative robotics, advanced collaborative robotics and vision) were planned, also involving the students.

To date, 1,200 students and teachers have joined , mainly from Brianza, although requests have even arrived from Sicily and Puglia, in fact, as ABB's Education Manager Maurizio Lepori states:

"We have extended this opportunity nationwide, receiving a high number of adhesions from teachers from all over Italy, this confirms that we are moving in the right direction."

All online courses were organized by Prof. Loris Latassa and Lorenzo Chiesa of the Majorana Institute in Seriate with whom ABB has been collaborating for several years.

Robo Lab robotics school: the organization of the E-learning center

Inside the laboratory there are three collaborative robots of the Yumi family : two with single arm and one with two arms, designed for the assembly processes of small parts and to work alongside operators in complete safety. The simplicity of programming allows you to teach the movements and positions of the robot quickly and easily.

Students will also be equipped with PCs, present in the laboratory, on which the ABB RobotStudio software is installed , which allows them to learn the basics of offline programming of robots . Thanks to the software and a streaming connection, students will be able to simulate the activation of robots from their computer.

ABB's collaborative robots – two-armed YuMi

The laboratory is designed to be used by primary and secondary school students and aims to provide them with theoretical knowledge and application skills in an area that represents one of the main points of the Industry 4.0 revolution . Assolombarda and its partners with this project want to meet the needs imposed by the labor market that seeks highly specialized profiles in the technical-scientific field.

The words of the supporters of the project

“Young people are our future and it is essential to invest in paths that are able to train the skills necessary for the world of work and the needs of businesses. The industrial automation sector, in particular, needs constant updates. "

The words of the president of Assolombarda, Alessandro Spada, make it very clear what the main purpose of this new project is: to train young people who are fully integrated and capable of interacting in this new hyper-technological world.

The president of Assolombarda, Alessandro Spada.

The laboratory is physically located near Monza , in one of the Assolombarda offices, and is unique in Italy, both from the point of view of the topics covered and of those who can use it. In fact, Spada still affirms that Robo Lab represents “an innovative project towards a national reform of school orientation and teacher training 4.0” .

“The challenge of the near future – says Eugenio Gatti, Director of the Polytechnic Foundation of Milan – will be played on the themes of digitization and innovation. Only those who will be able to look ahead and target in advance the new production models that the health and economic emergency has highlighted even more will be able to deliver growth opportunities to the new generations. This laboratory is certainly an important step in this direction ”.

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