Savior gaming mobile phone 2 Pro first release experience: to achieve the ultimate game partial students

The concept of "gaming phone" is no longer new. After several years of product iteration, consumers no longer confuse this type of product with the current "flagship phone".

If the flagship mobile phone pays attention to comprehensive ability, then the game mobile phone is an out-and-out "partial student". It does not need to weigh the comprehensive experience of many aspects, and strive to be a perfect "hexagonal product" for mass consumers. Game phones do their best to do one thing, that is, everything is for "games", and the rest can be compromised.

Therefore, in order to enhance the gaming experience, RGB equivalents, fan active cooling, shoulder buttons and other features that are not available on smartphones have become standard features for gaming phones. At the same time, manufacturers of gaming mobile phones are constantly creating "differentiations" in their products, hoping to bring players the most extreme gaming experience.

▲ The horizontal system interface is quite like an Android tablet.

Lenovo, which entered the field of "gaming phones" only last year, is unique in its savior e-sports phones, aiming at the ultimate "horizontal screen game" experience. After half a year, in addition to upgrading the chip to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, the new generation of Savior gaming mobile phone 2 Pro (hereinafter referred to as the Savior 2 Pro) has also continued to further its studies in the horizontal screen gaming experience.

In short, the rescuer gaming mobile phone 2 Pro is a product that maximizes the horizontal screen properties.

Top students in the horizontal screen: full game experience

In the past few days of using Lenovo Rescuer 2 Pro, even if I was not testing the game, I used it in landscape orientation almost most of the time. Without it, just because the horizontal screen experience of the Savior 2 Pro is better than the vertical screen.

The design concept of the whole body is based on the horizontal screen, not only in the appearance elements, but also many internal components are also symmetrical.

The top and bottom of the screen, to be precise, should be two symmetrical speakers on the left and right, both of which support Dolby Atmos. At the same time, compared with the previous generation of products, the volume of the cavity of the rescuer 2 Pro dual speakers has increased by 30%, which is reflected in the game and has a better sense of immersion.

If the sound effects are too subjective, then the experience of the "Dual Vibration Path" composed of the built-in dual X-axis linear motors in the Savior 2 Pro will definitely make you "addictive".

The vibration direction of the dual X-axis linear motor is the same as the pressing direction of the shoulder button, which will simulate a real pressing feeling. Even if the Savior 2 Pro is only equipped with capacitive buttons, the actual experience does not lose to the traditional mechanical buttons.

In addition to being able to add mechanical pressing to the shoulder buttons, the dual X-axis linear motors of the Savior 2 Pro will also have a unique role in the game.

Take "Peace Elite" as an example, the vibration of the fuselage will be combined with many game sound effects to form a dual-sensory experience. When you are close to the vehicle, the fuselage will vibrate with the launch of the vehicle. When there are footsteps around, The mobile phone will also send out different shocks with the distance of the footsteps. In this way, when searching for materials, there is no need to listen to the sound of the footsteps, just feel it with your hands. After the whole game is over, sometimes my hands will be numb, and I can’t wait to start a game quickly. Without it, I just feel addicted to it.

In order to control smoothly, Game Saver 2 Pro is equipped with four symmetrical pairs of custom buttons on the frame, back and screen, a total of eight. In the game, you can freely turn on and off one or more sets of buttons, which is close to the control of a gamepad or handheld.

In "Ace Warrior", the two shoulder buttons L1 and R1 can be set to shoot, while L2 and R2 can be set to jump and release skills. In the 5V5 duel, you won't be able to give someone a head because of the slow operation. In addition, the shoulder button can also be set to "click" and "combo", reflecting the game's operation is "burst" and "single point", you can match the characteristics of different firearms according to this feature, you can set L1 to " Click ", use M762 to shoot, and L2 is set to "combo", you can use SLR to hang up the second person with the magnification lens, no longer afraid of slow hand speed and can not shoot 17 shots in 2 seconds.

For the symmetry of these configurations, the motherboard of the Savior 2 Pro is still in the middle. The core components such as the processor and the camera are all placed in the central area of ​​the phone, while the battery is divided into two and placed left and right.

This design brings two advantages. One is to balance the weight of the left and right sides, keep the center of gravity in the middle, and the hands will have a more even force. The other is that, compared to the situation where the heat of the L-shaped motherboard of the traditional smart phone is concentrated on one side, the central motherboard allows the hands to avoid the development hot zone to the greatest extent.

The mid-mounted motherboard design of the Savior 2 Pro mainly generates heat in the middle of the fuselage. While avoiding your hands, you can also use this space to equip a more "luxury" cooling solution. As a result, the Savior 2 Pro has a built-in heat dissipation system officially called "Wan". It has built-in two turbofans, two independent air ducts, an independent VC soaking plate and an independent copper tube airtight duct. It seems The next big heat dissipation trick for gaming phones should be water cooling.

▲ It can be seen that the temperature difference between the sides and the middle of the fuselage is still quite obvious.

With such a heat dissipation configuration, the ultimate goal is to make the performance release of the Savior 2 Pro more stable and lasting. When I first got the Savior 2 Pro, I tried a game of "Original God", strolled around the wild, shuttled back and forth to Mond City several times, and cleared a few strange things by the way. At this time, the highest temperature in the middle of the Rescuer 2 Pro is 47.2°C, while the two sides are at 40.3°C, and the chip temperature read in the PerfDog software is 60°C.

▲ The frame rate performance of the Savior 2 Pro at 60fps in HD quality.

At the same time, in the frame rate data of "Original God", the average frame rate of Savior 2 Pro is 57fps. In the scene of entering and leaving the city, and using continuous moves to clear the strange scene, there will still be frame jams, but most of the time it is still running. Around 60fps. But in terms of the overall look and feel of high image quality, this should be the most smooth mobile phone I have used recently to try out "Original God". If the picture quality is reduced to medium and the frame rate is maintained at 60fps, the Savior 2 Pro will have a fairly stable performance, with almost no frame jams.

▲"Ace Warrior" can support up to 144Hz high screen refresh, and it can also be stabilized at 144Hz when the special effects are fully turned on (falling to 72Hz is the animation after the character's death).

Aside from the symmetrical design on these hardware, at the system level, Savior 2 Pro still engraves the concept of "horizontal screen" in the LEGION OS system. The overall interaction logic of the system, system-level applications, and interfaces such as negative one screen, security center, and lock screen have been individually optimized for the horizontal screen.

In addition, in the game, when you need to call WeChat or QQ, a small window will also pop up for direct viewing and replying. As for the third-party App ecosystem, most of the Google apps, such as Chrome, Play Store, and YouTube, support horizontal screen use, while other apps are less supported. Therefore, it is still a bit difficult to use the Savior 2 Pro as a horizontal screen phone (unless you quit apps with a wide audience such as Weibo and WeChat).

Partial college students in the vertical screen: just the right mobile phone attributes

There are losses and gains, and what you get on the horizontal screen will lack some experience in the vertical screen.

Again, let's talk about the design first, but this time we use the "smart phone" as a reference.

The Savior 2 Pro is packed with a lot of components that enhance game performance and sensory experience. The whole machine is similar to other gaming phones, and has no chance of being "thin". The body thickness is 10.32mm and the weight is 262g. The parameters are acceptable, but for heat dissipation and the layout of the central motherboard, the heat dissipation module in the middle of the fuselage will have a certain bulge. This also means that when you hold it vertically, your palm will directly touch the raised part, and you will have a very obvious feeling.

▲ In the vertical state, the center of gravity of the fuselage is in the middle of the back, and there will be obvious force on the hands.

In order to facilitate the live broadcast of the game, the front camera of the rescuer 2 Pro is hidden under the power button using a lifting structure. Similarly, the rear camera is also placed in the middle of the back of the fuselage. When you are playing on a horizontal screen, these three cameras will not have any sense of existence, and even trance will give you the illusion of playing a handheld.

The front, to be precise, it should be called the "center" camera, with 44 million pixels, and supports autofocus, HDR and other features. The rear camera is equipped with a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and 64-megapixel Samsung sensor main camera. In daily conditions, both the ultra-wide-angle and main camera will output 16-megapixel photos. This front and rear camera combination can be regarded as luxurious in a lot of gaming phones.

▲ The Savior 2 Pro's camera supports dual-screen mode. You can call the ultra-wide angle and main camera together to shoot videos (or photos) with different perspectives, or you can view and record together in front and back.

Regardless of whether it is front or rear, it is easier to block the camera when using the Rescuer 2 Pro vertically, and the front camera hidden in the power button is not conducive to selfies. This also means that whether you take a selfie or shoot him, it is obviously more comfortable to hold it horizontally. In addition, the horizontal and central camera is a bit of a card camera.

▲ The correct way to open the front camera of the Savior 2 Pro is actually to start the game during the game.

In fact, the design of this center camera, Savior 2 Pro is designed to make it easier for game anchors to live broadcast or record two-way video. In the game screen, you can use the "Savior Assistant" to open the "One-Key Live" to bring up the camera for recording. For ordinary players, this center camera can also support similar functions of WeChat video phone in the game, which is a feature specially designed for game players.

The front camera adopts a mechanical lifting type. The screen of the rescuer 2 Pro does not use punching or notch screen, but a complete 6.92-inch E4 AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1080P+, which supports 111.1% of the P3 color gamut. With HDR10+ display certification, the peak brightness reached 1300 nits. And it supports the highest refresh rate of 144Hz, the sampling rate is 720Hz, and DC dimming is globally supported.

Whether it's horizontal games, videos, or vertical chatting on WeChat or Weibo, this high screen with double X linear motors gives people a soft and smooth feeling overall. The non-perforated screen makes videos and games more immersive, and coupled with dual-forward Dolby sound certified speakers, the audio-visual experience is full.

The most extreme among all the partial subjects

Compared with other products, gaming phones are geared towards niche groups, or players who are pursuing the ultimate gaming experience. Smartphones can fill the game's attributes, other designs can make way for the gaming experience, and even the metaphor of "game console tied to a phone" can be used to meet their needs.

▲ The Savior 2 Pro is still equipped with dual USB-C ports. While supporting expansion, it also supports dual-channel superimposed charging. The charging speed can reach 90W, and it can be charged 90% in about 20 minutes.

After a series of development, game phone manufacturers finally want to understand that instead of hiding it, let it bloom. RGB lighting effects, multiple physical buttons, active cooling and other configurations are already standard. At the same time, some attributes, such as light and thinness, cameras, etc., no longer follow the trend. Game phones are all "partial students" in the smart phone army.

Lenovo’s savior gaming phone 2 Pro is even more extreme. It continues to focus on the horizontal screen experience. With the LEGION OS system and some system-level applications, it can be said that it has created a horizontal screen ecology for itself. As long as the third-party App can support horizontal screen friendly, I think I will lock the screen of Savior 2 Pro in landscape and keep it in landscape.

At present, the pricing of the rescuer gaming mobile phone 2 Pro has been announced. There are 5 versions, and the prices are as follows:

8GB + 128GB is priced at 3699 yuan;

12GB + 128GB is priced at 4099 yuan;

12GB + 256GB is priced at 4399 yuan;

16GB + 512GB is priced at 5299 yuan;

18GB + 512GB is priced at 5999 yuan.

If the gaming phones are divided into two dimensions: "games" and "mobile phones", then Savior 2 Pro is to meet the needs of "mobile phones" as much as possible when the "game" attributes are directly filled. In this way, the design concept of Swordsman and Slant will pierce the hearts of the ultimate players and capture a lot of heavy mobile game players.

As a series of core mobile games gradually matured and became large-scale, and gave birth to many large-scale e-sports events, this seemingly niche market has gradually expanded, and this year's game phones seem to have let go of their hands and feet. , Just like all kinds of smart phones many years ago, full of vitality and more possibilities.

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