Samsung’s new “cheap flagship” breaks the news, redefining cheapness

Every year, Samsung's S series flagship mobile phones are candidates for the mobile phone of the year. However, the prices are often not cheap. However, the S series products with the FE suffix are among the rare and more affordable choices.

Although many people know that there is such a special series, they do not know the origin and meaning of FE. FE stands for Fan Edition (fan only), which is a special series of products launched by Samsung specifically for fans.

After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caused explosive news (a real explosion), Samsung announced a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7. But some users like the product so much that they are unwilling to return it. Because of this, Samsung decided to make some overall modifications to Note 7, such as using a battery with a lower capacity (which will not explode), replacing the chip, and updating the system. After the adjustment, Samsung named it Galaxy Note FE and launched it in a limited edition. for sale.

This phone can be regarded as the beginning for subsequent Fan Edition products. In 2020, Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 FE, which is the second product in the Fan Edition product line. It has fully absorbed fans in all aspects such as screen, image, and battery life. suggestions.

Compared with the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20 FE has increased battery capacity to ensure longer battery life. At the same time, the screen, storage and imaging configurations have been reduced, and the back cover is also made of cheaper plastic material. Accordingly, the Galaxy S20 FE is on sale at a lower price.

Samsung made adjustments based on fan suggestions and also had a clearer positioning of the Fan Edition product line – cheap and practical flagship models.

The launch of Galaxy S21 FE officially confirmed this positioning. Compared with Galaxy S21, the former uses a "Super AMOLED" screen. Although the experience is slightly inferior to the latter's "Dynamic AMOLED" screen, the parameters of the two are not very different. Same 1080 x 2400 resolution and 120Hz refresh rate.

It can be seen that due to the reduction in technology development costs, Fan Edition products are getting closer to the original products in terms of parameters and experience. The original products focus on better hardware, while Fan Edition products provide cheaper prices and stronger battery life.

OnePlus Mobile has also launched products with similar positioning such as OnePlus Nord CE (Core Edition). As can be seen from the name "Core Edition", this product is also positioned as a "cheap flagship" by retaining core functions and deleting unnecessary functions. way, allowing users to buy flagship products at cheaper prices. However, OnePlus Nord CE is only available for overseas consumers.

According to reports, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 FE, which will be released this year, has now passed certification by relevant regulatory agencies. This product may be equipped with the same "Dynamic AMOLED" screen as the S21, and is equipped with a 4370mAh battery, which is an increase of 470mAh in battery capacity compared to the Galaxy S23. But the Galaxy S23 FE’s imaging will be somewhat emasculated.

At the same time, the Galaxy S23 FE will also maintain the "excellent" tradition and replace the Galaxy S23's Corning Gorilla Victus second-generation glass back cover with a plastic back cover.

Compared to chips, the above reductions pale into insignificance. It is reported that the Galaxy S23 FE will use the previous generation flagship Snapdragon 8Gen1 chip. You know, both S20 FE and S21 FE use the same chip as the original series to ensure that the Fan Edition is "flagship" enough. The Galaxy S23 FE adopts the previous generation chip approach, making it difficult to continue the previously established product positioning of "cheap flagship".

At present, domestic manufacturers have lowered the price of 8Gen2 products to less than 3,000 yuan. Now Samsung has launched an 8Gen1 model priced at more than 4,000 yuan. In this case, it is difficult to say that the Galaxy S23 FE is competitive.

Even without comparing it with other brands, the platform price of the Galaxy S23 has already dropped to about 4,300 yuan nearly 7 months after its release. Judging from this, the official price of the Galaxy S23 FE when it was launched is not even superior to the Galaxy S23.

The problem of contradictory positioning became apparent with the Galaxy S21. The Galaxy S21 FE was released nearly a year later than the Galaxy S21. At that time, the price of the Galaxy S21 had already stabilized below 4,000 yuan, making the starting price of the Galaxy S21 FE 4,599 yuan. Consumers are more willing to consider the former.

Of course, this is only a dilemma faced by Samsung in the domestic market. “Cheap flagship” products such as Samsung Galaxy S21 FE are still very popular abroad. Relevant news indicates that Samsung will normalize Fan Edition products after the Galaxy S23 FE, that is, it will launch a Fan Edition phone every year.

After all, competition in the domestic mobile phone market is too fierce. Prices below 3,000 yuan have long become the main battlefield for various sub-brands. In this price range, it is difficult to compete for consumers by reducing configurations and prices.

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