Samsung’s first AI phone released! These new features may change your mobile phone habits

Early this morning, Samsung released its first AI phone Galaxy S24 series.

Throughout the entire press conference, from the practical real-time translation of calls to the convenient circle-and-search function; from the meticulous AI editing of pictures to the precise capture of AI zoom, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series abandoned flashy "show-off skills." , it took more than an hour to explain clearly how AI should serve users.

2024 is not only the first year of the explosion of AI mobile phones, but also a period of crossing the river by feeling the stones. No one knows what the ideal AI mobile phone should be. But there is no doubt that only when an AI phone is seamlessly integrated into daily life, it can be regarded as a true "AI phone."

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series just meets this key condition.

S24’s AI killer feature

Since last year, major manufacturers have successively implemented AI on-camera through OTA, but most brands have not yet put it in the "C position".

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series has penetrated AI into every corner of mobile phone use, turning AI from a "new feature" into a "part" of the phone.

It can be said that this is a flagship machine “born for AI”.

The "Instant Search" highlighted at the press conference is an AI function that can be triggered in most operating scenarios.

For example, if you see an attraction on social media that allows you to "go immediately" but don't know where it is, you can long press the home button to search for the exact location in the picture.

When we encounter any picture, video or text that we want to look up, we can long press home to activate AI, and then search for the target content by circling, highlighting, scribbling or clicking.

In fact, previous mobile phones had similar functions. When you see your favorite furniture, clothing, food, etc. in a short video, you can search for related products on the entire Internet through "Screen Scan".

In comparison, instant search has two advantages:
– Hit wherever you point: Any information that appears on the screen can be searched, whether it is pictures or text, you can search for the tagged content.

– No need to switch: All search processes can be completed on one interface. After returning, you can continue to browse the content before searching without using the search bar or switching to other search software.

Behind this intelligent operation is mature large model technology. At the press conference, Samsung announced a cooperation with Google. Gemini, which had previously competed with GPT-4, will be embedded in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series to provide AI functions for text, voice and images for the new phone, making the phone more usable.

Convenient operation is the first problem that needs to be solved when new functions are brought to the mass market. This "one-step" experience of triggering AI functions can greatly reduce the user's cost and threshold.

The “real-time two-way translation” on Samsung Galaxy S24 integrates the ease of use of AI into one of the most commonly used functions on mobile phones – making calls.

Galaxy AI is able to support real-time two-way voice and text translation when we make calls using Samsung’s native calling app.

For example, if we use a Samsung mobile phone to call a foreign friend at the press conference in Chinese, the other party will hear English translated in real time. At the same time, the other party's speech will also be translated into Chinese and sent back, even if the other party uses another brand. This function can also be used normally on mobile phones.

Real-time two-way translation makes language no longer a barrier to communication. When you travel abroad in the future, whether you are making a restaurant reservation or taking a taxi to ask for directions, you can have conversations with foreign friends just like you would with native speakers; real-time translation and feedback can also reduce many misunderstandings caused by untimely communication. This feature is also easy to turn on:

  1. Make a call in the native phone app
  2. Select Call Assistant to translate real-time calls
  3. At the top, select the language manually or let the device automatically detect the language

Galaxy S24 can not only translate conversations in real time, but also generate corresponding text simultaneously, which users can review at any time.

Moreover, the phone can also remember the language used by each contact, and the next contact will be directly transferred to the language corresponding to the contact. During this process, device-based artificial intelligence will ensure the privacy of the user's conversation.

Real-time translation is also applied to Samsung keyboards. When texting with others, AI translation can directly translate the typed content into the language used by the other party.

Currently, real-time two-way translation supports mutual conversion in 13 languages. In addition to the common Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Korean, it also supports Hindi, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.

The application of AI on mobile phones has begun to change our understanding of creativity and productivity.

When using the Samsung Notes app, AI can help us streamline the note-taking process through pre-made formats, create templates, and even automatically create a cover with a short summary, making notes both professional and easy to find.

During meetings, the transcription assistant can convert complex multi-person conversations into clear text, which is convenient for us to review and share at any time. Galaxy AI’s quick summary function can even translate the entire transcript into the language we need, making it a powerful assistant in meetings.

Whether it's a plane above the clouds, a train traveling through the scenery, or deep in the mountains far away from the hustle and bustle, the Galaxy S24 series' translation assistant can easily translate various conversations even without mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

The unique split-screen view function allows both parties to the conversation to read the translation of the other party's speech in real time, making communication extremely smooth, as if we have been communicating in the same language.

Use AI to re-understand images

In the world of digital photography, pixels of different colors are arranged on a grid, and after careful coordinate integration, amazing digital photos are formed.

When we discuss the integration of AI and imaging, we are actually anticipating that every impromptu photo will undergo a transformation from pre-shooting to post-processing through AI technology.

With the support of AI technology, although the S24 Ultra uses a 50MP 5x optical telephoto lens, Samsung said that the 10x zoom can also reach optical levels with the support of AI enhancement technology.

The S24 Ultra is also a great tool for concert photography. In dark light environments such as night concerts, thanks to the upgrade of the super visual night shooting function, it can clearly capture idols who are "thousands of miles away".

Among them, Galaxy S24 Ultra uses a larger pixel size of 1.4 µm, which is 60% higher than the previous generation and can capture more light in dim environments.

Optical image stabilization + advanced noise reduction algorithm can further reduce picture blur, which I believe will allow our idols to avoid the embarrassment of "black fans" in their pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S24 has also been greatly improved in video shooting. Both the front and rear cameras are equipped with image signal processing modules dedicated to noise reduction, which can effectively remove picture noise.

In addition, by analyzing gyroscope information, the camera can distinguish the movement of the photographer and the subject, allowing clear and smooth video quality even when shooting at long distances in dark light environments.

When taking photos of a subject, no matter how beautiful the story is, it can easily turn into an "accident". I wanted to capture the image of my loved one, but in the end, an unknown passerby popped up in the background of the picture.

It doesn’t matter, similar to the Magic Editor on the Pixel 8 series, the Galaxy AI editing function on the Samsung S24 series not only eliminates redundant characters with one click and generates a natural and harmonious background in its original position, it can also solve photo defects, fill in the picture background, etc.

In the demonstration at the press conference, the generative AI editing function moved the basketball player by one position. After the move, the original background could still automatically fill in the gaps and generate a natural and coordinated picture background.

Samsung officials said that when using generative AI technology to expand photos, Galaxy AI editing tools will add watermarks to images and metadata.

The post-production process of creating a picture can be the icing on the cake, or it can be "made out of nothing." Users can select a photo from the gallery for editing and click the "i" circular icon to see the precise adjustment suggestions given by the Samsung S24 series.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series supports Super HDR, which can provide a true and natural preview before pressing the shutter; when browsing photos in the album, it can also analyze the highlight area of ​​the picture and display it with the Super HDR effect, presenting a more True and natural brightness, color range and contrast.

One picture highlights the key points. For more basic parameters, please refer to the picture below.

It is worth mentioning that, like the Google Pixel 8 series, Samsung also promises that the Galaxy S24 series will receive system upgrade support for up to 7 years.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is available for pre-order today and will ship on January 31. The Galaxy S24 starts at $799, the Galaxy S24+ starts at $999, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra 256 GB version starts at $1,299.

At 3 o'clock in the morning today, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series pioneer plan has officially started, and the price of the National Bank has also been announced:

Galaxy S24
– 8+256GB: 5999 yuan
– 12+256GB: 6499 yuan
– 8+512GB: 6999 yuan
Galaxy S24+
– 12+256GB: 7499 yuan
– 12+512GB: 8499 yuan
Galaxy S24 Ultra
– 12+256GB: 10,199 yuan
– 12+512GB: 11,199 yuan
– 12+1TGB: 13,199 yuan

What kind of AI hardware will be the future?

In 2023, the main theme of smartphone competition will still be "image flagship". However, the trend of the new era has quietly arrived at the end of last year.

From the release of Google Pixel 8 and AI Pin to various products such as Rabbit R1 at the recent CES, even Microsoft has replaced the Windows key that has been on the keyboard for more than 30 years with the Copilot key that directly connects to AI. More and more brands are beginning to explore AI hardware forms.

Mobile phones, PCs, and new forms of products are all tailoring suitable carriers for AI. Although many products are only "focused on participation," such courage and these weird products are pushing AI to come into our lives.

For most users, the easiest way for most people to access large AI models is "mobile phone + AI".

However, we have to admit that the experience of large-scale terminal models is not yet perfect. For example, the low adaptability of third-party applications will hinder the experience of related applications. Although AI large models may be the biggest selling point for mobile phone manufacturers in the future, smartphones will not see disruptive changes in the short term.

AI may bring the biggest variables to the smartphone market that has entered the stock market in recent years. The replacement cycle of global smartphones has been extended to 51 months. The experience upgrade brought by "AI+ mobile phones" will help promote user purchases and enhance high-end brands. The premium plays a certain important role.

More importantly, AI on the computer has begun to allow more consumers to adapt to new interactive experiences and re-cultivate user habits. We are all preparing for the arrival of the next era without even realizing it.

Authors of this article: Xiao Fanbo, Mo Chongyu

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