Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G get started: this is the folding screen phone we want

Samsung's Fold series can be considered ill-fated. The first high-profile release last year resulted in a screen overturned before the launch, which poured cold water on other folding screen phones.

Thinking about it carefully, it was not unreasonable for everyone to complain at the time. After all, the original product itself did have many deficiencies in consideration. Whether in design or structure, it did not fully demonstrate the advantages of folding screens over traditional mobile phones.

▲ Last year's first-generation Samsung Galaxy Fold folding screen exposed a lot of problems

For example, its external screen is too small and can almost only be used as a notification receiver; while the internal screen is forced to add bangs in order to do a dual front camera, which makes it use such a large screen for nothing.

▲ Samsung's latest Galaxy Z Fold2 5G folding screen

In contrast, Samsung’s latest Galaxy Z Fold2 5G phone is really much better in terms of look and feel. It not only fixes most of the shortcomings of the original products, but the workmanship is obviously more refined and stronger.

Let's focus on its screen. This time the Z Fold2's external screen and internal screen have been replaced with a "hole-digging" design, and the frame has been narrowed to achieve a larger screen-to-body ratio.

With these changes, the external screen of Z Fold2 has completely said goodbye to the word "chicken ribs".

Now the size of this external screen has reached 6.2 inches, which is already a size acceptable to the public. It is not as spicy as the original 4.6-inch small screen. I usually use it to chat on WeChat, scan Weibo, and read the news. There must be no problem.

The only thing that is not used to it is its ratio. Due to the problem of the fuselage structure, even if the Z Fold2's external screen has filled the entire front as much as possible, it can only be made into a "fish screen", which is visually narrower than most mobile phones.

In actual use, it's okay to just watch the pure graphic content, but when you encounter a vertical screen video such as Douyin, you will encounter a situation where the left and right sides are cropped.

If you turn the phone around and the screen is horizontal, you will see rows of squeezed home screen icons, so I personally don't recommend using an external screen in landscape mode.

However, Z Fold2 has more than one screen. After unfolding the body, it opens another world.

▲ The inner screen is the core of the Fold series

The 7.6-inch internal screen, without bangs, supports a high 120Hz refresh rate, can display up to three applications on the same screen, and can drag and drop information with each other. Whether it is iQiyi or productivity, the internal screen can have both.

▲ The internal screen supports the use of three applications on the same screen, and can also drag pictures

This time, the Z Fold2's internal and external screens have also added a seamless switching feature. For example, the navigation map application you use on the internal screen can still be used on the external screen after you close the screen, and vice versa. The screen experience is more consistent.

▲ It's a mobile phone, it's more like a full-screen iPad mini

After getting used to the internal screen, you will still have a feeling, just like holding an iPad mini with no thick bezels in your hand and realizing a full-screen design. The weight and size are just right.

Being able to carry such a "small tablet" with you will greatly increase your desire to read e-books, read comics, watch videos, and play games. The experience will definitely be better than that of ordinary mobile phones.

But this screen still has its imperfections.

The first is the digging position of the camera.

▲ It's okay to leave black edges up and down, but this digging position is a bit unpleasant

Let me show an example. Once we look at the video with the mobile phone sideways, the digging hole happens to fall within the video screen. If it is not an eye-catcher, it is fake.

If you want to avoid this hole, you can only turn the phone around; or fold it into an L shape like a notebook, and use only half of the screen to see it.

But to be honest, the latter two viewing methods are not as good as the initial ones, because neither of them can take full advantage of the internal screen size of Z Fold2. Besides, who would be willing to shrink the screen to watch the video?

This is only the case of YouTube. For applications that have not been optimized for folding screens such as Bilibili and iQiyi, you can only manually scale the video or endure the existence of digging holes.

In fact, there is one last option, which is to use an external screen.

This is more like a compromise solution, but let’s not say that if you encounter a special ratio of 2.39:1, they can fully fit the long strip of external screen, and you will not watch it. To the small black spot that is an eye-catcher.

▲ Upright mode has a feeling of using a flip-screen notebook

There is another advantage to watching videos on an external screen: you can rely on the folding structure of the Z Fold2 to support the external screen to watch, freeing your hands.

But these gameplays are more partial. For me, if Samsung can place the digging hole of the Z Fold2 internal screen in the upper left corner or upper right corner of the screen, avoiding the video display area, it may get a more elegant, More perfect results.

▲ The creases in the middle area can be seen under light

Another unresolved problem of the Z Fold2 screen is the crease. Although Samsung abandoned the plastic screen this time and replaced it with UTG ultra-thin folding glass with better flatness and touch, the creases still exist.

Especially in the middle folded area, you can still feel the obvious inward depression after the finger is swiped.

But does this crease affect the use? It's also very limited. As long as you don't deliberately squint the screen or stare at the middle area under the light, you can basically ignore the existence of creases.

With a richer background, the crease becomes even more invisible.

This time Z Fold2 has also made a relatively large change in the hinge part, which not only strengthens the robustness, but also supports more angles of rotation.

▲ The first-generation Fold will obviously feel the effect of the spring structure during the opening and closing process. Image Credit : Marques Brownlee

what does this mean? Friends who have used the original Fold should know that whenever you open and close the screen to a certain angle, the hinge of this phone will apply a spring force to automatically close or open the screen for you, so every time I open and close the screen , Dare not use too much force.

▲ The hinge of Z Fold2 is stronger, hovering at all angles is stable, and will not be affected by elasticity

But the Z Fold2 is different. Without the influence of external forces, we can grasp the power of opening and closing the screen by ourselves, but it will become more convenient, and whether it is a small angle of opening and closing, or a half of the screen like a notebook, Now it can be easily achieved.

In response to this spin-stop mechanism, Samsung has also recruited a batch of third-party software to make adaptive split-screen mode, the YouTube split-screen we just demonstrated is one of them.

▲ The upper and lower split screen feature of this photo has also appeared on Z Flip

Another commonly used application is to take photos. Z Fold2 can divide the screen into two halves. One half is used for framing and the other half is used for buttons and photo previews.

Here, by the way, the camera of Z Fold2. The rear is composed of three 12-megapixel lenses, a very typical "wide-angle + telephoto + ultra-wide" three-camera combination. The lens group follows the Samsung Note20 design this year.

The internal and external screens also have two front lenses, both of 10 million pixels.

The specific photo experience will not be discussed. It is basically the mainstream level. I am more impressed by the "external screen preview" function of Z Fold2.

Simply put, it can use the external screen as a viewfinder, allowing you to call the rear lens with better imaging effects for selfies, or even take a group photo with a wide angle.

Although the action of pressing the shutter is a bit awkward (you have to press the volume button on the left), this gameplay can be regarded as a full use of the external screen.

In fact, when I used the Samsung Galaxy Fold and learned about Motorola's Razr products last year, I had no hope for folding screen phones.

Because they exposed many design problems, as well as hidden quality problems, they indirectly explain the immaturity of folding screen technology and the lack of preparation for mass production.

It's like digging a hole for yourself, jumping down, and then saying to the onlookers under the hole: "Don't come down", let alone making people shout awesome.

However, Samsung should be determined to take the folding screen, otherwise it will not fall and get up again, taking out the two hard dishes, Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold2.

From an objective point of view, after experiencing last year’s round of technical exploration, Samsung is indeed getting better. It has found the feeling of making a folding screen mobile phone, and it has also made those who look at the decline of folding screens turn to favors and start shouting " Really fragrant."

▲ The thickness and weight of Z Fold2 are still difficult to compare with traditional flat mobile phones

Now, the goals of the Fold series are clearer and clearer. It is foreseeable that in the future, it will definitely have to find a way to solve problems such as thickness and creases, further reduce the volume of the hinge, continue to expand the screen ratio of the internal and external screens, and it is best to integrate the lack of technology such as screen fingerprints.

Of course, the "Folding Screen Form Controversy" about whether it is better to fold inside or fold outside will definitely continue, but this year's Z Fold2 will no longer give people the feeling of spending money to buy it.

You will be more willing to have the mentality of giving it a try and use it as a normal 5G flagship phone. This may be the greatest significance this Samsung folding screen phone brings to users.

As long as more mature phones with folding screens such as Z Fold2 and Z Flip appear, a virtuous circle can be formed between manufacturers and suppliers to promote product iteration, make new technologies cheaper and new products It becomes more and more useful. In time, folding screens will replace the candy bar phones in our hands. Naturally, it will not be an empty talk.

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