Saetta is the new “robot dog” of the Carabinieri

Saetta, a customized version of "Spot" by Boston Dynamics, was enlisted by the Carabinieri to strengthen the capabilities of the Rome Bomb Squad unit. Its name, a tribute to the Army's emergency vehicles, symbolizes the speed and efficiency that this robotic agent brings with it.

Exceptional abilities of Saetta, the new Carabinieri robot dog

Controlled from a tablet up to 150 meters away, Saetta is designed to operate in extreme conditions:

  1. Unmatched Mobility : Lightning can move on any terrain, overcoming obstacles where traditional vehicles cannot reach.
  2. Advanced Technologies : Equipped with laser and thermal detection systems, Saetta is a master in the detection of explosives and dangerous agents.
  3. Precision Interventions : Its robotic arm is capable of removing bombs, including during high-risk periods such as New Year's Eve, safeguarding public safety.
  4. Support in Critical Situations : Lightning can also provide essential equipment to soldiers in immobilized situations.

A central role in the Jubilee of 2025

Carabinieri lightning bolt

Saetta is set to play a key role during the 2025 Jubilee in Rome, an event that will attract millions of people. Its presence will guarantee high safety standards, reducing risks and effectively managing emergency situations.

Saetta, the new Carabinieri robot: a complement, not a replacement

It is essential to underline that Saetta does not intend to replace human or dog units, but to enrich and support their capabilities . Saetta represents a step forward in protection and safety, offering added value in high-risk operations.

Saetta's entry into the ranks of the Carabinieri marks a significant turning point in public safety. With its advanced technology and ability to operate in extreme conditions, Saetta not only raises safety standards but also opens new horizons for innovation in the field of public safety and emergency management. This robot dog is a shining example of how technology can be used to improve everyday life and ensure safety in an ever-changing world.

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