Rotating and jumping, Tencent’s robot can do it, just close your eyes

Robots have always been at the forefront of high-tech fields, and wheel-legged robots have been an important research direction in recent years.

On June 3, Tencent’s wheel-legged robot Ollie made its official debut with various difficult movements such as jumping and somersaults. This is a new type of robot from Tencent Robotics X Lab, which has been working in the field of robotics for a long time, having previously developed self-balancing bicycles, robotic dogs Jamoca and Max.

This time, the wheel-legged robot Ollie not only combines the movement control technology accumulated in the laboratory, but also makes breakthroughs in motion planning and balance. The wheel-legged structure robot not only moves fast, but also has high efficiency. It can also adapt to uneven ground and complete jumping and other actions.

▲The wheel-legged robot Ollie has good passability

It is understood that the overall design and construction of Orly is divided into three parts:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Perceive
  • Motion planning and control

In terms of mechanical design, Ollie’s single leg uses a parallel mechanism to form a five-link structure with the body, which has the characteristics of a simple structure, high dynamic performance and strong explosive power. Careful friends may find that in addition to the two legs, Ollie also has a "little tail" that can act as the "third leg", which can provide Ollie with extra angular momentum during high-speed movements to complete somersaults, etc. Highly dynamic movement.

▲ Ollie can complete high dynamic actions such as somersaults

In terms of "perception", the Robotics X team installed a well-developed "cerebellum" for Ollie. Through its various sensors, Ollie can obtain the torque of each joint using an optimized method to adjust the body's posture. Its R&D team calls this ability "full-body dynamics control"

▲In addition to being able to maintain balance and avoid obstacles, Ollie also has the ability to plan trajectories.

When passing various obstacles or completing some highly dynamic actions, Ollie will plan the movement trajectory in advance, apply its own shape and structural characteristics, and maximize the performance of the joint motors to achieve the movement.

For example, for an somersault action, Ollie will break down the entire action into three stages: take-off, flying, and landing. Through calculations, the reference value sequence of the joint click position, speed, and joint torque that completes the entire movement is obtained.

According to Tencent Robotics X laboratory personnel, Olly is still in the R&D stage. Based on the mobility characteristics of the wheel-legged robot platform, the laboratory will add various functional modules such as perception and load to make it more capable.

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