ROG Gunslinger 6 Plus Super Competition Edition Test: This time, Intel really squeezed out the 12th generation of “toothpaste”

Since the rhythm of Nvidia and AMD releasing new graphics cards has slowed down, the battle for the "strongest gaming laptop" has now turned into a battle for the "strongest mobile CPU".

In the face of the RTX 3070Ti and 3080Ti in the game book market, some hardcore players or researchers choose to the end, often entangled in the i9-12900H and R9-6900HX which is stronger or weaker.

In order to meet the needs of these groups for mobile high-performance computing and entertainment, Intel launched the 12th generation Core HX series mobile processors in a timely manner last week, surpassing the H45 series mobile processors at the beginning of the year to become Intel's new performance king.

What is the strength of this "Blue Camp's strongest core"? Ai Faner got the ROG Gunshen 6 Plus Super Competitive Edition, which was replaced with the most powerful processor of the HX series i9-12950HX, and took everyone to find out.

On par with the 8+8 core collocation on the desktop

The ROG Gunslinger 6 Plus (hereinafter referred to as the regular version) launched at the beginning of this year has won praise from many hardcore players because of its top configuration, excellent heat dissipation performance and unique appearance.

Five months later, ROG polished the already sharp blade of this star model again, not only plugging it into the "version answer" of the 12th-generation Core, but also redesigning the appearance to make the ROG Gunslinger 6 Plus Super Competitive Edition ( Hereinafter referred to as the Super Competition Edition), both inside and out have a new look.

Let’s talk about the internal changes first. The model we started this time is equipped with a combination of i9-12950HX + RTX 3070Ti (150W full power consumption), the memory is 32GB DDR5 4800MHz, and the hard disk is 1TB PCIE 4.0 SSD.

▲ i9-12950HX hidden under the translucent shell

Compared with the normal version, the biggest upgrade highlight of the super competitive version is the i9-12950HX upgraded from the i9-12900H.

From a purely parameter point of view, the i9-12950HX (55W) has 2 more performance cores (P-Core) than the i9-12900H (45W), and the number of cores reaches 8 performance cores and 8 energy consumption cores, with a total of 24 threads. On par with the 16-core combination of the flagship CPU i9-12900K on the desktop.

In addition, the packaging methods of the two are also different. The HX series processors use the same package specifications as the desktop side, and the Die is larger. Therefore, the I/O interfaces of the HX series processors are more abundant than those of the H45 series. For example, it supports 16 PCIe 5.0 CPU direct-connect ports, 4 SSD solid-state drive ports, etc., with higher scalability.

After talking about the theoretical parameters, let’s run the actual score first to see what the level of this generation’s strongest mobile CPU is.

The first is 3D Mark, which is dubbed "the most fun game in the world". When the cooling mode is set to "enhanced", the test item is the "CPU benchmark test" that focuses on CPU performance. The points are shown in the table.

Comparing the performance king i9-11980HK of the previous generation together, we can see that the i9-12950HX with more cores and threads has a very significant improvement in multi-threaded performance. When facing application scenarios such as video rendering and scientific analysis, i9-12950HX The 12950HX is much easier to handle and more suitable for use as a mobile workstation.

Next is the CineBench test, which can better measure the computing power of the CPU. On the CineBench R15, the i9-12950HX scored 267 in single-core and 3433 in multi-core; while on CineBench R23, the i9-12950HX scored 1,898 in single-core and 22,228 in multi-core.

The previous generation i9-11980HK was also pulled out for comparison (hanging), the i9-12950HX with a surge in the number of cores has greatly improved the multi-core performance, and the CineBench R23 multi-core score has increased by about 83% compared to the previous generation.

Thanks to the "heterogeneous multi-core" design of the 12th-generation Core performance core + energy-consuming core, when I play large games with the Gunslinger 6 Plus Ultra Competitive Edition, I can also feel that switching multiple background applications and multi-screen simultaneous operation Fluency has been significantly improved.

The multi-core strength of the i9-12950HX can be further verified through the GeekBench 5 test. The single-core score of the i9-12950HX is 1826 and the multi-core score is 15753.

For reference, the average multi-core score of the i9-12900H is 14100, and the multi-core performance of the i9-12950HX is very dazzling whether compared with the previous generation U King or this generation of sub-flagships.

Since this CPU has such a high running score, how does it actually perform when playing games?

In terms of game testing, we first tested CS:GO, which focuses on CPU computing.

Under the condition that the resolution is 2560×1440 (2K resolution) and the picture quality is set to automatic high, the average number of game frames is 380FPS after 3 tests with FPS Benchmark, which can fully "feed" the 2K resolution that comes with it. , 240Hz gaming high refresh rate.

If you want the game frame rate to be more stable, lower the resolution to 1920×1080 and keep the image quality unchanged. After the same three tests, the average game frame rate reaches an exaggerated 490FPS. , you can't blame the performance of the computer or the screen for not keeping up.

In terms of large-scale games, we chose "Cyberpunk 2077" with serious "light pollution".

▲ Turn on the light chase, DLSS is automatic, pay attention to the window next to the neon sign

When the resolution is set to 2560×1440, the image quality is set to the highest, the light pursuit effect is the highest, the DLSS is set to automatic, and the graphics card is set to the independent display mode, the average frame rate of the Gunslinger 6 Plus Ultra Competitive Edition is 58FPS. In most cases it is relatively smooth. If DLSS is turned off, the average frame rate will drop to 30FPS, and the picture will be obviously stuck.

▲ Turn off ray tracing, turn off DLSS

At the same resolution, turn off the light tracking effect and turn off DLSS, and the average frame rate is also around 57FPS. If you want a smoother picture, you can turn on DLSS after turning off the light tracking, and the average frame rate can rise to 90FPS.

Turn on the ray tracing effect to see more detailed light reflection effects. For example, in this group of contrasts, the walls and windows can reflect beautiful neon lights, so how to set the parameters is still based on the player's preference.

Therefore, for 3A masterpieces such as "Cyberpunk 2077", the biggest performance bottleneck at present should still be the graphics card. The Gunslinger 6 Plus Ultra Competitive Edition also has an optional RTX 3080Ti with higher performance, which has more extreme requirements for the picture. Friends can choose as needed.

Performance, experience, design, everything

Compared with the internal changes, the super-competitive version has relatively small changes in appearance, and it needs to be illuminated to see it – yes, it really needs an ultraviolet light to see it.

The biggest difference between the super-competitive version and the normal version is the metal A-side with a split shape.

Like the normal version, a dividing line composed of the "big eyes" Logo divides the A side of the computer into two asymmetrical halves. The difference is that the originally blank area in the lower left corner is covered with dense text, which visually looks more balanced.

Interestingly, these characters use invisible ink similar to the RMB anti-counterfeiting certification, which can refract blue or fluorescent green light under the irradiation of ultraviolet light.

In order to allow you to show (Xuan) to your friends (Xuan) (Yao), ROG also provided a "ROG brand" ultraviolet flashlight intimately. Now players are asking friends to play games at home. Reason: "Come and see, my computer will glow!"

If you irradiate these words with a UV lamp and examine them carefully, you will find some mysterious strings. These strings are actually a clue in the self-made first-person parkour game "SCAR Runner" launched by ROG synchronously. Follow the clues to unlock The puzzles in the game can only be said that the linkage is really understood by ROG.

Open the cover and come to the front. The super-competitive version is basically the same as the normal version, using a 17.3-inch, 2560×1440, 240Hz high refresh rate, 3ms fast response time, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut IPS screen.

In the built-in Ultron Center software, parameters such as contrast can be adjusted according to different modes, and the playability is quite high.

It's just that although the screen supports Dolby Vision, due to the low brightness (300nit), the perception is not obvious when watching Dolby Vision content.

As ROG's "traditional performance", the super-competitive keyboard, the bottom of the tray, and the "big eyes" logo on the A side are all stuffed with RGB light strips, which can be adjusted through software or adaptively change according to music.

The keyboard on the C side continues the split design, with a translucent plastic shell in the upper right corner of the keyboard, and the circuit board design inside can be seen through the shell, which looks quite geeky.

However, the design that satisfies me the most about the super-competitive version is not its appearance, but hidden under the keyboard – the cooling that can make me feel "cold".

In terms of heat dissipation specifications, the Gunslinger series with liquid metal heat conduction, dual fans + five heat pipes can be regarded as the top level in the game book. Whether it is running large games or running high power consumption scenarios, the surface of the fuselage is The temperature and fan noise are well controlled.

In order to further reduce the player's perception of heat, ROG has ingeniously designed air inlets near the W key and the Enter key. When the fan is running at high speed, the air flow in these places where the palm is usually placed will flow faster, thereby achieving cooling.

After the thermometer test, the heat-generating parts are mainly concentrated at the rotating shaft of the screen, and the maximum temperature is about 48 degrees Celsius. At this time, the temperature of the "wind" W key is about 31 degrees Celsius, and the temperature difference is nearly 20 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, even if the computer is hot when playing games, it is difficult for me to feel hot. This neat method really improves the gaming experience of traditional gamebooks.

In general, the ROG Gunslinger 6 Plus super-competitive version, which is replaced with Intel's strongest mobile chip, complements the performance regrets left by the ordinary version. It is comprehensive in performance, design and experience, and it can be regarded as a benchmark. Top gaming laptops.

If I have to find a fault for this mobile office and game tool, I only hope that ROG can take one step ahead of other manufacturers and eliminate the bulky power supply.

Stop talking nonsense.

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