Rock Smart Double Scrubber U10 Experience: Let lazy people fall in love with mopping the floor

"If you don't sweep a house, how can you sweep the world?" This is the opening line she used the most when I was spurred by my mother to do housework since I was a child.

After growing up, in order to be able to liberate myself from the complicated housework, I unknowingly added a sweeping robot and a handheld wireless vacuum cleaner to my home. Indeed, they have their own strengths and can automatically sweep the floor and suck the dust; but they also have shortcomings, especially when it comes to mopping the floor. The cleaning effect of the sweeping and mopping robot is just unsatisfactory to me (barely able to Satisfying meaning), it is still a bit difficult for the dirty and wet mixed.

Therefore, for the boring and repetitive housework, how to achieve "quick decisions" is what I want to consider.

At this time, my colleague asked me:

"Have you heard of the "floor scrubber"?"

Floor scrubbers are now available for household use

In fact, when I heard the word "floor scrubber", the first reaction in my mind was that in urban commercial buildings and terminal buildings, cleaning staff pushed or even sat in them to drive and operate the giant machinery.

But in fact, in the past two years, many floor scrubber products for household scenes have sprung up on the market. Household scrubbers are much smaller in size and have outstanding cleaning capabilities. They provide ordinary people with a new way of cleaning the floor: sweeping and mopping the floor at the same time at the same time, which can be called the "ultimate tool for housework cleaning."

Recently, Roborock Technology, which is out of the circle for the production of sweeping robots, also brought its first intelligent dual-scrubber U10 (hereinafter referred to as the Roborock U10 floor scrubber), known as "with two brushes."

After opening the package, I found that in addition to the scrubber body, the only accessories that need to be installed are the handle and the charging base.

The process of installing accessories is basically in line with the user's intuition. At least I successfully connected the handle to the host interface of the washing machine without reading the instructions, and easily connected the upper and lower parts of the charging base. stand up.

Two winding posts are also designed on the back of the charging base to facilitate the arrangement and storage of power cables. The standard configuration is the national standard two-pin plug, flat design, and the volume is not too big.

The charging interface is located at the back of the host, and can be docked with the card slot on the base for charging. Similarly, the scrubber can be removed from the base with a slight lift.

In addition, the included accessories include a brush for cleaning the sewage tank and the interface, and a filter accessory for replacement.

Looking back at the main body of the scrubber, at first glance, it actually looks very similar to the vertical vacuum cleaners often seen in American TV dramas before. It adopts an upright design with a vertical air duct.

The end of the handle is a hollow triangle, which is ergonomically designed to cater to the hand grip when dragging the scrubber.

The front and back corners are equipped with function buttons including the power button. The power button and mode button on the front can be pressed with the thumb when holding it.

Except for the handle connection port on the top of the host, the plane area is a status indicator board and a three-digit digital LCD screen. Through the status indicator board, you can get the power status and mode status of the scrubber, as well as the status reminder of the clean water tank and the sewage tank.

It is worth mentioning that the Stone U10 scrubber supports the function of voice prompts, which will broadcast voice broadcasts during mode switching and status reminders, which greatly reduces the user's learning cost.

Above the main unit is a clean water tank with a capacity of 850ml, which can be taken out with one hand by pressing the button on the top.

The water outlet and the water filling port of the clean water tank are located at the bottom, and it needs to be turned over when filling clean water. There is a water volume mark on the side of the water tank, and the unit adopts the estimated area unit (with two scales of 60 square meters and 90 square meters) for mopping the floor with water, and there is also a MAX maximum load mark on this.

Below is a sewage tank with a capacity of 600ml. You can also easily take out the sewage tank by pressing the gray button on the fuselage with one hand.

A filter screen is installed at the vent position at the top of the sewage tank. The filter screen supports cleaning and replacement to filter dust and protect the fan.

The inside of the sewage tank is a separate design, and the inner tank can be used to screen out most of the solid waste from the liquid, which is easy to clean.

There is a support bracket behind the fuselage, which can provide support for temporary placement.

The stone U10 scrubber with "two brushes" is equipped with full-covering double roller brushes. The outer brush and the inner brush rotate in opposite directions, which can effectively suck in solid and liquid dirt.

It can be seen that the arrangement of the double roller brushes of the Stone U10 floor scrubber is quite special. The two different roller brushes at the front and rear are a combination of "compensating for each other's shortcomings". It is covered by a center-driven rear roller brush, and the middle driving gap of the rear roller brush is covered by a front roller brush.

The front and rear double roller brushes work together to completely cover the cleaning area of ​​the entire brush head, allowing the brush head to completely cover the wall area without leaving dead corners.

In order to make the brush head more flexible when rotating, the main body of the body and the brush head are connected by a "universal shaft" formed by two mutually perpendicular rotating shafts, so that we can twist the handle to achieve the brush head in the Rotate in the range of 180°, and it can be easily controlled by turning around the table legs.

Moreover, the joint position of the brush head is located in the middle of the brush head, and the weight of the main body will be more inclined to the two roller brushes on the front side. Compared with the traditional scrubber that places the shaft on the back of the brush head, the stone U10 The roller brush of the scrubber can obtain greater down force, thereby providing stronger cleaning ability.

A colleague told me that the advantage of the mopping machine is that it has a power-assisting function. Rolling the brush forward will bring forward thrust. The mopping can save a lot of effort, just follow. But this makes me wonder, if only pushing forward to help, if you have to pull back and drag repeatedly when mopping the floor, wouldn't it become more laborious?

But fortunately, the stone U10 scrubber is based on opposed double roller brushes, which provides a two-way assist design.

The principle is that the double roller brushes that are rolled in each other will provide two frictional propulsion forces at the same time. The pressure will balance each other in the middle. If you push forward, the contact force of the front wheel to the ground will increase, forming a forward thrust. ; When dragging backward, the contact strength of the rear wheel to the ground increases, forming a backward thrust.

Stone Technology said that the height of the front and rear brushes of the U10 dual roller brushes has been fine-tuned in millimeters, so it saves effort to push forward and back. When it comes to actual experience, that refers to where to fight.

As for the actual test experience, we took it to Miraesha TALLLK Cafe for an "internship" for an afternoon.

Experience the actual measurement: the ultimate weapon specializing in floor cleaning

The scrubber is mainly composed of a water supply system, a roller brush and a fan.

The water supply system supplies clean water to the roller brush, and the built-in fan provides a strong downward suction force to take away the sewage and garbage brought by the roller brush, and at the same time complete the cleaning operations of sweeping, washing and mopping the floor.

This also means that the traditional process of cleaning the floor, which may need to be swept over and over again in the past, will be rewritten by the scrubber:

If you use the floor scrubber, just walk it again with a booster.

Traditional mops or rags will accumulate dirt on the cloth when cleaning the floor. The mop should be cleaned after wiping for a while, otherwise it will become more and more dirty. The scrubber has the function of "real-time self-cleaning" in this respect. While spraying clear water, it can also suck up sewage, so that it can dry after being dragged, and reduce water stains on the ground.

Moreover, one side of the roller brush of the stone U10 scrubber is also equipped with a 304 stainless steel scraper. The scraper will scrape the sewage on the roller brush and be taken away by the fan, and then suck in the clean water supplied by the clean water tank to mop the floor. .

In this way, the roller brush will complete the process of scraping off sewage and spraying clean water every time it rotates, eliminating the trouble of cleaning the mop. Cleaning the floor is not only a one-time walk, but also the steps of washing the mop and changing the water.

▲ In MAX mode, the noise monitoring value of Apple Watch is 73dB; when the mopping machine is turned off, the noise value is 56dB.

To clean the main area of ​​the cafe and the inside of the bar, fill it with water in one go. The fly in the ointment is that the sound of the fan is still slightly louder.

Stone U10 scrubber provides three cleaning modes to choose from,

  • Max mode: maximum suction, maximum water output, suitable for heavy oil dirty areas
  • Auto mode: automatically detect the degree of dirt, automatically adjust the suction and water volume, suitable for cleaning the whole house
  • Water absorption mode: large suction power, minimum water output, suitable for cleaning floor water and shower room cleaning

For daily use, just turn on Auto. When the brush head senses a large amount of garbage and dirt, it will automatically switch to the state of large suction and large water output. At this time, you will also feel that the sound of the fan will increase.

The built-in fan of the stone scrubber U10 is a digital brushless frequency conversion fan that supports both dry and wet use. With the blessing of a short vertical air duct, the suction transmission process reduces the loss and enhances the suction to the ground.

In order to test the actual suction power, we restored a number of dirty scenes that may be encountered in real life to test how strong the cleaning ability of the stone scrubber U10 is.

The first is dry garbage, some grain mixtures and potato chips:

Then there is a mixture of wet and dry garbage, such as the lemon sparkling water special blend that is knocked over on the ground:

The difficulty is escalated. If the oily fermented bean curd accidentally falls on the ground, the scrubber will pass by and it will be completely clean:

Finally, the eggs fell and shattered on the ground. The shell and egg white were obviously not a problem:

Obviously, whether it is the common rice soup porridge, red wine coffee, milk juice, biscuits crumbs, pet footprints, egg shells, hair and mud, etc., the stone scrubber U10 cannot be embarrassed. As long as it is where the scrubber passes, it becomes clean immediately.

Compared with products such as sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners, the washing machine can deal with a much wider range of dirt, especially the mixed wet and dry garbage, which can be easily smoothed in front of the washing machine.

There is also a bottle of floor cleaning liquid dedicated to the stone scrubber in the box. After adding it to the clean water tank in proportion, it can deepen the sterilization and cleaning effect on the floor. The official claims that it has a sterilization efficiency of 99.9%.

In addition to the continuous self-cleaning of the roller brush during use, the stone scrubber U10 can also activate the one-button self-cleaning function after putting it back into the charging base.

In the self-cleaning mode, the scrubber will "self-prime" on the charging base, increasing the water output to clean the pipes, and at the same time cleaning the roller brush more thoroughly, completely freeing the user from the work of washing the mop.

Gospel of the lazy, addictive housework experience

In general, the intelligent dual scrubbing machine U10 has been designed to specifically solve the common pain points of similar products on the market, and it has been regarded as a top student in terms of suction and self-cleaning ability.

The "smart" in its name is more embodied in the voice reminder and Auto cleaning mode. The rest of the smart focus is on reducing manual intervention, without cleaning the mop, making people too lazy to be more thorough.

During the experience, it can be found that whether it is bringing this washing machine to the editorial department of Aifaner, or the TALLLK Cafe, it can arouse crowds of onlookers.

After personally experiencing mopping with the help of the Stone U10 scrubber, everyone rarely fell in love with mopping. In a short period of time, I used the stone U10 scrubber to drag the office and cafe all over.

In their words, this is a mopping experience of "use and addiction".

Just as Dr. John Vincent Atanasov, who hates computing, developed the first electronic digital computer in history to help computing more quickly, the innovation of these lazy products is actually a sign of the progress of the times.

Obviously, advances in tools can make people more "lazy." It's just that "laziness" here is not synonymous with good leisure, but an objective presentation of taking time out of the busy schedule and having a good time plan. It also satisfies the modern people's pursuit of efficiency and convenience.

Using good tools to get rid of the complicated and repetitive labor, not only saves time, but also improves the quality of life and happiness, it is not beautiful.

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