Roborock sweeping and mopping robot T7S Plus evaluation: low manual operation frequency, good news for carpet families

When buying household appliances, people's needs are very clear. Just like the refrigerator needs good cooling, the washing machine must be able to wash clothes, and the range hood should be able to absorb all the smoke. When choosing a sweeping and mopping robot, everyone's requirement is to be able to sweep and mop the floor and free your hands. At the same time, the less people involved, the better.

The update of the sweeping and dragging robot is also concentrated in these two parts, making the ground cleaner and easier. The remaining updates are all "details" to make the product more attractive, but whether it can affect consumers' purchasing decisions is a question that needs to be answered by the market. So after I got the new Roborock T7S Plus, what I cared about the most was the cleanliness and effortlessness.

Eight scenes of hell, how does the stone T7S Plus perform

Before the evaluation starts, let me briefly introduce my situation. The area that needs to be cleaned by a sweeping robot at home is 45 square meters. For a robot with a 5200mAh battery, it can be done in half an hour, and it only uses less than one-sixth of the battery. Although I can't use it, the existence of the large T7S Plus battery still provides the necessary conditions for the stone T7S Plus to settle in a 300 square meter mansion.

Although the area that needs to be cleaned is small, the difficulty of cleaning my rental house is not low, because I have a four-legged beast that sweeps and mop robots are afraid of-Shiba Inu. Although Shiba Inu is a short-haired dog, the physiological structure of the double-hair makes its hair loss not to be underestimated. During the moulting period, the Shiba Inu is a "dandelion" maker. As long as my Shiba Inu flicks its fur, the hair can be seen flying with the naked eye.

▲ The Stone T7S Plus charging pile is different from the past

This is also the most scared situation of sweeping and dragging robots-Mao Duo. Hairy pets will not only occupy the dust box and need to be cleaned many times, but also affect the working efficiency of the robot. If pet hair is left on the mop or soft brush, it will make the mopping work very inefficient. Having Shiba Inu at home does have a certain impact on the efficiency of the robot. This is also the biggest problem in the actual experience process shared later.

However, before sharing the experience, I set up eight hell levels for the Roborock T7S Plus. Let’s take a look at how it performs.

  • Falling rice
  • Leftover oil stains
  • Flying dog hair
  • Debris on the ground
  • Dog hair on the carpet
  • Diatom mud pad climbing
  • Tomato sauce on the ground
  • Porridge that mimics vomit

Falling rice

This may be the most feared situation when eating. When the rice grains fall, the ground will become sticky after being stepped on by the foot.

In the test, T7S Plus performed well. As long as the rice grains are not lumpy, they can almost be cleaned up dry and dry. But if it is a "small rice ball" with 10 grains of rice together, the robot is still powerless. They are likely to change the shape of the "small rice balls". In this case, it is best to clean them manually.

▲ The sweeping and mopping robot will sweep away the rice grains and also suck them away

Leftover oil stains

Oil pollution is another problem. It is best not to count on sweeping and mopping robots to clean up fresh oil stains. Although it can be wiped off, it will also bring the oil stains to all parts of the home, "evenly dividing the oil color."

If the oil stains are already dry, it is more suitable to use the sweeping and mopping robot.

▲ The oil can also be cleaned

Flying dog hair

I also prepared a handful of dog hair test T7S Plus. After the test, it was found that even if the dog's fur gathered and kneaded into a ball, this is not a big problem for it. In the face of fluttering dog hair, the Roborock sweeping and dragging robot can clean it directly, with amazing suction.

And confetti and orange peel are also so easy for it.

▲ The dog's hair is light and soft, so it is not a big problem to suck it in

Ink on the ground

If it is ink stains, can the sweeping and mopping robot clean it by itself?

The ink that has just dripped is not a big problem for the sweeping robot, but if the ink dries and becomes an ink stain, it will take a little effort to remove it.

In the actual test, the robot can wipe the floor very cleanly.

▲ The ink stains that are dried out are no problem to clean up

Debris on the carpet

Compared with ordinary tile and wood floors, the "road conditions" of carpets are much more complicated. The length of the carpet will affect the work of the robot, so we also tested the carpet cleaning ability of the T7S Plus.

T7S Plus can climb carpets of normal height, and can do its job dutifully even in the face of paper scraps on the carpet. It is worth mentioning that it will not wet the carpet during this process.

▲ Climbing on the carpet is not difficult

This is also a minor update in the details of T7S Plus. This new sweeping and mopping robot also has ultrasonic carpet recognition technology, equipped with a special carpet recognition sensor. When the sweeping and mopping robot touches the carpet, the T7S Plus will automatically lift the mop to prevent the carpet from getting wet. For families with carpets in the living room, this is indeed a practical function.

It's just that the robot's cleaning ability on the carpet is not as good as that of the flat ground. Although there are newer functions, the effect of cleaning the carpet three times is not as good as the one on the flat floor. In actual tests, the robot can indeed automatically clean up dog hair and paper scraps on the carpet, but the efficiency will be weaker than other cleaning equipment.

▲ The dog hair confetti can be cleaned up

Diatom mud pad climbing

The carpet is a soft obstacle. Another obstacle test I prepared for T7S Plus is the harder diatom mud pad at the toilet door.

This robot can indeed climb up. The height of this diatom mud pad is about 1 cm, and climbing and cleaning of similar height should be no problem.

▲ The hair cleaning of the diatom mud pad can also be handed over to the sweeping robot

Tomato sauce on the ground

It is difficult to clean up the sauce. Ketchup is selected as a new obstacle level because of the big difference in color and special taste.

During the experience, T7S Plus cleaned 4 balls of tomato paste in different areas and there were still no traces of dragging sauce on the ground, and there was no tomato smell in the air. It can be said that the cleaning effect exceeded expectations.

▲ Tomato sauce can be easily done

A mixture of rice and water that simulates vomit

My colleague mentioned in the evaluation of the Roborock T7 Pro that the Roborock technology can automatically avoid obstacles, and can easily avoid pet feces and slippers. At that time, some readers asked a fatal question in the comment section: "What if the pet is sparse?" This is indeed a specific usage scenario, and vomit after drunkenness can be used.

Facing this tasteful scene, I used fried rice + water to simulate it. At present, none of the sweeping and dragging robots seem to say that they can handle it, but after testing, I found that it is not that it can't be sucked away, but it can't be done perfectly.

If you just want to suck up the rice and water mixture, it is not that difficult, but the mop will run the whole court with the mixture. The rice and water mixture I tested made the ground a lot more shiny. If you are facing diluted pet feces or drunken vomit, I think it will be a hell scene.

▲ The cleaning of the rice and water mixture requires multiple cleanings, and it will also take the garbage to run around

Multi-sensor cleaning is strong, but it is not enough for pet families

During this product evaluation process, I was not surprised by the cleaning ability of Robot Jinyi. The maximum suction power is 2500Pa, and most cleaning scenes can be handled. The configuration of lidar navigation and multiple sensors allows the robot to not hit the wall or get stuck, and "know" which area it is cleaning.

Only in this respect, the capabilities of different brands of sweeping and dragging robots are not much different.

The biggest feature of Stone T7S Plus is that the newly added carpet adapts to the cleaning scene and the automatic dust collection function. We have already introduced the former. With the carpet recognition sensor, the new sweeping and mopping robot of Rock will not wet the carpet. It only sucks and does not drag while working on the carpet. This is a step forward for sweeping and dragging robots in multi-scene work.

The latter is to further liberate manpower. This time the base of the Roborock sweeping and dragging robot is a "Big Mac". Unlike other sweeping and dragging robot charging stations that try to reduce the sense of existence, the Roborock T7S Plus uses two large cylindrical devices that people cannot ignore. These are two features. Automatic dust collector that can hold more dust and garbage.

▲ The Stone T7S Plus charging stand is also functional

Each time the vacuum cleaner enters the base after working, the dust box inside the sweeping and mopping robot will automatically open, and the dust will be automatically collected into the dust bucket. In order to work better with the dust bucket, the Roborock T7S Plus sweeping and dragging robot also has a dedicated dust box, which has a dust-collecting air inlet side cover on the right side.

▲ There is a dust-collecting air inlet side cover on the right side of the dedicated dust box

With the new dust bucket and the modified dust box, cleaning is no longer necessary after each sweeping and dragging robot works, and the frequency of manual work is greatly reduced. It's just that the noise in dust collection is really loud. The result of Apple watch measurement is a strong level of noise. Long-term exposure to this type of environment will damage your hearing. Fortunately, the dust collection process is less than 10 seconds, and the impact is limited, but you have to be careful not to use it in the early morning.

However, while collecting dust is more convenient, Rock T7S Plus still has not solved the big problem of robot inefficiency in dealing with hair. During use, dust may be inhaled, but many dog ​​hairs are entangled on the soft rubber main brush. The more dog hairs entangled, the lower the cleaning efficiency. Therefore, for pet families, the design of the dust bucket is still a little bit in terms of liberating manpower.

This is also a new problem faced by various brands of sweeping and mopping robots, and we can only look forward to new technologies in the future to prevent pet hair from being entangled in soft glue.

In addition to the pet hair problem faced by all sweeping and mopping robots, Rock T7S Plus is indeed a product that is more suitable for lazy people. It does not need to manually divide the area when facing the carpet cleaning, and the frequency of manual cleaning is greatly reduced.

When the job is done well and the process requires less human involvement, this is the biggest attraction of Rock T7S Plus.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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