Reveal! How did Apple prevent the iPhone 14 Pro’s “Smart Island” from leaking ahead of time?

If you want to protect the brand trademark rights, you have to register in advance, and there is no guarantee that the secret will not be leaked.

If you want to surprise users at the press conference by keeping it secret, you have to prepare for the crazy squatting by copyright hooligans.

For many hardware companies, this is a dilemma.

In the end, Apple pulled the salaries from the bottom of the pot. It is not confidential here, and it has its own confidentiality office. In order to protect the rights and interests of trademarks and protect the interests of the company, Apple, a global company in the United States, went to Jamaica to register its trademarks.

The biggest surprise of Apple's conference, guarded by Jamaica

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Here's what Apple news you can see a week after the iPhone launch.

▲ Now you can see the iPhone 15 broke the news

The iPhone 14 has not yet arrived, and the news has already reached the iPhone 15, which shows the degree of attention and the difficulty of keeping information secret for Apple's new products. So sometimes users complain that Apple's lack of new ideas may be "unjust". The new ideas have already been talked about by suppliers two or three months before the launch. What new surprises can there be?

This year may be an accident. In such a dense revelation, "Smart Island" still retains the veil of mystery. The previously criticized iPhone bangs have become a "long pill-shaped" interface for displaying notifications and other states. This new feature called Smart Island has given people a lot of surprises.

Regarding the successful secrecy of the new functions of Smart Island, it is not that the leaker did not work hard, but that Apple did its best.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman revealed on Twitter that Apple, which released the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro last week, applied for the trademark of Smart Island in Jamaica on July 12, until the end of the Apple conference two months later. No one ever noticed this.

The reason why a registered trademark in Jamaica can be hidden from everyone is entirely because the cost of trademark search in Jamaica is too high.

▲ A strong country in track and field is everyone's perception of Jamaica

In China, Tianyancha and Qichacha can be the first to find out whether affiliated companies have added any new trademarks or patents, and they can be found without any effort. Countries such as Japan and the United States basically have online search systems to find trademarks under application and accommodation, and both free search and paid search can see a lot of trademark information online.

But not Jamaica.

If you want to search for a registered trademark in Jamaica for free, you must go to the Intellectual Property Office on Trafalgar Road, Jamaica to search in person. Whoever it is, can only make inquiries within the Intellectual Property Office.

▲ Intellectual Property Office in Trafalgar Road, Jamaica

If you can't be present in person, you can also ask the Intellectual Property Office to help you make an inquiry for a fee. But even the most basic queries cost $2,200, and paid queries can take 3-4 weeks to get results. And in the entire search process, as long as you don't look it up yourself, you have to pay for every item.

In contrast, Apple recently filed a trademark application for Smart Island in New Zealand, because you can search for this new trademark in the process of being registered on the online search site.

Staying away from countries that do not support online searches for trademark registrations is now the choice of more and more big tech companies. At least, companies such as Google and Amazon have also begun to register in a low-key manner outside of Apple, and want to start making a fortune in silence.

Quietly registered a trademark, and finally amazed everyone.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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