“Retro” is trendy. Listening to vinyl, wearing wired headphones, and using a CCD camera are the coolest guys on the street?

In the 1970s, vinyl records were all the rage, with sales peaking at 530 million copies per year. At that time, every teenager's house had a record close to his weight, and he couldn't get out of the house if he wanted to listen to songs.

Later, new music formats (CDs, tapes) appeared and they continued to invade the vinyl record market. In just 20 years, the annual sales of vinyl records dropped to 10 million, with a market share of only 0.1%.

Later, Jobs took out a small box iPod with a screen that can play music from his jeans pocket, completely subverting the way people listen to music.

In the era when the iPod was born, it was a trendy and cool thing for young people at that time to be able to listen to songs with this small white box and white wired headphones.

Now, with the popularity of wireless earphones, smart phones, and mobile networks, music is like air, and you can listen to old and new songs at any time as long as you want.

If you have a time machine and you go upstream over time and tell the teenagers of the 70s that they can listen to music like this, they will definitely sneer at vinyl records and bulky jukeboxes.

Vinyl records are accelerating recovery

It’s just that we don’t have a time machine, we can only flow together with time, and imagine that the future will be more fashionable and cool. At the same time, a vinyl record that has stepped into the grave is quietly recovering.

▲ Picture from: wired

When everyone was talking about "Meta Universe" in 2021, vinyl records quietly sold 17 million albums, an increase of 86% over the full-year sales of 2020, and the revenue was twice that of CDs.

You know, the sales of vinyl records just surpassed that of CDs in 2020, and the last time this situation occurred was in 1986. The "resurrection" of vinyl records is not right, it should be called the emergence of new trends.

▲ Picture from: cincinnatimagazine

In a YouGov 2019 poll, about one-third of adults in the United States are willing to buy vinyl records. In the post-00s of the Z era, a quarter are willing to buy physical albums for their favorite singers and dancers.

Nowadays, not only vinyl records, but also products of the old age, such as wired headsets and CCD digital cameras, are gradually getting rid of the "dark side" of the trend and gradually becoming clearer.

Cool kids lost AirPods

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that cool kids are putting on wired headsets again . This is like when the iPod first became popular, the pair of random wired headphones that came with it, after 20 years, are re-sponsoring "cool".

▲ AirPods are no longer cool.

The reason for this is not that "trends" discover new uses for wired headsets, nor is it that manufacturers give new sharing of wired headsets, but "AirPods have become too popular."

▲ Bella Hadid. Picture from: Twitter

When the supermodel Bella Hadid appeared at the New Orleans airport wearing EarPods , the fashion magazine Vogue yelled the slogan "Forget AirPods" on Twitter, and it was reposted more than 50,000 times.

After that, some models and internet celebrities such as Lily-Rose Depp and Zoe Kravitz showed off their wired headsets on Twitter and Instagram.

▲ Stars wearing wired headphones collected by wireditgirls. Image from: Instagram

There is even an @wireditgirls (wired girl) account on Instagram, which collects celebrities and celebrities wearing wired headsets. Today, this account has 5,477 fans. Correspondingly, many videos about using wired headsets have appeared on TikTok.

With curiosity, The Wall Street Journal interviewed Shelby Hull, the operator of @wireditgirls. She said that the wired headset movement is actually part of the revival of the aesthetics of "2010s Tumblr". "People are seeing music as an overall aesthetic experience. Rather than actual consumption, it contributes to a cool factor."

Dozens of CCD card cameras make the shots look better

On the other side of the earth, in our cultural circle, we may not be looking for wired headphones and listening to vinyl, but CCD digital cameras on Weibo and Xiaohongshu have become popular in recent years.

▲ The popularity of CCD cameras remains unabated. Picture from: Xiaohongshu

Different from the wired headsets and vinyl records that still have corresponding industries, CCD digital cameras are completely eliminated by current digital cameras, and they are products of the old age with no one before.

▲ Pentax H90, which is very popular on Xiaohongshu.

Strictly speaking, CCD can be regarded as people's first exploration in the digitization of photos. The technology is immature and the restoration algorithm is inaccurate. Similar to film, CCD imaging tends to have "defects", such as blue, yellow, red, etc. .

At that time, film cameras were the main culprit. The performance of CCDs was not strong enough. The overall design was more for civilian use, and the design became a selling point.

▲ Proof of Pentax H90.

With the development of technology, later digital cameras have gradually become tool-oriented, and their appearance has become a black box, which is very similar to AirPods in wired movement. It is not cool enough for everyone.

Among the corresponding super words, the admiration of CCD digital cameras is nothing more than the unique design and straightforward differences. In the final analysis, it is still the so-called "freshness" and "cool", as well as the nostalgic mentality.

Old products are not useless

In fact, from a rational point of view, whether it is vinyl records, wired headphones, or CCD cameras, there are reasonable reasons.

▲ Lily-Rose Depp wears wired headphones out of the street. Image from: Instagram

Wired headsets have no battery anxiety and are not easy to lose. More importantly, the cost is much lower than wireless headsets (except HiFi). Of course, you have to endure the knotted headphone cord from time to time, and the 3.5mm headphone jack that almost disappears on the phone.

▲ Vinyl production factory.

Vinyl records may bring more income to independent music producers. The cost of a vinyl record is US$7, the selling price is usually US$25, and the profit is about US$17. On Spotify, 4.5 million plays can probably match the profit of 100 vinyl records.

However, the scale of the production chain of vinyl records is shrinking, the production capacity is decreasing, and the raw material PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is also rising due to the epidemic. On the whole, the vinyl production industry has not recovered with the recovery of vinyl records. And recovery.

In addition, under the global carbon-neutral environment, the vinyl industry chain with higher carbon emissions may also be a reason for restricting its expansion.

What about CCD cameras? In fact, in essence, I think it is more like a replacement for a film camera. In the current second-hand market, the threshold for a CCD camera of about 100 yuan is very low, and the imaging process does not require continuous investment like a film machine, and ultimately there is no need to print, scan and share. It is undoubtedly a low-cost way to obtain "defect beauty" photos.

▲ Some people plant grass into the pit, and some people persuade to retreat and avoid lightning. Picture from: Xiaohongshu

However, as CCD digital cameras became popular, prices in the second-hand market began to be chaotic, and there was a certain threshold for identification.

Looking forward to 2010 more? Actually nostalgia is at work

From a perceptual point of view, the above phenomena can be linked to feelings such as "nostalgia" and "retro". Like the "2010s Tumblr" revival promoted by the European and American subcultural circles, it is not an aesthetic pursuit at a deep level, but rather a catharsis that triggers collective "nostalgia."

Tumblr, which was born in 2007, gradually became the more mainstream social software at the time due to its simple registration process and compatible content types. In 2014, Tumblr had 117 million users and the number of posts reached 96.2 billion, which was nothing short of the limelight.

▲ The 2010s Tumblr aesthetics performed by Kirstin MacCarlie. Picture from: TikTok

In the 2010s, Tumblr aesthetics refers to the trends on Tumblr in its heyday. For example, TikToker Kirstin MacCarlie presented a black top, a skating skirt, matched with rough Martin boots, coupled with a Polaroid camera and some independent niche music and movies, which is considered a typical Tumblr aesthetic.

On TikTok, short videos under #2014tumblr and #tumblr2014 topics have nearly 130 million views. The short videos are more inspired by Tumblr's heyday, including daily wear, makeup and accessories.

Trend forecaster @oldloserinbrooklyn said that the aesthetics of the 2014 era is returning, and TikTok is taking these to the mainstream culture, and many people say that they are enjoying the return of the "glorious years".

And Mashable also agrees that TikTok ignited the public's interest in the Tumblr era, brought the Internet back to 2014, and catered to the prevailing tide of "nostalgia" among people in the epidemic.

During major life changes, people are always eager to return to an era where things feel simpler and less scary. Under the epidemic situation, working from home obviously gave birth to this idea, Krystine Batcho, a professor of nostalgia psychology, said truthfully.

"We know that life may never return in the same form, we will be eager to go back and reminisce about that time." Young people in their teens and twenties are the most prone to nostalgia. At this age, we have clearly realized that childhood will never return.

Tumblr, which is no longer at its peak, or to be precise, the youth that has faded with Tumblr, is the main motivation for TikTok's aesthetic nostalgia movement in the 2010s.

The renaissance of old things like wired headsets, CCD cameras and even vinyl records, in addition to the pursuit of being different and maverick, is also related to the popular pastime of nostalgia.

At present, with the gradual convergence of internal functions, appearance design may be a breakthrough direction for products, and retro design elements are gradually returning. For example, Fuji and Nikon have also begun to introduce some retro elements into their products, and many new products of Apple Also pay tribute to the 80s.

However, these products are not just re-enactments, but borrow classic designs from the past and incorporate current functions. You can say that this is a brand-new product or a "return" of design. For retro and nostalgic feelings, we can accept the design to pay tribute to the past, rather than returning with function.

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