Reno9 answered what is Reno

If I were to choose OPPO's product line with the widest audience, which one would it be?

My answer is Reno.

Because this series firmly answers a question, how to make a mobile phone that mainstream people like?

The Reno9 series once again answered, what is Reno?

With so many questions, the answer lies in the phone itself.

It is "brilliance", not just "color"

When I saw the Reno9 series for the first time and picked it up, my first feeling was that it was very Reno.

Some words, even if they are not changed, can undergo part-of-speech transformation and change of meaning. For example, in the English context, if I go to "Xerox" on a document, it means copying the document, because Xerox is the earliest and largest fully automatic copier brand. In a similar Chinese context, there is also "Baidu", "Amway" for you…

When Reno changes from a product series name to an adjective, what does it represent?

Lightweight, stylish appearance, and innovative craftsmanship are probably the definition of Reno as an adjective. But I actually prefer to use the more concise "brilliant" as a comment on Reno's temperament.

Brilliant means brilliance. From beginning to end, Reno is making a fuss about "light" and "color". The understanding of "light" and "color" and the integration of the two are the key to distinguishing Reno from other products.

Taking the main color of the Reno9 series "Tomorrow Gold" as an example, it is a typical Reno-style "subject first, then quantify" inspiration landing process.

OPPO Industrial Design Director Liu Haoran told Ai Faner that the design inspiration for "Tomorrow Gold" came from the first ray of sunrise shining on the sea when their team was building a team. The moment is full of warmth, the outside world is quiet but the heart is full of passion.

Gold is actually not a new color scheme in the smartphone industry. "Local Gold" was once the most popular color scheme for mobile phones in some years, but obviously, the gold that OPPO's design team feels is not the "Tyrant Gold" that it used to have. Because their goal is to engrave the first light of the sunrise into the back cover of the mobile phone, which is two different concepts from dipping the color into the back cover of the mobile phone.

In order to restore this beauty, OPPO designers conducted discussions. They found that the beauty of the sunrise on the sea may be unique in the scene, but it can be felt synesthetically.

In the gorgeous costumes illuminated by the lights of the dinner party, the sparkling light flows slowly, which can also reflect the golden beauty of that beam of light. Therefore, OPPO integrated the image of silk yarn in high-end dresses into the CMF design, and restored the look and feel of dress materials with elements such as tulle and metal sequins.

This is the new "Golden Silk Glass Craft".

▲The star rain lithography process on the Reno7 series, precision engraving brings together 1.2 million star rain light traces with 8 micron precision

In the past few generations of Reno mobile phones, we have seen the AG glass process with matte and same surface, as well as a total of three generations of crystal diamond process that interpret what is "bright", and the star rain lithography process that retains the starlight.

There are sun and stars, so naturally there must be a moon. The new color "Bright Moon Black" wants to present the night sky before sunrise, which is dark and deep, but it seems to be smudged by streamers.

Compared with gold, black is the standard color in the smartphone industry. Just like the fashion industry believes that black is always classic and timeless, OPPO also makes this black new again.

Likewise, a stylish rebirth of a classic color comes from a new process.

Because the traditional AG glass etching process cannot control the microscopic etching effect on the glass panel, OPPO broke through the physical and chemical property limitations of conventional glass material etching, and realized the glass surface microstructure through special three-dimensional etching on the basis of the previous vertical etching. The oblique etching brings more possibilities for glass materials. In the end, on the Reno9 series "Haoyue Black", this new "weaving feather pattern technology" allows matte and shiny to be presented at the same time, and the look and feel are as delicate as high-end fabrics.

In my opinion, it is more like a coincidence to get the sun, moon and stars together on Reno, because those who chase the light will definitely set their sights on these three things, and then use technology to lock those different lights , Let the common colors shine again.

Reno is like this, using rationality to build romance.

There may be right and wrong in straight and straight, but the feel will not lie

What constitutes Reno is not only vision, but also touch.

The appearance and craftsmanship of the various Reno devices mentioned above actually take into account the touch. For example, the back of "Tomorrow Gold" feels warm and moist like jade, while "Haoyue Black" has a delicate texture like silk.

More importantly, it is the three-dimensional size of length, width and thickness, the feel brought by weight and curvature.

Reno has its own feel philosophy.

In the previous interview, the executives of the OPPO product line told Ai Faner that although the feel is a bit metaphysical, there are several data that are very important: 8mm, 74mm.

It means that the thickness must be within 8mm, and the width must be within 74mm. If there is another dimension to measure, it is weight.

If the three dimensions are handled well, then there will be a foundation for a good feel.

Of course, with the passage of time, it is not easy to maintain these data. For example, the screen size of the Reno series is getting bigger and bigger. In the Reno8 generation, it has reached 6.7 inches on the ultra-large Reno8 Pro+.

The screens of this generation of Reno9, Reno9 Pro and Reno9 Pro+ have all come to 6.7 inches, and their width is still controlled at about 74mm.

We once wrote about Reno’s 8mm defense: fast charging, large battery, and thinness are a bit like an impossible triangle. Structural engineers have to compare the size of the motherboard and component stacking, and use 0.1mm as a unit to dig out the space.

This time, while the Reno9 Pro is equipped with a large 4500mAh battery and IMX890 main camera, it further optimizes the arrangement of components in the vertical screen direction, and the length of the motherboard is also shortened by 2.4mm compared with the previous generation.

In the end, the thickness of the Reno9 Pro hit a new low in the series: 7.19mm, and the weight was controlled at 174 grams.

OPPO also stated that the Reno9 series is not only the thinnest Reno, but also the Reno with the best feel.

The Reno that feels the best in the hand also benefits from another improvement.

In the past few generations of Reno, there are curved screens and straight screens. In fact, there is no distinction between these two options. Of course, the best result is to combine the advantages of both.

So on the front, OPPO chose a slightly curved screen, which retains the look and feel of the curved surface, and at the same time avoids accidental touches on software and hardware. In response, on the back, OPPO repeatedly verified the grip experience of different hand models, and finally decided on a 56° micro-arc design that fits the palm better. Every time you pick up the phone, the curved edges on both sides naturally fit the palm.

The same is true for Reno, regardless of whether it is straight or not, it cares about weight and feel.

▲The top of the Reno9 & Reno9 Pro fuselage is decorated with a "starry sky top"

Of course, in addition to the appearance, craftsmanship and feel, we can also find a lot of things with Reno character on the Reno9 series, such as some small design highlights. Two versions of the Reno9 series are decorated on the rear camera module and the top of the fuselage respectively. "North Star" and "Starry Top", these two decorations can emit fireflies in the dark after absorbing light.

▲ Reno7 series "Star Ring Breathing Light"

This is similar to the O-Dot dots of the first generation of Reno, the "moonlight mirror circle" of the Reno5 series, and the "star ring breathing light" of the Reno7 series, leaving a surprising little easter egg in a small place.

Reno is still like this, there are always some little interesting things that are unique and romantic enough.

So, what is Reno?

If it is in the past, I will write about the design of the Reno9 series here.

But the first impression of the Reno9 series in my hands was that it was very Reno; and after playing with it for a while, the feeling became that this generation seems to be a summary of the past few generations of Reno, even though it has changed a lot, but in essence The stuff is still there.

As the backbone of OPPO's sales model series, Reno answered from the data, how can it be a mobile phone that mainstream people like?

OPPO Industrial Design Director Liu Haoran summarized the characteristics of the Reno product line:

The characteristics of Reno are the most trend-leading products in OPPO. Internally, we describe Reno as the mainstream trend.

Flagship phones are of course the focus of everyone's attention and discussion, but mobile phones in the mainstream price range are the choice of most people. Inside and outside of Reno, it is actually practicing the main purpose of finding trends in the mainstream.

Naturally, there is no need to repeat the design. In terms of performance and functions, the choice of the Reno series is not a stack of hardware, but the core selling point must be to directly meet the needs of consumers.

Moreover, the mainstream and trends are not always the same. Reno is basically updated twice a year, which can be said to be the product line of OPPO that can keep up with the times. The main portrait, outsole main camera, high refresh screen, joint optimization of large-scale mobile games, self-developed MariSilicon X chip, etc., mean that Reno is not only golden and jade.

On this generation of Reno9 Pro+, OPPO used a flagship first-generation Snapdragon 8+ platform, which means that Reno has also received top-level performance support. On top of this, it still maintains Reno’s thin and light features (7.99mm, 192 grams).

More importantly, this also means that Reno is no longer limited to positioning itself as a "mass-applicable" mobile phone, but wants to win the favor of more people.

The earlier Reno actually had distinct femininity and youthful attributes. After all, its key words were fashion, color, frivolity, portraits, and beauty. But Reno is of the times, and it will grow itself. This growth and change has begun to appear on the Reno9 series, Liu Haoran said:

Personally, I subjectively think that Reno will be more neutral, wiser, and more leading. From the past that Reno is more biased towards women, now men and women have their own choices. I believe that no matter what kind of users Reno will find in Reno in the future Use the product that suits you.

Reno, who is more neutral and more popular, is tolerant of his past self and is beginning to mature.

When I interviewed the main creator of ColorOS 13 before, I asked why the saturation of the system color blocks should be increased. The answer given to me by the other party was that under the background of the times, we need a warmer feeling to mobilize emotions. It's not suitable for more elegant.

The system software is like this, and the hardware is similar in logic. Strictly speaking, the "Tomorrow Gold" featured in the Reno9 series this time is not so young, but as mentioned earlier, OPPO designers feel warmth and high spirits from its inspiration. , then naturally I want to bring this feeling to users, so that users feel warm and high-spirited.

Everyone always says that Reno is young and trendy, but I think Reno actually expresses a beautiful and positive attitude in a young and trendy way.

Will the previous generations of Reno users be indifferent to this series after their age and income have grown? Does Reno want to make a fast-growing and fast-lasting series? Is the above-mentioned rational construction of romance, the sense of touch that must be insisted on no matter what, and the little fun of Easter eggs just the designer's assembly line work? Is Reno stuffed with flagship chips and self-developed MariSilicon X chips just to increase the price and level up?

If the answer is no, then Reno should have a design in line with the times, and a positive that transcends the times.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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