Reno11 review: How mainstream became trendy

In QuestMobile's 2023 China Mobile Internet Autumn Report, the OPPO Reno10 series was one of the devices with the largest number of activations in September. More than 3 million mobile phones were activated in just one month. It is the mainstream price range of domestic mobile phones at 2,000-3,000 yuan. Best selling products.

Looking further ahead, the device with the most activations in Q1 of 2023 will be the Reno9 series, and the device with the most activations in 2022 will be the Reno8 series.

The popularity of a product may be a bit of a fluke, but if a product series remains popular year after year, it must follow a certain logic. OPPO Industrial Design Director Liu Haoran once summarized the characteristics of the Reno product line this way:

Reno is the most trend-setting product among OPPO. Internally, we describe Reno as a mainstream trend.

Leading the mainstream is easier said than done. The products that sell the best often have to withstand the most inspections. OPPO Reno always rises to the challenge, and the same goes for the just-released Reno11.

It should look good, be easy to hold, and be easy to use.

Layering is also a kind of beauty.

More than 700 years ago, when the Italian businessman Marco Polo traveled to Asia, he arrived at the "Gem Island" in the Indian Ocean. He recorded in his travel notes:

Some people say that the monarch of Ceylon possesses the rarest and most beautiful gemstone in the world, which is as long as a finger and as thick as an arm. It is extremely bright and flawless.

Ceylon is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, famous for its Ceylon black tea, is also one of the countries richest in gemstones in the world. There are nearly 200 kinds of gemstones in the world, and Sri Lanka has more than 100 kinds. In addition to the magnificent rubies and sapphires, there is also an elegant gemstone that is deeply popular. There are tiny parallel fiber structures inside this gemstone, which allows light to move in a specific way. The way passes through the stone and reflects the cold blue-white light. Under different angles and lighting conditions, the surface of the gemstone will produce rich light and shadow changes, just like moonlight, which is why this gemstone is named – moonstone. In Sri Lankan customs and culture, moonstone is a common festival accessory and has the meaning of a lucky gem.

I think this is also the reason why the OPPO Reno11 series chose the moonlight gem color as the main color of the new machine.

When I first saw Reno11, it was hard not to be attracted by the craftsmanship of the glass body.

This is a very layered and pleasing to the eye, making a fuss about glass craftsmanship, which is OPPO's specialty. This time the moonlight gemstone color matching uses the latest luster gem technology. As the light flows on the glass body, you will see starlight embellishment, pearlescent light and moonlight looming in turn. The plain and elegant white body has been given Rich three-dimensional sense, this change of light and dark can catch the public's attention at once.

Supporting this beauty, there are also rich layers of craftsmanship details – whether it is the disc decorating the main camera or the studs on the edge of the entire lens module, they all enhance the sense of quality brought by the craftsmanship of the body.

For a mobile phone that is expected to be activated by 100,000 people every day, the importance of the unboxing ceremony of a new phone is self-evident, and Reno has always been the industry leader in this regard.

When you pick up the phone, you know that the good feel doesn’t lie.

OPPO’s product manager once told Ai Faner that there are several key data to maintain a good hand feel: 8mm and 74mm.

This refers to the thickness and width of the mobile phone.

Let’s take a look at the data of Reno11: 7.66mm thick and 74mm wide; Reno11 Pro is slightly thicker, only 8.26mm. The width and width of the two mobile phones are basically the same. The lightest model is 184g, and the heaviest is only 190g – in terms of mobile phone weight Nowadays, Reno11 is one of the few lightweight players that starts at 200g.

The advantage of being thin and light is that you can’t put it down when you pick it up. For smartphones that carry increasingly heavy functions, portability is a rare quality. Your little finger won’t tremble with pain when you hold it, and you don’t have to worry about lifting your pants when carrying it in your pocket.

Due to the hyperboloid design, the middle frame is also narrowed to the narrowest in the Reno series. This gives Reno11 a gentler feel than previous generations. The transition between the screen, middle frame and back panel is extremely smooth, and it is worth playing with repeatedly in the hand. .

Difficulties and pain points become buying points

For Reno, which mainly focuses on offline channels, good appearance and good feel are the key to attracting people, but how to make new phone users become series users and how to be able to accompany users for a long time is the key to success.

The Reno11 series is the first batch of mobile phones equipped with ColorOS 14. This is the first time that OPPO has introduced an AI end-side model into a mobile phone system. This has been the hottest topic of public discussion in the past year and has finally been implemented from word of mouth to hands-on experience. It is the first submission in the industry. A group of top students, Reno11 does not just pour AI into mobile phones, but starts from the scene and the pain points.

The reconstruction of the notification system is what impressed me deeply about Reno11. This time, ColorOS 14 refines information from the bottom of the system and establishes a "fluid cloud" reminder system with unified logic and no need to jump. Common messages exist in three forms: bubbles, capsules, and panels. Bubbles indicate status, capsules are weak reminders, and cards are strong interactions. This system is integrated into all aspects of mobile phone use and is very convenient to use.

For media work, business trips are the norm, and flight information often needs to be confirmed. In the past, I always carefully pulled out the flight number from the dialog box and then copied it to the Air Travel app to check. Not only was it troublesome, but it was also easy to forget things. Reno11's solution is to directly long-press the dialog box to copy, and the fluid cloud will automatically pop up the flight information panel, which you can know at a glance.

When you arrive at the airport and prepare to board the plane, the flight information will be turned into a capsule and placed in the corner, scrolling to prompt key information such as flight number, boarding gate, boarding time, etc. Only when the flight information changes, will it be pushed appropriately in the form of a notification panel. In front of the user, you can click to jump to the operation on the Hanglv app, or wait for a few seconds, and it will change back to the weak reminder of the notification capsule. If you answer a call at this time, there will be a small bubble mark in the upper left corner of the screen to indicate that the phone is on a call.

This notification system is like a housekeeper, which will help you sort out the complicated mobile phone information in a clear, flexible and smart way——

Have a dinner date with friends? Copy the conversation to find reviews and enable navigation:

Have you eaten a wave of Amway? Copy the conversation and you can pull up Taobao and add it to the shopping cart:

Of course, the reconstruction of the notification system is just the tip of the iceberg. It reflects the underlying design of the ColorOS 14 system. The key lies in how to make information flow more efficiently. The information on the phone is obviously not limited to notifications, but also includes files.

ColorOS 14 comes with a file transfer station function, which is probably the first time it has been seen on an Android phone. The most recent files on your phone will be included in this transfer station, which can be scheduled and used in different applications on your phone, or sent to a computer or Pad for more complex processing.

The previously well-received "File Opening" function has also been added to the system. Not only can it open professional documents in CAD, Markdown and other formats, it can even preview Apple office documents such as Keynote and Pages directly on the OPPO mobile phone, which is equivalent to breaking all aspects. The barriers between ecosystems make mobile phones truly the core of information flow.

In addition to innovating in system capabilities, the Reno11 series also comes with two new features that are absolute pain points for users – memory lossless compression and longevity flash charging.

Based on the "supercomputing platform" of ColorOS 14, Reno11 is equipped with "memory lossless compression" technology, which uses efficient compression algorithms and storage acceleration technology, coupled with system-level automatic deduplication of duplicate files and automatic compression of idle files, allowing the phone to retain More storage space. In the 512GB version of the Reno11 series, up to 45GB can be deducted from the system's small files – this can already install another mobile game masterpiece like "Genshin Impact" and store thousands more mobile photos.

Longevity flash charging is a well-received feature of the previous generation Reno. It is designed to slow down battery loss and expand charging scenarios. It not only allows mobile phones to be quickly charged in sub-zero low-temperature environments, but also allows mobile phone batteries to last for several years – for OPPO is so confident in this technology that it even provides a four-year battery replacement plan for the first batch of Reno11 purchasers. If the battery capacity is less than 80% within four years, free replacement service is available.

In Guangzhou, where the winter is 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, Ai Faner could only try to put the mobile phone into a low-temperature environment such as a refrigerator for testing. The actual test can indeed effectively activate flash charging. According to the official introduction, Reno11 can still operate in extreme scenarios of minus 20 degrees Celsius. Preheating and charging can also solve a big problem for northern users.

Looking at the various system capabilities of Reno11, you will find that there are not many ostentatious elements in them, but they actually hit the difficult and pain points in the user process. You may be like me and have encountered all kinds of bad things – turning on the Do Not Disturb mode on your phone and missing important messages, taking the trouble to open the web version of the File Transfer Assistant to transfer files, your phone suddenly running out of battery on a northern winter night – these are all There are countless moments in real life when you want to change your mobile phone. It is exactly the scenario that many mainstream models do not take into account, which is the so-called pain point for users.

Once the pain point is solved, it becomes a buying point.

When taking pictures of scenes and people, they all have to look good.

Mobile phone imaging, especially portrait photography, has always been OPPO's specialty. As the concept of computational photography takes root in people's hearts, we can see that several of OPPO's flagship models this year have also undergone significant changes in imaging orientation – " The focus is on the training tendency of "light and shadow" and "nature".

In the OPPO Find X6 series released in the first half of the year, we saw OPPO's outstanding performance in imaging algorithms, and this set of flagship mobile phone algorithms has also been inherited on Reno11.

The entire Reno11 series is equipped with a 50-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel 112-degree ultra-wide-angle lens and a 32-megapixel 47mm portrait lens, and supports up to 5x ultra-light and shadow zoom. The front lens also reaches 32 million pixels and is equipped with F/2.4 aperture.

After actual measurement, we can clearly feel the efforts of Reno11 in color adjustment. The light and shadow effects are very natural, and the colors are also very good. Even scenes that test light and shadow like the sunset on the lake can be handled relatively well:

Even better are the portraits. It can be seen that Reno11 strives to remove the "cutout feeling" in portraits and make the skin color more natural. This is not a beauty that smoothes out the same personality, but vivid light and shadow with three-dimensional details of the facial features:

It can be noticed that Reno11 has significantly better usability than products of the same price range in terms of keying and blurring. In this set of sample photos, the details of the model's hair are processed very delicately, and the production rate is very high, whether it is a half-length or a close-up photo. Reno11's portrait mode has excellent bokeh performance. It not only performs naturally, but also provides a pleasing light spot effect. Occasionally, there are rough edges, but they are not uncommon. Overall, it is a good performance:

Even in indoor low-light environments, Reno11 can perform well, with good-looking colors, light and shadow, and less color cast in low-light conditions, which is at a good level:

The multi-focal length configuration gives Reno11 the possibility to cope with more scenes. Whether it is taking a half-length photo or a close-up, it can have a better texture. In an outdoor environment with sufficient light, the portrait lens can take stunning photos. Photo:

I think this is also the charm of computational photography, using algorithms to expand the hardware limit of the lens, allowing beautiful moments to be frozen, and what you see is what you want.

Let the mainstream become the trend

Smartphones are products with a very high level of industrialization. In this device that we live with day and night, every inch of space and thickness is backed by high-density technology. These technologies will not float on the surface, but will be consolidated at the bottom and become a set of solutions. The key to solving the problem lies in whether you can see the problem.

Flagship phones must shoulder the responsibility of technological exploration, and entry-level phones must compete for user acquisition opportunities. Mainstream models at mainstream price points will face more specific problems – whether it is appearance design, system experience or photography, smartphones are the most mainstream. Users have the most practical and detailed needs, which are the most difficult to satisfy. They want, want, and want more.

After four years of rapid changes, the Reno11 generation is already a master at solving problems. We can imagine that the product team behind the scenes must have seen the dense feedback and continued to explore from it, and finally found the details that mainstream users are most concerned about.

First understand the mainstream needs, then solve the mainstream pain points, and finally become the mainstream choice – then, the leading trend appears among the mainstream.

This is the case with Reno11.

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