Reno blends with Find, youth also meets elegance

9 is Dacheng. The Reno9 series answers what Reno is. Reno is brilliant, radiant, with a design that conforms to the times, and a positive that surpasses the times. 

10 is reincarnation, and it is also a new life. The Reno10 series is also a silent answer. As for the question, we need to find it out.

Telephoto reincarnation, image rebirth 

The design of Reno often pursues the best of both worlds of "stunning at first sight, never tired of seeing it for a long time". As for the Reno10 series, the focus of the first glance often falls on the square telephoto lens.

Is a coincidence, but also a necessity.

Due to the periscope telephoto structure and the size of the entire rear camera module, this square telephoto lens cannot be in the same line as the other two cameras. Most mobile phone manufacturers use a solid color glass cover The board is covered to give the whole area a sense of unity, instead of using a contrasting color design to highlight this special camera.

Why does OPPO do this? 

Liu Haoran, director of industrial design at OPPO , told Ai Faner that objectively it is because of the structure, but subjectively, OPPO also really hopes that users will notice the telephoto lens at the first sight of this phone. 

For the Reno series, telephoto is a reincarnation. In the original Reno series, there was a "10x zoom version".

It seems to be the reincarnation of the long-awaited telephoto, but it is actually the new life of OPPO's imaging capabilities.

Also on the Find X6 series, the telephoto lens has also returned. This is not a coincidence, but a kind of "it's time". The telephoto lenses in the early years were able to take pictures, but they were not good at taking pictures. Whether it is basic resolution, or key scenes such as portraits or night scenes, there is a big gap with other cameras. When the software and hardware are ready, the technical After understanding the image and images in place, it is natural to do a good job of telephoto.

On a recent batch of flagship devices represented by Find X6 Pro , the telephoto image quality and multi-camera consistency have made great progress, crossing the threshold of being able to take pictures and taking good pictures.

Then, it is a matter of course that the Reno10 series inherits the imaging capabilities of the Find X6 series.

As the main model series of OPPO , OPPO is not stingy in investing in Reno . The explicit investment is of course related to the CMF R &D and production costs of appearance and design. This is the field that Reno has been cultivating for a long time.

As for the imaging capability of Reno , which is in line with the Find series, many people may use the word "decentralization", but in fact, this is not a difficult time. During the period, my mother made clothes for the eldest and the second child respectively, and it was just a matter of time to put them on. 

Find X series is the video flagship, Find N series explores the future form of mobile phones, Reno represents OPPO’s cutting-edge thinking on CMF and aesthetic design, A series provides a balanced experience in the price range of the prefix 1 , they used to be independent, but Now start blending with each other.

Therefore, Reno and Find may have some differences in sensor specifications in the future, but part of the hardware and algorithms have family consistency. When planning, the OPPO R&D team no longer considers how to develop a single model, but how to develop a single model. It is what this batch of models should look like as a whole.

The telephoto lenses that appeared on the Find and Reno product lines at the same time are a direct example of OPPO's rethinking of model planning and overall consideration.

It can be said that when the industrial design team led by OPPO and Liu Haoran felt that the telephoto lens was so eye-catching, it was also a show of confidence: they concluded that users of the Reno10 series would notice it, and then hoped that users would pick up the phone , adjust the focal length to 3 times or 6 times, take a good picture of the person in front of you, freeze the beautiful scenery in your heart, and record the heartbeat of "the love you see in front of you". This is a perspective that most Reno users have never obtained, and it is also the beginning of a new video experience.

Reno has changed, actually OPPO has changed 

The eminent monk Qingyuan Xingsi used landscape observation to explain the division of meditation realm:

At the beginning of practicing Zen, you see mountains as mountains and waters as waters; when you become enlightened in Zen, you see mountains as mountains and waters as waters; and when you become fully enlightened in Zen, you see mountains as mountains and waters as waters.

If we can see that Reno 's imaging capabilities are in the same line as Find , OPPO considers the overall product line instead of planning for a single model, then it is "When Zen is enlightened, the mountain is not the mountain, and the water is not "Water", the impact of OPPO's internal changes is emerging from each specific mobile phone.

For example, after OnePlus returned to the OPPO system, the main focus was on performance positioning, and then many bloggers and users found that the performance release and heat control of the OPPO Find X6 series performed well among flagship phones; then the images of the Find X6 series this time After making great progress, Reno10 just got a telephoto lens. To match it, the OPPO photon matrix display technology of the Find X6 series also came to Reno10 Pro and Reno10 Pro+ to help better restore the HDR shooting effect.

Liu Haoran revealed to Ai Faner that Reno is a master of OPPO 's CMF technology and material science, and other products will also use Reno 's technology in the future. In fact, the flash sand technology that shines on the Reno series is also used in the Find X5 and X6 series, of course, under the premise of matching the temperament of the Find X series.

Then carefully understand the design of the rear camera module of Reno10 Pro+ . If compared with the rear camera module of Find X6 Pro , they will have a similar feeling in shape and spirit: similar upper and lower separation, similar concentric circular pattern metal stickers piece

Of course, there are also differences. For example, Reno10 Pro+ has a contrasting color design, and the rear camera module is on one side, highlighting the telephoto; while the Find X6 Pro rear camera module is separated but similar in color, highlighting the overall centered module, rather than a certain one. a single shot. 

Furthermore, the Reno10 series definitely does not want to turn itself into a "little Find ". Based on the three keywords of Reno's past generations of "thinness, color, and portrait", it has made targeted sublation, among which "portrait" is the key The continuation of the word, and the addition of the telephoto, is another change in the same, and the telephoto shoots people, vividly in front of the eyes.

It is also a constant change, and there is also the gold-thread flowing yarn process in the Reno10 series, which is an upgrade of the feather-weaving process in the previous Reno9 series, which not only achieves visual brilliance, but also achieves excellent hand feeling. Fine texture.

From this, we can see that the change of the Reno10 series is not to abandon oneself and be someone else, but to learn from others for one's own use.

All in all, from a perceptual point of view, the performance of the OPPO video flagship is better. The series representing fashion design has obtained the same capabilities as the video flagship, and the designs between them also have family characteristics. This is not in the Zhilan room. It is the competition situation and coping strategies in the new era, as well as the actual results.

Smartphones are a monolithic product that has almost killed digital cameras, MP3 and MP4 players, and PDAs , and even replaced keys, wallets, newspapers, and books. 

On the other hand, the types of smartphones that want to try a single-point breakthrough are often immortal, such as beauty phones, security phones, women’s phones, etc. that were once highly sought after, as well as gaming phones that are now ebbing.

Smartphones are born with all aspects, and now the competition requires it to be strong in all aspects, and one aspect must be super powerful.

In terms of OPPO's current product layout, we have already seen many products that are super strong in one aspect, but in On the Reno10 series, we actually realized that they have a strong layout in all aspects, as well as the logical relationship between the strong in all aspects and the superpower in one aspect: the accumulation and release of subdivision capabilities such as performance, imaging, design, etc., can be focused. , but by no means exclusive to a certain model.

When we talked about Reno in the past, especially the Reno9 series, we always focused on a single model, a single series. This is not because we are blindfolded, but because the differences between the previous OPPO product lines are greater than the commonalities.

On the Reno10 series, we had the enlightenment of "looking at mountains is not mountains, and seeing water is not water". When the capabilities of software and hardware are inherited in one continuous line, and the design begins to be family-oriented, what OPPO considers is how to present a unified, Clear brand recognition.

When we look at the Find X6 series, there is a feeling that this generation of Find has become a success. But I think OPPO definitely wants us to see In the Reno10 series, not only this generation The feeling that Reno has become stronger still needs to be felt, this generation OPPO as a whole is different.

As Liu Haoran said, the competition of smartphones used to be the competition between specific product lines, where the main players competed for the gains and losses of each city and pool. Now we are fighting for the overall ability, and there is no room for shortcomings and weaknesses.

Reno 's independence and responsibility, OPPO 's reality and vision 

Last year, the Reno9 series had a main color called "Tomorrow Gold", which took the impression of the sunrise on the sea and the image of silk yarn in the haute couture dress, trying to convey the emotion of warmth and hope. 

In response, this year's Reno10 series also has a main color called "Brilliant Gold", which means that you need to care about the beauty of the moment, and it is still an enthusiasm that is closely related to the background of the times.

The brilliance is still the same, and the brilliance is still shining. Compared with the previous generations of young and trendy Reno , these two generations of Reno are obviously more elegant in temperament, plus the basic model, Pro model and Pro+ model, as well as rich color choices , so that the audience and young segment that the Reno series can cover have greatly increased compared with the past. 

In the early days, Reno had a distinctive label of "little girl", youthful and radiant, with individuality, which complemented the user portraits of Reno's main audience. Just like school girls or newcomers in the workplace yearn to become independent women with a calm aura, Reno itself is also developing Go through such a process.

The paradox about independence can also be unfolded from this: young women who seem to have their own personalities hope to gain true independence;

The same is true for Reno . The more it integrates into the OPPO family, the more it becomes less independent. Is this an inevitable process of abandoning the ordinary maturity and then losing itself? After all, we have seen too many unconstrained ideas in our minds, which have turned into wages and mortgages.

Perhaps, we should think hard about the word "independent".

Independence is the independence that stands on its own, and independence is the independence that stands at thirty. After taking it apart, independence is not actually standing alone, with the word "responsibility" standing next to it.

In the first quarter of 2023 , OPPO will reach the top of the Chinese smartphone market with a 20% market share. In this market, the main reason for its competitive advantage is its products. During this sales cycle, whether it is Find N2 or N2 Flip , or the Reno9 series, or the OnePlus new machine matrix that is making great strides, all have competitive product strengths in their respective price segments and market segments.

Winning the market is also gaining power, and then gaining reputation.

The current situation is that the Find N2 series and the Find X6 series have both achieved success. Relying on the Find product line, OPPO has established a high end series of brand awareness; It has a greater impact on OPPO brand perception. 

But for a long time, Reno and Find did not mix.

Therefore, the responsibility placed in front of Reno is to think about its own positioning, its relationship with Find , and what role it plays in the OPPO brand, and then practice it. 

Of course, Reno also has its own huge inherent target group, and has characteristics that must not be given up, such as frivolity, portraits, beauty, and colorfulness. 

Many factors are intertwined, which makes Liu Haoran deeply feel that Reno , which is updated twice a year, is really difficult to do, because the current Reno should not only be for himself, but also for others.

The Reno10 series is the transformation of Reno from maverick to "independent". 

As I said a lot earlier, it is a bit like a "youth version of Find ", but in many places it is still Reno : needless to say about the color craftsmanship; the thin and light feel is the same as before, even the Reno10 Pro+ is still almost the thinnest among mobile phones with a periscope telephoto lens The small ingenuity of the design similar to the "Starry Sky Roof" has also been retained.

current Reno , is inclusive of youthful sparkle, and refined elegance.

As Liu Haoran mentioned, Reno is now a link between the past and the future, but the change will not happen instantaneously, but linearly and gradually. After all, the growth of users does not happen overnight. Understanding the true meaning of independence is a long process. The changes in Reno and OPPO brands are also long term thing. 

If the Reno 10 series is the silent answer, then the question is gradually becoming clear at this moment: How can Reno move towards true "independence" with its users? Do you hold up the front selfie and only see yourself; or turn on the rear telephoto, see others, and then pull in the distance with Ta ? 

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