Remove the orange, no logo, Nike will abandon the “box-in-box” packaging

If you buy a pair of shoes online, after receiving the package. Before seeing the shoes, you need to open the "box in a box". You need to open the express box outside before you can see the box of the shoes. The two "shells" of the shoes are behind the billions of trees that "disappear" every year.

In order to reduce waste, Nike has developed a more environmentally friendly shoe box, the One Box, a new project of Nike's "Move To Zero" environmental protection program.

▲ Picture from: Nike

As you can see from its name One Box, Nike's "secret" to create a more environmentally friendly shoe box is – only one box.

This box is both a shoe box and a courier box. Unlike Nike's iconic orange shoebox, the One Box is a cardboard box with no logo on the outside, and the information related to the product is printed on the inside of the box.

▲ Picture from: Nike

The "unremarkable" appearance is not only to avoid the waste of printed information, but also to prevent the shoes from being coveted. After all, eye-catching signs are also a form of propaganda to some extent, and may be targeted by people with "ulterior motives".

In addition to the appearance, Nike's One Box actually reveals the design principle of "Less Is More" (less is more) everywhere. Ditched the idea of ​​printing graphics in different colors on the inside of the box, and only used white ink.

On the lid of the box, it is fixed with tape. In order to reduce the waste of tape, while taking into account the return processing problems that buyers may face in the future. The developers added a second tape for resealing the case and returning it.

▲ Picture from: Nike

One Box reduces waste by 51% compared to traditional packaging. However, while being more environmentally friendly, the function of the shoe box itself cannot be ignored – to protect the shoes. To this end, the developers also tested the box for squeezing to ensure that the box could "survive" on the way to the buyer's door.

Of course, Erica Swanson, senior director of sustainable product operations at Nike, also mentioned that the One Box packaging is not immune to all physical damage, and occasionally you will see a scuff or two.

▲ Picture from: Nike

In fact, this is not the first time Nike has made drastic changes to the shoebox. Nike's "Space Hippie" sneaker series launched in 2020, the shoes themselves are made of recycled materials. At the same time, it also abandoned the original "box-in-box" model and used simple packaging to reduce waste.

▲ Picture from: Cool Hunting

The current Nike One Box is designed to hold almost any shoe made by Nike, but that doesn't mean it will replace all Nike shoe boxes, at least, not now. Nike's annual shipments are huge, and the One Box is now in pilot mode and still needs to be tested and improved.

▲ Picture from: Nike

In terms of effect, Nike's use of the One Box design is indeed in line with the concept of "Move To Zero", making the previous sales process more environmentally friendly. However, this kind of packaging may not suit everyone's mind, after all, for some collectors who love shoes, the shoe box is also very important.

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