Regarding Samsung S21 Ultra, I still have these feelings to tell you

Although the overall level of flagship mobile phones has developed extremely rapidly in recent years, domestic high-end mobile phones have also caught up, but every time when the major flagship phones are compared each year, Samsung will be pulled out to become the Android camp every time. A general. In fact, when you think about it carefully, this is where Samsung is great, and its comprehensive level is still too high to be ignored.

So in addition to the last time to get started, after a longer time, the most high-end representative in the S21 series, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra still has something worth mentioning.

Taking pictures: telephoto usability has been greatly improved

▲ Comparison of the cameras of the three models of the S21 series, from the left, S21 Ultra, S21+, S21

The most anticipated part of the S21 Ultra is probably taking pictures. First, let's list the specifications of the four cameras of S21 Ultra in detail.

The arrangement from top to bottom on the left is the super wide-angle lens, the main camera, and the super telephoto lens on the right.

  • Ultra-wide-angle is 12 million pixels, full-pixel dual-core focusing, viewing angle 120°, F2.2 aperture, pixel size 1.4μm
  • Main camera: 108 million pixels, phase focus, support OIS optical image stabilization, F1.8 aperture, pixel size 0.8μm, support 9-in-1 pixels, 12 million pixels, pixel size 2.4μm
  • Telephoto: 10 million pixels, full pixel dual-core focus, 3x optical zoom, support OIS optical image stabilization, F2.4 aperture, pixel size 1.22μm
  • Periscope telephoto: 10 million pixels, full pixel dual-core focus, 10x optical zoom, support OIS optical image stabilization, F4.9 aperture, pixel size 1.22μm
  • Others: support 100x zoom, with laser focus sensor

Theoretically speaking, this camera has a very balanced configuration, mainly from the focal length matching and image quality analysis.

Although the previous generation S20 Ultra also has 100x zoom function support, the overall camera collocation is not very balanced. Although there are also four cameras, one is a depth-of-field lens, which is suspected of being relatively large.

After removing this lens, let’s look at it again. The main camera and the ultra-wide angle are not much different from the S20 Ultra. The main camera sensor is replaced with a new generation of HM3, but there is a qualitative gap in the telephoto match.

The focal length of the S20 Ultra's periscope telephoto is about 104mm, which is about 4 times that of the main camera. It is actually a 4x optical change lens. Although the IMX586 itself has a relatively high 48 million pixels, a single pixel is not large. The aperture is also small, and the cutting space is actually very small.

More importantly, this gave the S20 Ultra a relatively large gap between the main camera's 1X-4X, and the high-magnification zoom was somewhat flashy, and it did perform generally in various comparison tests afterwards.

The change of the S21 Ultra is to divide the telephoto into two lenses. The two lenses have the same sensor parameters, except that the ultra-telephoto aperture of the periscope lens is smaller, and both telephoto lenses also support OIS optical image stabilization.

After being divided into two telephotos of 70mm and 240mm, it has been greatly enhanced within the more commonly used 3X focal length, two times can be cropped and merged, and three times zoom can directly switch the camera, covering our most commonly used 24-70mm focal length .

From the actual performance point of view, the stable performance during the day should be the basic quality of a flagship mobile phone. Limited by the weather and sunshine, the northern area is relatively bare and there is no good view.

▲ Three times zoom, there is already insufficient light at this time

▲ The clear texture is still maintained after ten times zoom

However, from the perspective of architectural performance, the quality of triple optical zoom and ten times optical zoom is quite high, with high usability. For example, under ten times the light change, the texture performance of the building is still very delicate, and after 4 o'clock in the afternoon when the light is not enough, the background sky and the foreground architectural details and the texture of the smoke are all presented very well.

For night scenes, the automatic mode will give priority to guaranteeing the film rate, so the multi-frame synthesis and exposure strategy is not so radical, but it does not need to be held for a long time.

Finally, even if the machine I have now, the firmware of the retail version should still be different, because it was updated a few days ago, and the update content mentions that it improves the performance of the camera. According to previous habits, Samsung is likely to quickly release several versions of firmware to fix bugs and improve the performance of the camera.

Charging: 25W old, but battery life is not bad

In terms of charging, compared to the previous generation of S20 Ultra, it is a rare step backward. I don't know why Samsung considered it. The 45W PPS supported by Note10+ and S20 Ultra was charged to the Note20 generation and was cut back to 25W.

Regardless of official data or actual measurement, the power of the S21 Ultra is still 25W, but it is slightly better than the previous machine of less than 25W. The full power time is very long, but the peak power of the previous generation of 45W fast charging can reach 36 -37W, although the lower speed is more severe, it still has a slight advantage in the first half of the speed.

In the actual test, it can be charged to about 60% in 30 minutes, and it can reach 100% in just over an hour. After that, it will trickle charge and stop after about 20 minutes.

When the battery reaches 5000mAh, the 25W charging speed does not keep up, basically only slightly stronger than the iPhone. Samsung, hope you can start at 50W in the second half of the year, okay?

Many people are worried about the battery life of the S21 Ultra this time. Because it supports 2K+120Hz, they are worried that it will collapse. However, the actual performance is good. On the one hand, the 5000mAh battery is relatively large, and on the other hand, the LTPO screen refreshes. The rate can be as low as 11Hz, which is helpful in power saving.

Another thing is that the Snapdragon 888, which has been said to pull the hips, actually performs well under medium and low loads. As long as you don't let it run wildly with Yuanshen and AnTuTu, the battery life is still able to withstand.

Although there may be some warm feelings during actual use, the actual screen-on time performance is still good. In a normal Wi-Fi environment with a card inserted, the screen-on time can easily exceed it without playing games. 7 hours.

Of course, this also depends on the number of installed applications. The more third-party applications installed, the greater the fluctuation of battery life. You can set deep sleep applications and limit self-starting according to your own usage. The standby time is still There is a lot of optimization.

Details: good touch, but not light enough to hold

S21 Ultra has some details that were not mentioned in the previous hands-on experience. This time we will talk about the details.

The first is the center hole of the screen. Because the sensor is different from the S21 and S21+, if you compare this hole, you will find that the S21 Ultra is slightly larger than the other two. It may be because of the different models of the front camera sensor. .

The second point is that I personally feel that the grip of the S21 Ultra is a bit thick and heavy. Although the data of 8.9mm and 227g are placed here, the most important thing is that the smooth curve body design before, whether it is the screen The curved surface or the curved surface of the back cover personally feels that it has become smaller, so the grip is more weighty.

In addition, it may be the reason for the splicing of camera modules. I personally feel that the weight of the S21 Ultra is slightly top-heavy, which also increases the weight when holding it.

But overall it feels okay. It's still a long way from the "negative textbook" Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition. In addition, I think the best one may be the X series of vivo, and the grip is really thin.

The commendable part is that the back may be replaced with frosted glass, so fingerprints are not so easy to contaminate, especially the black version I got, basically no longer troubled by fingerprints, and the touch is more comfortable.

In the previous generation of S20, because the glossy glass did not have an oleophobic layer, the jerky hand feeling and fingerprint marks on the back after a little use were actually more uncomfortable. The S21 Ultra can "run naked" if you are careful enough.

In terms of system, S21 Ultra is equipped with the latest One UI 3.1. Other models should still be in version 2.5. One UI 3.0 is in the beta stage. I believe that with the launch of the S21 series, One UI 3.X will gradually Update to the old model.

As for what is updated in One UI 3.0, please refer to this article by APPSO.

In general, One UI 3.X is mainly to improve the usability and details of the update, such as the optimization of the details of the notification bar interface, support for small pop-up notifications and bubble notifications, support for desktop widgets shortcuts, and adjust the lock screen And some other controls and so on.

Others: there are all flagships, but there are no top-notch ones

S21 Ultra uses the second generation of ultrasonic fingerprints. Personally, I feel that the speed is still good. Compared with the previous ones, it has made a huge improvement, and it can still be unlocked with wet hands. It is relatively friendly for people with more sweaty hands.

But on the other hand, Samsung’s fingerprint unlock animation is still very blunt. It may also be used to compensate for the unlocking speed of ultrasonic fingerprints. But I feel that Samsung would only open a switch similar to "soft animation", even if it is integrated in It’s also good in Good Lock.

▲ This time the vibration motor is in the upper right corner of the fuselage. Picture from: iFixit

In terms of vibration motors, Samsung’s vibration motors of several generations are all square Z-axis vibration motors, but there are obvious differences in vibration feeling on machines of different sizes. Starting from Note10, the vibration feeling is worse than Note10+, to the S21 generation. Still so.

Relatively speaking, the vibration of S21 Ultra is the best, and even I think it may be the Z-axis linear motor with the best vibration. It was considered an X-axis motor for quite some time before, although it finally passed the disassembly test. Knowing the body, but still considered excellent.

However, this motor is not very costly. I don't want to have many different vibration feelings like MIUI 12.5, and it is not like iQOO's dual motors for games. It is simple and simple, but it is enough.

The speaker has the old tradition of dual speakers, and the top is still the design of a micro-slit earpiece.

From the overall sense of hearing, there is no feeling particularly strong or bad. After all, now Harman Kardon is in the hands of Samsung, it is certainly no problem to make the tuning style more durable.

For Samsung, S21 Ultra may be Samsung’s most "traditional" flagship product this year, because in terms of product line, the Note series is likely to be replaced by the Fold series this year, like support for S-Pen It is compensation for canceling the Note series. This also makes S21 Ultra carry more burdens than ever before.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is certainly an excellent flagship phone. Even if the Galaxy S has no sound volume and market in the past, even if the future may belong to the folding screen of Fold, in terms of the comprehensive level of the S21 Ultra itself, when we talk about the top flagship There will certainly be a place for mobile phones.

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