Redmi Note 10 5G (or Redmi Note X): certification for Europe and 4G version

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Close to the fourth quarter of 2020, it is already rumor time for the new smartphone line-ups for 2021 , or even the latest flare-ups at the end of the year. The next Redmi Note 10 , which after obtaining the first certifications and images for the 5G versions , has obtained another one for a 4G-only version, possibly cheaper, is the subject of increasingly precise leaks.

Update 24/10: after the 3C certification, together with the EEC certification for Eastern Europe, there are also news for the 4G variant. Find all the details in the section below, immediately after the title.

Redmi Note 10 or Note X: all the rumors about the new medium range

4G version certified, perhaps coming to us with POCO | Update 24/07

redmi note 10 pro specifications price release

Although there are already live images of the new Redmi Note 10 on the net, little is known about the specifications , except for the SoC , the RAM memory and the first rumors about the camera . There are rumors of a Pro model equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 820 and a standard one with Dimensity 720 (both 5G ), so a supposed 4G version wasn’t really expected.

The certification above refers to a device signed M2010J19SC, with support for 4G only. Is this really a Note 10 series model? What could the SoC be? There are currently no real clues, but the Snapdragon 732G could also be confirmed.

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Credits: 3C

Update 24/10 – We return to talk about the model signed M2010J19SC , a device associated with the alleged Redmi Note 10 4G . This time the 3C certification is enriched with an extra detail, signaling the presence of a charger with the initials MDY11EM, with a power of 22.5W . But the most interesting data comes from the comparison of this model with the smartphone certified by the European EEC body a few days ago, and identified as the possible POCO F2 .

The two acronyms coincide – M2010J19SC in China and M2010J19CG in Eastern Europe – suggesting that Redmi Note 10 4G could also debut here, but under the POCO brand.

Redmi Note 10 5G could be a rebrand of Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite (or POCO X3)

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Let’s go back to talking about Redmi Note 10 , this time in the 5G version and with discordant news compared to what we saw previously. If some of the rumors see the device as an enhanced rebrand of POCO X3 , now a hypothesis has popped up. According to the Chinese leaker DigitalChatStation , in fact, the device could debut in China as a rebrand of Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite . The small of the series was the first smartphone with the Snapdragon 750G SoC on board and the same fate should touch Redmi Note 10 5G , which will arrive in China with the same features and specifications.

Furthermore, the leaker “reveals” that there will also be an addition with Snapdragon 865 and display with a high refresh rate (similar to the rest of the Mi 10T series). As for Mi 10T and its Pro variant, they could be launched as Redmi K30S and K30S Pro in China .

Photographic sector

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The rumors about the next Redmi Note 10 5G continue, once again thanks to the contribution of DigitalChatStation . The Chinese leaker reports that the Xiaomi device signed J17 (probably in reference to the M2007J17C device) will have a 108 MP camera, accompanied by a macro lens and a telephoto lens. The most eligible candidate is obviously the next model in the Note series, although at the moment there are not enough elements yet to confirm this hypothesis.

As previously reported, the new mid-range could be a rebrand of Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite : but the latter comes with a 64 MP Quad Camera, ergo the Redmi-branded counterpart will certainly have a nice boost in the photographic field. As for the launch, the device should debut in November while October would be the month of Redmi K30S .

Redmi Note 10 5G: details and rumors about the release period

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Following the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 10T line up, we have new clues regarding the release of Redmi Note 10 . The latter would come from Wang Teng Thomas , who writes on Weibo : “ Autumn pervades Beijing tonight, the minimum temperature is already at a figure, it’s time to buy new clothes and a new __ “.

Although cryptic, Thomas may have revealed the month of release of the next Redmi , as in China the period in which new clothes are bought is November, so it could arrive before 11 November 2020 , the day of singles in the Asian country. Or, they could arrive in a big way on that very day.

But things change radically for the leaker Sudhanshu and when the insider releases information on upcoming releases, especially Xiaomi and Redmi, it always turns out to be quite reliable. And according to what he recently said, the launch of Redmi Note 10 5G is not around the corner at all.

The fact that Redmi Note 10 5G will come later in time does not take us by surprise, indeed. Let’s take the roadmap of the past models of the Redmi Note family:

  • 02/2018: Redmi Note 5
  • 09/2018: Redmi Note 6 Pro
  • 01/2019: Redmi Note 7
  • 08/2019: Redmi Note 8
  • 04/2020: Redmi Note 9

Leaving aside the spin-off models and those prior to the expansion in the West, here is the pace of launch of the series. Yes, two models come out every year, but with at least 7 months of posting to ensure that the market does not become saturated (and it already is). Considering that Note 9 was released in April, a possible Note 10 will not arrive before November. This would correspond with what was rumored yesterday, with a presentation expected for the month of November .

Not only that: always according to Sudhanshu, all the leaks released so far relating to Note 10 are not to be considered reliable. Some may even turn out to be true, but these are purely conjectures and not information based on concrete sources.

Redmi Note X: change of name in sight for the series?

After the aforementioned roundup of indiscretions, yet another novelty arrives for the next mid-range series of Xiaomi’s rib. As reported by the Asian media, Redmi Note 10 could opt for a name change and arrive on the market as Redmi Note X. Furthermore, further rumors continue to focus on the presence on board of the Snapdragon 750G , further leaning on the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite rebrand hypothesis. Obviously we continue to insist on the great novelty of the series: the presence of a main sensor of 108 MP , so far the prerogative of only the higher models.

Check a new 3C certification: here are all the details | Update 22/10

redmi note x

Immediately after the very first rumors regarding the name change for the Redmi Note 10 series, which should be renamed as Redmi Note X , here are some 3C certifications. Precisely these are the models signed M20007J22C and M20007J17C , perhaps in reference to the Note X and the older brother Note X Pro.

Unfortunately, the document only confirms the presence of 5G support and 33W fast charging (similar to Mi 10T Lite), but other details are not pitted.

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The device has also been certified in Europe with the initials M2007J22G . The EEC certification refers to the Eastern European market, but in any case it launches the understanding that the debut of the new medium range is foreseen for us in the West as well.

However, as soon as we know more about the device and the change of name of the series we will update this article with all the news, whether they are rumors or official info.