Redmi G 2021, it’s official: the new gaming laptop arrives

Redmi has announced its new gaming laptop: the Redmi G 2021 is officially a reality, starting today. A news that comes after several teasers and many expectations from gamers, finally satisfied. It seems that the new gaming laptop of the Xiaomi sub-brand will give a hard time to the top of the range, thanks to its excellent technical characteristics and a very affordable price.

Redmi G 2021: technical sheet

The new Redmi G 2021 is the updated version of the G series gaming laptops presented last August. The laptop will be available in two versions, differentiated by the processor mounted : users will be able to choose between the 11th generation Intel Core and the AMD Ryzen 7. In the first case they will find Core i5-11260H CPU together with Intel Iris Xe GPU and Nvidia RTX GPU 3050; in the second case the laptop will instead mount an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor with AMD Radeon Graphics GPU and Nvidia RTX 3060.

Beyond the choice between Intel and AMD, we find a 16.1-inch display, 1920x1080px FullHD resolution and 300 nits of brightness with refresh rate up to 144Hz. As for the operating system, the laptop, in both versions, will have Windows 10. The laptop will have 16GB of DDR4 RAM and 512GB of SSD. To the delight of gamers, target for which this laptop is designed, the keyboard will be mechanical and backlit.

The Hurricane Heat Dissipation 3.0 system will take care of heat dissipation , with double fans and four air intakes. There will also be the Xiao AI assistant and features such as Wi-Fi 6, DTX: X Ultra Sound and 4 thunderbolt 4 ports. Above a 1 megapixel webcam.

Redmi's G 2021 gaming laptop promises to give the top of the range a hard time.
Redmi's G 2021 gaming laptop promises to give the top of the range a hard time.

From the first images and videos available on the web you immediately notice the elegance of the new laptop and the fluidity that the screen offers during gaming sessions. The laptop is however "massive": the weight is around 2.7kg, almost double the lightest laptops currently on the market. However, the purpose for which it is born is different, so it is not at all a negative point. The performance looks really good, and even during intense gaming sessions the laptop hardly reaches overheating peaks. The first reviewers found the gaming experience very satisfying , judging the product an excellent purchase in terms of value for money.

Price and release date

But how much does it cost and when will the new Redmi G 2021 gaming laptop be available? Unfortunately we have to take a step back and break the dreams of Italian gamers: at the moment Redmi's laptop is only for the Chinese market , and there is no news on a possible extension to other markets. It is likely that the company first wants to test the waters and evaluate the feedback of Chinese gamers, considered among the most demanding in the world.

For these lucky users the laptop is already available for pre-order, in both variants. While for the Intel version the sales will officially open tomorrow 23 September, the variant with AMD will go on sale starting from 28 September next. It is not clear why this difference, but we are talking about very short times. For now the laptop is only available in the black one-color version , and there is still no mention of possible variations in the style of the body.

The price is 6,999 yen for the AMD variant (1,081 dollars, about 920 euros at the exchange rate) and 5,999 yen for the variant with Intel (880 dollars, about 750 euros). In the hope that Redmi wants to bring the new laptop also to the European market, we just have to wait for the next impressions and reviews from Chinese gamers.

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