Recruitment sites hide pornographic traps. These gray products are more difficult than “pimping” in order to recruit people.

Find a job and talk to the old bustard.

After the Beijing News reporter visited the recruitment website unannounced and discovered the recruitment pornography trap, the slogan directly hired by BOSS was "tampered" by netizens. Behind the recruitment of a normal job assistant, who would have thought that what companies actually want to find is illegal pornography practitioners? This also allows more people to see the other side of recruitment.

In fact, finding basic staff who are illegal or gray-born from seemingly normal recruitment has never been less. And the practitioners that such "fake recruitment" want to find are not only related to pornography, but illegal industries such as ordering, scalping, virtual evaluation, and resale are also looking for "employees" through this method.

Use recruitment to find target users, "safe" and efficient

Wenwen was also tricked into going to a similar "recruitment site" back then.

Six years ago, she just finished the college entrance examination. In order to experience life, she and some of her friends started looking for part-time summer internship jobs before they applied for volunteers. They decided on several directions, such as handing out flyers, making dolls, and invigorating the exam. , Guest guidelines, and beverage mix are all under consideration. But in the process of looking for a job, they found that they need to pay 200-300 membership fee before obtaining such job information.

Wenwen, who was unwilling to pay money inexplicably, refused to join the club. She and her friends began to obtain more job hunting information in group chats and forums. One day she saw a job in the group with good salary and matching job content: "That recruitment According to the information, several female guests are needed to welcome and guide the guests, and at the same time, they can accept overtime for a certain period of time. The daily salary is about 400-700 yuan. At that time, I was too young, so I asked my classmates to try it together without thinking too much. "

▲ Finding sex workers through recruitment is not just a matter of direct hiring a platform for BOSS

The reason why Wenwen and her classmates dared to give it a try also included that the work location indicated by the other party was a well-known hotel in her city, and the hotel prefix was the name of the city, providing high-end services in the city center. The actual interview location is indeed in the hotel, more precisely, in the hotel’s KTV.

After we went in and explained our intentions, a foreman and two ordinary staff led us to a room. At that time, I felt that the interview was a bit wrong because the interviewer was a bit too "social".

The first sentence he got in surprised us, saying that this job may require singing and dancing, but it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if you can drink alcohol, and you have to bring makeup to work every day. Working hours are from 8pm to 2am. At that time, everyone knew that something was wrong. A friend rolled his eyes. We refused to say that we couldn't do it and we came out. Fortunately, the other party didn't stop it much, just verbally let us reconsider, otherwise it would be really dangerous.

▲ The interviewee said that the interview environment was similar to the picture

Wenwen and her classmates regarded that experience as the first lesson in society. Many of them were shocked. One of them also repeatedly asked his parents not to go to the hotel. Some students’ parents stopped allowing them to look for more job opportunities after this incident because it was too dangerous.

The experience of college student TT is not that dangerous, but she also discovered a new world in the QQ part-time information group she joined.

For the first time in the part-time group, TT knew that he could not go to class because there was a "substitute class" service in the group. The other party will ask for gender, and then ask you to give him a lesson to cope with the teacher's roll call. The pay for the lesson is about 25-40 yuan. TT has a long-term customer at the Conservatory of Music. She later learned about all the rooms of the customer. Youhe teacher, also saved the phone number of the other party for help at any time. "My mother especially supported me in doing this, and felt that she could make money and be influenced by art."

▲ Wonderful university world with diverse needs

If the recruitment of part-time “substitute classes” only violates school rules, recruiting candidates, recruiting offline, and deducting points from driving licenses violates certain laws and regulations.

There is that kind of high-value part-time job. I will give you a test question for you to memorize and go to another place to take the test. After the test, you will have 500-800 money. I heard that it is a professional test. How many application goals do you need to reach each year? Yes; there are also driver’s license deduction points. At the end of each year, there are a lot of similar information in the group. One point can be sold for 250 yuan. Many students will sell points; I also have students who feel that they have entered a MLM model. , 99 to 299 stalls, as long as you continue to pull people, a person can earn 50. I do this under the banner of recruitment. I think it is a scam of money, but at least 20 or 30 classmates around me are doing this.

​Not only recruiting, but the gray industry puts great effort into recruiting

Driving license withholding is illegal, providing sexual services is illegal, and taking exams is actually illegal… These illegal and illegal gray industries hidden under calm waters have a great demand for "talents." Just as cutting leeks requires finding new leeks, doing something illegal also requires the support of many basic labor units (persons). In order to find new people who are willing to do these things, gray production organizations have also struggled.

Increasing recruitment by companies like BOSS direct recruitment is already a very "regular" form. Even if some applicants find out that the "goods are not on the board" to report, the impact on the company is actually minimal. In addition to recruitment, there are many organizations that will continue to send you messages like advertisements that cannot be closed by pop-ups.

▲ BOSS sincerely apologized after the Li Wenxing incident in 2017, but similar false recruitment still exists

The most direct is offline materials. Whether it is a small card on the ground or a poster on a telephone pole, it is a traditional and effective method. Everyone knows that the company that finds people on the small card will not be a good company, but the target customers who are really attracted do not care.

Even on the streets of Guangzhou, we can still see similar recruitment flyers. This leaflet telling you very directly that you want to recruit male public relations, female public relations, and escorts is posted on a telephone pole next to a certain subway station. Direct and attractive information (high salary) can make it noticeable by the target users.

In addition to offline materials, similar "recruitment" information may exist in any field that may receive public information.

It may be a job posting from someone who was kicked right after joining the WeChat group; it may also be a small advertisement that is always unavoidable under Weibo; it may also be an invitation from an iPhone shared album.

Some marketing agencies can send crazy messages to your iPhone after purchasing a user’s Apple ID through gray production. Not only share the information of the invitation to be confirmed in the shared album, but also include the invitation information in the calendar. If your Airdrop is not closed, you may be recruited in public places such as the subway and receive some job invitations that urgently need basic manpower.

▲ Album sharing is also a "recruitment place". Picture from: metowolf

For the non-compliant but always-existing gray product such as scalping, it is extremely important to find ordinary users who are willing to help scouring good reviews. Therefore, it is one way to send emails and spread the Internet. It is one way to exchange praises with gifts after customers have consumed them. It is also one way to "seek help from people who have bought them" on Taobao or solicit messages from customers' mobile phones.

Like Dianping, those who bypass official organizations and find VIP members to brush praise also have a complete industrial chain. One by one WeChat groups named after cities, one by one meticulous business needs, as well as the commission rules passed between VIP users and the tutorials on evading platform risk control, make it extremely simple for everyone to brush praise.

And a model of arbitrage from merchants, such as the use of information gaps, also requires a variety of innocent users to do "pawn" arbitrage of goods, or use their own quota to sample products that will be ten times and one hundred times more expensive. .

Therefore, organizations of this model will also publicize in Moments, Weibo and other channels, just to find a few more basic users to open up the situation.

▲ Small ads that cannot be avoided on Weibo

Know your worth and avoid the 99% trap

If you are really tempted to do "male public relations" or "female secretaries" (public relations, secretarial critics were killed), then you must be prepared to see your face in the anti-pornography news one day.

If you feel that it doesn’t matter if you swipe your order or virtual praise, you should also see that the first criminal offender was sentenced to five years and six months in prison, and you should also see the punishment of those who were banned and restricted after being judged by the platform as a translator. .

▲ There is a micro movie called "Ban Shan Xia"

When struggling with a high salary, you should also ask yourself whether your normal "part-time job" is worth so much money.

Money is not so profitable. If the salary is too high, the company you interviewed is not well-known, and you are just a college student just out of school, you need to be cautious. What does the other party fancy you? At this time, I should think of the simple truth in "Everything is Good"-what does she think of you? How old are you? Figure you don't take a bath?

There are very few things that fall in the sky, and they will only hit others. Knowing your own value and choosing the right salary level for interviews is the way to avoid being deceived. As for the gray areas such as scalping wool and brushing orders, most of the things that require you to bet money first are not suitable. If you feel that you can find the most suitable channel with your eyes, you can only hope that you will not run into ghosts.

▲ This industry needs a steady stream of people to join. To make money like this, you don’t need so many new people

After the college entrance examination, Wenwen, who had encountered a similar erotic "fake recruitment", said that she actually had secretly overwhelmed because the salary promised by the other party was too attractive.

But the more things I experience later, the more I know that things can't be that simple. Those invisible risks will never be told by the recruiter.

I have a salary of 6000 now, but if I really see a job with a monthly salary of 3W, I might not dare to go for an interview.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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