Realme V15 experience: beautiful koi color, 50W flash charging, dual 5G specifications and practical

Goethe once said, "Superstition is the poetry of life. It is the innate nature of human beings. When we think it has been completely wiped out, it hides in the strangest corners and crevices and suddenly appears at the same time. "

During the holidays, there will always be a trend of "reposting koi for good luck" on social networks, so that when I mention "koi", what comes to my mind is no longer those "colorful" carps, but It is a group of "koi" emoticons.

In fact, as early as the pre-Qin period, the ancients combined the carp with auspiciousness. Many literary works have given the "carp" more cultural connotations, which can symbolize the good weather and the smooth career of the "carp over the dragon gate". .

Later, the colorful koi carp was carried forward and became a valuable ornamental fish species, gradually representing longevity, wealth and good luck.

On the occasion of the New Year, realme joined hands with "National Treasure" to combine the national tide with technology, adding the good luck concept of koi, and launched the realme V15 "national tide koi mobile phone".

As can be seen from the naming of realme V15, it belongs to the realme main battery life and popular V series. The price of the main card slot is 1500~2000 yuan, and it is also the follow-up second-generation product of realme V5 .

During the warm-up period, Xu Qi, the vice president of realme, said that the V5 series "naming rules are V5→V15→V25→and so on", and the thousand-yuan V3 series is also the same, which is "leapfrog." Therefore, realme V15 not only carries the "koi national tide" factor, but also does not forget realme's "leapfrog" mentality.

Integrate national tide and technology to bring "koi" color scheme

At the beginning, people noticed the "koi" because of the bright colors on the body, and the realme V15 koi color is also the case. The most eye-catching feature of the whole machine is the color presentation of the back cover.

If you look closely, the red, yellow, and blue primary colors of the back cover of the realme V15 are very pure, and the gradient between different colors is very light, especially green, which is almost invisible. With different light sources, various effects can be transformed.

In the design style of the realme V15 back cover, there are many realme products, such as the realme logo in the lower left corner, and the "DARE TO LEAP" brand Slogan embedded between the back glass and the multilayer optical coating.

Realme V15 has three colors. Compared with Koi, Crescent Silver and Mirror Lake Blue are more low-key. The back cover is visually similar to the previous realme V5, but the production process is upgraded to make the back cover no longer easy to get fingerprints. More resistant to dirt.

Speaking of dirt resistance, the realme V15 Koi has a good-looking color scheme, but it is actually more prone to fingerprints. This should be a sacrifice to obtain the blessing of "Koi".

In terms of camera module, the realme V15 adopts a new design scheme. The three cameras have extra bumps, but fortunately, the contours of each camera are relatively consistent in thickness and visually not obtrusive, but similar to the back cover, which is easier to hide dirt.

Not surprisingly, the realme V15 uses an FHD+ Samsung AMOLED screen on the front, with a screen refresh rate of 60Hz. It is a pity that there is no high brush. However, fortunately, it has a touch sampling rate of 180Hz, and the ColorOS transition animation is fast enough, and the response of the whole machine is sensitive enough. After actual use, the experience is quite satisfying.

In fact, the frontal feel of the realme V15 is similar to that of the X7, with a straight-screen design with a hole in the front, equal width on three sides and a slightly longer chin. The realme V15 has “leaped” from the LCD material of V5 to the Samsung AMOLED screen, and then the higher-level V25 should be an OLED screen with a high brush and a COP package.

The "koi color" of realme V15 is responsible for attracting the eye. The weight of 176g and the thickness of 8.3mm are to please the palm. Its light and thin feel is closer to the X7 series, and compared with the 194g of the previous realme V5, the V15's "slimming plan" has been quite successful.

In terms of details, realme V15 removes the 3.5mm headphone jack, but it will come with a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter, which is acceptable. In addition, compared to the side fingerprint of the realme V5, the V15 is replaced with a mainstream screen fingerprint, which is more natural and intuitive to use, and it is more concise with fewer frame elements.

Another point is that the realme V15 straight screen design style is close to the realme X7, the connection between the screen and the frame is not delicate enough, and the factory-built film magnifies this "not refined" touch, especially when you are sliding with gestures.

The biggest highlight of the realme V15 design is the introduction of the "national tide" element. The brightest and most festive color is the koi color, which is relatively high-key and artistic. If you want to be low-key, realme V15 also has crescent silver and mirror lake blue colors for you to choose from.

MediaTek 800U, the best choice at the price of 2000 yuan

Although the appearance of realme V15 introduces a new concept, it also wants to provide sufficient competitiveness within 2,000 yuan. Realme V15 has a built-in MediaTek 800U SoC, a 64-megapixel main camera, a 4310mAh large battery, supports dual SIM dual 5G, and 50W fast charging.

The SoC of MediaTek Dimensity 800U is not the first to appear in realme products, it first appeared in realme X7. In terms of architecture, Dimensity 800U is not an iterative version of 800. It is actually the "overclocked" version of MediaTek Dimensity 720. According to the naming method of a major chip manufacturer, it is more appropriate to call Dimensity 720++.

For the CPU part, Dimensity 800U uses a design of 2 large cores + 6 small cores, which is the same as Dimensity 720, but the main frequency of the two A76 cores is 2.4GHz, and the small core of A55 is 2.0GHz. Theoretically, the CPU performance of Dimensity 800U is slightly stronger than Dimensity 720, an increase of 11%, especially in single-core performance.

In the GPU part, the Dimensity 800U and Dimensity 720 are equipped with Arm Mali-G57 MC3, but MediaTek’s official website stated that the performance of the Dimensity 800U GPU has been improved by 28%. It is likely that MediaTek has also "overclocked" the Mali-G57 .

In the third quarter of 2020, MediaTek surpassed Qualcomm to become the world's largest chip manufacturer in the quarter, occupying 31% of the market share, and performing well in the $100-$250 price range. At present, MediaTek’s main focus is on 5G mid-range chip mid-range models. Its chips can meet the manufacturer’s "dual card dual 5G" demand. The market share is gradually increasing. And we have also seen many products equipped with MediaTek SoC, and the Dimensity 800U It also belongs to this category.

In terms of theoretical running points, the performance of Dimensity 800U is closer to Gaoxiaolong 765G and Dimensity 800. In fact, under daily use, it is difficult to find out how much effect these frequency increases will bring. Some feel similar to 90 points and 95 points. But in terms of performance-eating games, the impact of frequency increase is more intuitive.

The realme V15 equipped with Dimensity 800U can maintain a stable output of 60 frames under the ultra-high quality of "Honor of Kings" and "QQ Speed". In "Peace Elite", under balanced and ultra-high frame rate settings, realme V15 can run at almost 40 full frames, and there is little fluctuation in complex scenes and multi-character states. At this time, the CPU is only about 50% of the load, while the GPU is 99%.

▲ It can be seen from the PerfDog monitoring curve that after unlocking the high image quality, the average frame rate of realme V15 reaches 45 frames (the highest is 60 frames, but it is not stable).

When I set the picture to the limit and ultra-high frame rate, realme V15 did not let me down. The average frame rate reached 45 frames. In non-urban scenes with low rendering pressure, the frame rate may even come The upper limit of 60 frames, the load of the CPU at this time has reached about 65%, and the realme V15 has no obvious freezes and crashes.

In actual experience, when the limit is turned on and the frame rate is ultra-high, the experience of the entire game has been qualitatively improved, and the operations such as turning, picking, and closing the gun are much smoother.

64 million pixel main camera, 50W flash charging gradually become standard

Realme V15 uses a "three-camera combination" with a 64-megapixel Samsung main camera, with an 8-megapixel 119° ultra-wide-angle and a 2-megapixel macro camera. The front is 16 million pixels.

The 64-megapixel main camera supports Tetracell pixel four-in-one, with a daily output of 16 million pixels, the sensor size is 1/1.97 inches, and the single pixel after synthesis is 1.4μm, which can bring better latitude and low-light performance to photos.

In the shooting interface, realme V15 provides a total of "ultra wide angle, 1x, 2x, 5x" four angles of view to quickly switch, of which only the ultra "ultra wide angle" mode will call the 8 million pixel ultra wide angle lens, while the other telephoto modes rely on Crop from the 64-megapixel main camera (that is, digital zoom).

In terms of actual look and feel, when digitally cropped to 2x, the picture still has a good look and feel. If it is not enlarged, the effect is equivalent to that of 1x. Sharing to social networks is completely sufficient. But the look and feel of 5x is worse, the picture is slightly fleshy, and it is enough for emergency use. Relatively speaking, the 2x focal length is easier to produce when shooting still life, while the 5x focal length is too long, and the frequency of use is not so high in daily conditions.

▲ Realme V15 main camera 1x turns on AI dazzling

▲ Realme V15 main camera 2x turns on AI dazzling

The camera of realme V15 is turned on by default and the "AI Colorful Mode" is turned on, which also belongs to the category of computational photography. It will recognize scenes through AI and optimize photos through algorithms. After AI processing, the photos taken by realme V15 look brighter at first glance, with slightly higher contrast and saturation. At the same time, the processing speed of AI Colorful is close to the camera's focusing speed, almost insensible.

▲ In a low light environment, the realme V15 main camera's highlight suppression and dark details are not bad, and the overall picture is relatively clean.

▲ The advantage of a macro lens is the closest focusing distance of 4cm.

As for the 4cm macro mode, the advantage lies in its fun, but the imaging effect is still slightly different from the main camera. In daily life, it is recommended to use the "Main 2x" mode to record the details of objects.

In addition to the 64-megapixel main camera, high-power fast charging has almost become the standard for realme models. The realme V5 comes standard with a fast charge of 30W power, "It can charge from 5% to 100% in 55 minutes", and the realme V15 equipped with a 50W fast charge further improves the charging efficiency. After actual measurement, it can be charged from 5% to 100% in 40 minutes.

In addition to high-power fast charging, realme V15 has a built-in 4310mAh battery, with the power saving optimization of realme UI 1.0, one hour of watching high-definition video plus one hour of games, a total of about 15% power down, moderate use for one day definitely no problem. In addition, in the low battery state below 20%, the power of realme V15 is relatively strong after turning on the power saving mode.

While "dare to leapfrog", there are also new ways to play

Same as the previous V5, the price of realme V15 is also set at 1399 yuan, but it brings a 50W high-power fast charge, Samsung AMOLED screen, 64-megapixel main camera, and Dimensity 800U chip, which are all V15 relative to V5 "Leapfrogging" to improve.

realme V15 6GB+128GB priced at 1399 yuan

realme V15 8GB+128GB price 1999 yuan

In addition to "leapfrogging" in specifications, the design style of realme V15 has become colorful and diverse. Based on the original trendy genes, the concept of "national tide" has been introduced to create the connotation of "technological national tide", and realme V15 Koi color is the first product.

The core of the realme V15 Guochao Koi mobile phone still lies in the word "Dare", which conveys an attitude of dare to think and do, to the young group that this mobile phone faces, and Koi color hopes to bring "good luck" to users. "As the new year is approaching, it is very suitable.

Returning to the product power of realme V15, on the whole, there are no new technologies and first-release hardware, and more are decentralized from mid-to-high-end products. After all, in this price range, everyone's needs are mostly focused on "good-looking" and "practical" ".

Realme V15's three different styles of color schemes are enough to interpret "good-looking", and the features of 50W fast charge, 64-megapixel main camera and support for dual-card dual-standby 5G mean they are "practical."

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