realme Q2 Pro Photo Tour: Who said that a thousand yuan machine can’t have 65W fast charge and plain leather?

In addition to the high refresh rate, the mobile phone features that can’t be returned after use include fast charging. When the charging time of your phone is shortened from 2 hours to less than 1 hour, you will feel refreshed and happy.

However, with the maturity of technology, these "hard-to-return" experiences are no longer exclusive to flagship phones. In the lineup of thousands of yuan machines, there are more and more figures with high screen refresh and fast charging.

In September 2019, realme launched the new Q series, with a starting price of 998 yuan, which was the first to bring the 20W fast charge to the thousand yuan range. One year later, realme pulled the 65W flash charge to the thousand yuan level yesterday, and launched the Realme Q2i, Realme Q2 and Realme Q2 Pro.

Among them, the real Q2 Pro, with a starting price of 1799 yuan, is equipped with a 65W flash charging, making it one of the most cost-effective fast charging mobile phones.

The realme Q2 Pro's packaging box is still the familiar orange color, which makes it obvious that it comes from the realme family at a glance.

In fact, before we got the phone, we also received the "invitation letter" from realme's press conference. This "invitation letter" is very interesting. On the outer shell is printed "The King blasts out, the fragrance returns." Inside the box is a super large deck of playing cards. Perhaps deliberately, the "big king" was placed at the top, echoing the "wang bomb" on its packaging.

Realme’s products have always left me very young, and the design of realme Q2 Pro is also the same. The rear shell of its "light gray" color scheme uses the Vegan Leather material that only appeared on high-end machines in the past.

This material looks very textured and feels a bit like soft polycarbonate, which I personally like. "DEAR TO LEAP" is printed on the right side. It should be a machine pressing process, forming a bumpy texture. Translated into this sentence, it is actually Slogan of the realme brand "dare to leapfrog".

On the lower left is the small-sized realme logo, which is made of bright silver metal and plays a decorative role for the back cover.

It is worth mentioning that the body weight is only 175 grams, which is relatively light among 5G mobile phones. However, the body of the plain leather version is slightly thicker, coming to 8.6mm. The "C color" version with AG glass technology is only 8.1mm thick.

There are four rear cameras, which are a 48 million main camera, a 119° super wide-angle lens, a 4cm super macro lens, and a black and white portrait lens. The front is equipped with a 16 million pixel lens that supports super night scene selfies.

On the front of the phone is a 6.43-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2400 × 1080. The screen is provided by Samsung, and the color and fineness are at a superior level.

For friends who like to play with mobile phones at night, even if the brightness of some mobile phones is adjusted to the lowest, it will feel too bright. The realme Q2 Pro's screen has a minimum of 4nit automatic backlight and a manual minimum brightness of 2nit, which will not be dazzling in dark environments. It also supports DC-like dimming function, low brightness and anti-stroboscopic, which is more eye-friendly.

The screen-to-body ratio of the real Q2 Pro is 90.8%, the frame is not wide, but the chin is a bit "thick", the attributes of the thousand yuan phone are "exposed" at this point.

The fingerprint recognition function of Truewo Q2 Pro is not integrated on the switch button, but uses the fingerprint under the light-sensitive screen. In actual use, the unlocking speed is relatively fast and there is almost no delay.

In terms of chips, Real Me Q2 Pro uses Dimensity 800U, which is MediaTek’s new 7nm process 5G chip. Compared with Dimensity 720, its CPU performance has increased by 20%; GPU performance has increased by 28%. In theory, App startup time can be increased by 1.4 times. In the daily game experience, such as "King of Glory" and "QQ Speed", it can maintain a stable output of 60 frames.

It is worth mentioning that Realwo Q2 Pro supports dual-card dual-standby. The 5G networks of the three major domestic operators are compatible and support dual 5G simultaneous online.

Of course, the most fragrant feature of Real My Q2 Pro is 65W flash charging. The official stated that "3 minutes of charging, 80 minutes of WeChat text chat." The battery capacity of 4300mAh is also enough to support a day's battery life.

In terms of price, the real Q2 Pro 8+128GB version is 1799 yuan, and the 8+256GB version is 1999 yuan. This should be the 65W fast-charging phone with the lowest price at present. With the blessing of 5G dual card dual standby, I believe it can become a strong competitor in this price range.

Among the other two models released at the same time, the price of the real Q2i is the same as the previous generation, both starting at 998 yuan, and the real Q2 that supports 30W fast charging and 120Hz refresh rate is priced at 1299 yuan.

After two generations of models, the realme Q series has become one of the representatives of "cost-effective" models. This is indeed very friendly to the student party and other friends with less budgets. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to experience the features of high-end models and enjoy the beauty brought by technology. This may be the greatest significance of the TrueWo Q series.

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