Realme GT first launch experience: from 2799 yuan! Huangchang Zhenmei’s flagship phone is the biggest rival of Redmi K40 Pro

Speaking of GT, we may think of suffixes printed on cars that represent luxury and performance, such as Mercedes-Benz AMG-GT, Nissan GT-R, Ford GT and so on.

GT was originally meant to be Gran Turismo (great travel). The GT label means that it can take the driver to farther destinations, run faster, sit more comfortably, and be more durable; GT also means everything. To.

After the release of the Redmi K40 Pro last week, realme has a sense of wanting to show its "old rivals" a little bit of color. Today, realme GT finally officially unveiled at the press conference, bringing to the revival of the machine circle in the spring. A touch of "warm yellow".

"Unforgettable" sunshine

Just like the talent show that got together this month, major manufacturers are also concentrating on the new year's new machine launch conference in March. Each new machine is like a trainee of each brand, waiting for the audience to pick the debut.

After watching all kinds of talent shows, you may come up with a rule: "Don't be afraid of controversy in public opinion, you are afraid that the audience will not remember." If you want to be seen in a crowd of youthful faces, trainees must first be remembered. .

If the machine circle is compared to a draft competition, the realme GT "Dawn Edition" is such a controversial, but unforgettable mobile phone-compared with the AG glass back cover, the realme GT's plain glass ID design is unique of.

"Unique" means that it will be opposed to the "popular". Regarding the appearance of realme GT, there are two opinions in the editorial department. Some think that the stitching design of the two materials is very separate, and some think that the new design is eye-catching enough. And novel, I belong to the latter.

In any case, in the new machine market where there are all kinds of "machines", it can be said that it is a successful design that can leave an impression in our eyes.

After seeing the colorful "Pearl White" and the colorful "Night Black", then take out the Realme GT, the black and yellow "Dawn" is like the silhouette of a racing car flying by, leaving it in your eyes.

As mentioned earlier, the black and yellow of the realme GT "Dawn Edition" are composed of two different materials.

Yellow is a kind of warm yellow like a sunflower instead of bright yellow. It does not have "hot eyes". It will feel warm after a long time, just like the pleasant afternoon sun shines through the window on the hand.

This "warm" feeling is also derived from the texture of the plain skin used in the realme GT "Dawn Edition". Compared with the AG glass that feels slightly cold to the touch, the plain skin feels closer to the touch, and the thickness of the stripes is more delicately controlled. , There will be slight friction when held in the hand, and it is not easy to slip when held. This is also the reason why many people choose plain leather.

The black stripes extending downward from the camera matrix are made of glass, and there are thin stripes inside the glass, which refract as the light changes.

The combination of matte yellow and shiny black is visually rich and unique. Some people criticize that the splicing between different materials will bring a sense of separation, but I think young designs should be a counterpoint.

Turning back to the front screen, the design is relatively ordinary. The front camera with a hole in the upper left corner is commonplace; the front is a 6.43-inch, 1080P Samsung Super AMOLED screen that supports 100% P3 color gamut.

In terms of refresh rate, this screen supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 360Hz. Realme claims that it will be adapted for the first time after the opening of the 90Hz mode of the glory of the king and the peace elite, bringing a smoother game operation experience.

The screen adopts a face-to-face design, and the performance of color and brightness is at the mainstream level. The chin frame is slightly wider than the surroundings, but competitors at the same price will not be better than it.

There is an optical under-screen fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen. In this position, Realme GT is the only one. Hold the phone, the sensor will activate, the unlocking speed is also very fast, the experience is more futuristic than the side unlocking.

I really like the dual ambient light sensors on the realme GT. Before that, I have always turned off the automatic brightness adjustment of the phone for no other reason. It is too "stupid"—it is often disturbed by my shadow, and it is bright and blind when the environment is dark. My eyes and the environment are bright and I can’t see anything clearly, so I have to turn off the automatic adjustment. Manually adjusting the brightness has become my daily high frequency operation.

Realme GT is equipped with light sensors on the front and rear of the fuselage, which can more comprehensively feel the brightness of the environment. In the actual experience, my shadow will finally not interfere with the brightness adjustment. This is a small detail improvement aimed at the user's itchy points, but it did improve my experience a lot.

After using the "half catty machine" that I am used to 200g upwards, I actually feel a little lightness when using the 186g realme GT. The power of habit is terrible; but in front of a crowd of opponents close to 200g or even surpassing 200g, the realme GT does tear off. "Heavy" label.

Not a flagship, but everything

In terms of hardware configuration, realme GT will not disappoint, and it can even be said to be full of sincerity:

  • Snapdragon 888 flagship SoC, 8GB starting memory makes K40P embarrassing
  • Full blood version of LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1 storage standards
  • Steel-copper composite structure for heat dissipation
  • Stereo dual speakers
  • Tactile Engine Linear Motor
  • 65W flash charge
  • WiFi 6 enhanced
  • Extremely advanced 3.5mm headphone jack

The flagship Snapdragon 888 SoC, UFS 3.1 and full-blood version of LPDDR5, the three core mobile phones of realme GT are in line with the flagship configuration, and there is no problem in the first echelon in terms of performance.

With the blessing of the three flagship pieces, realme GT can achieve the level of Android flagship in both daily use and games. Turn on the GT mode, and it can achieve a super high score of "over 99%" in Antutu.

We have already conducted detailed evaluations on the performance of 888 on many machines, so I won’t repeat them here. What everyone is more concerned about is whether the new heat dissipation module adopted by Realme GT can hold down the “hot core” of 888.

In most cases of daily use, realme GT can remain "calm." During the game, the peace elite who played for half an hour just let it have a little temperature. When the GT mode is turned on, the performance is fully opened. I feel a little warm around the camera, and it’s not hot to the touch at a room temperature of 16°C.

What impressed me the most about the realme GT is its battery life. Maybe you have encountered a similar situation:

When the Peace Elite reached the final stage, the mobile phone untimely popped up a low-battery reminder, wanting to get up to charge the mobile phone, but the small footprints displayed on the map remind you not to relax your vigilance. Finally cleaned up the enemies around him, and was preparing to have a final duel with the last opponent. The phone ran out of the last trace of power, and the screen suddenly turned off and the champion was handed over to others.

The last trace of battery power on your phone is like a flip-flop. You never know when it will break, leaving you embarrassed.

In order to test the endurance management of realme GT, I first consumed its battery completely until the screen was turned off, and then connected to a 65W DART charger for 5 minutes of charging, charging a total of 19% of the battery.

Then unplug the charger, turn on the peace elite to start the game, and then use up the battery completely. How long can I play? A total of 71 minutes. Yes, if my skydiving efficiency is high enough, 71 minutes is enough for me to play several games. And when the battery is using 1% of the lifeline, the realme GT can still persist for 10 minutes before turning off the screen, which is indeed beyond my expectation.

If you watch the realme GT’s little battery before going to bed, and think about hitting it to go to bed, I suggest you dismiss this idea as soon as you hit it, because another hit is likely to turn into another “billion”.

65W high-efficiency flash charging is also one of my favorite features. It took about 30 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%, which is faster than the official 35 minutes. It seems that realme is still modest.

More importantly, this 65W charging kit has not been cut off in the name of "environmental protection", which is commendable. Regarding the standard mobile phone charger, I still maintain a consistent view:

The proliferation of chargers and the under-population of fast-charge chargers are two coexistent and completely different problems. Most consumers still need a fast-charge charger to enter the threshold of fast-charging. Fast-charge chargers may be affected by the flooding in the future. It became tasteless, but definitely not now.

At this point, I have almost finished introducing the good impression left by the realme GT-yes, don’t forget that it is equipped with an extremely advanced 3.5mm headphone jack. For music control and game fans, this means that there can be more Convenient high-quality, low-latency audio experience is commendable.

Next, I want to point out the "one step away" between the realme GT and the flagship, first of all the Tactile Engine linear motor it is equipped with.

It must be admitted that the linear motor is an upgrade to the rotor motor. There is no doubt about this, but I want to say that the linear motor of the realme GT is linear, but the shock is not pleasing.

Take the vibration force as an example. The vibration force of this vibrating motor is relatively small. If you wear a protective case, I will sometimes not notice that it is vibrating. When I try to increase the vibration power, the loose vibration is magnified-it feels like pressing a spring when typing, and it will sway twice when it bounces, which is very "scattered".

When the price of mobile phones drops to the mid-range level of less than 3,000 yuan, mobile phone manufacturers want to bring users a cost-effective "smart phone". The problem is often not how to push various parameters to the extreme, but approaching the extreme. How to make trade-offs when

When realme chooses "entertainment" in the three major items of ID design, texture materials, and performance, the imaging system will be a concession for these advancements.

The realme GT uses a Sony IMX682 64-megapixel main camera with a combination of an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel macro lens.

This combination also appeared in last year’s Redmi K30S. The realme GT did better in that it controlled the camera module to be small enough that it would not be excessively bulging, nor cause visual disturbance (yes, criticized by name) K30S).

But in terms of imaging quality, this system is mediocre.

In the case of sufficient brightness during the day, realme's tuning is quite satisfactory, the color reproduction is accurate, and the resolution is not bad.

In an environment with a strong contrast between light and dark, the exposure is more accurate, but the details of the cat’s hair are lacking.

When you come to a low-light environment, excessively increase the ISO value to make the picture full of noise, and the kitten's facial features are basically blurred into pixel particles. If you want to restore the details of the picture, don't demand it.

However, this does not mean that this imaging system is useless. From the overall camera experience, the realme GT has a very fast imaging speed, even in a low-light environment. It also tends to increase the ISO value to compensate for the shutter speed. What you press is what you get, rarely Will encounter the situation of turning in circles and then forming phases.

In general, realme GT is suitable for the "scanning party" that is not sensitive to images. If you have a little passion for photography, it will not be the best "brush" for capturing light.

After the experience, talk about something else

Based on the product power and pricing of realme GT, this is indeed a product full of sincerity: unique shape design, core configuration that is in line with the flagship, and standard 65W lightning fast charge. These advantages will impress young people’s wallets. For a good reason, to be honest, I really envy this young man.

You need to know that if you turn the time back a few years, the 2000-3000 yuan gear is still dominated by mid-end chips. Even if the most affordable flagship chip mobile phone at this price, it will often bring "heavy" due to the trade-offs. , "Material shrinkage", "experience discount" bad impression.

And now the development of the mobile phone industry chain has gradually matured, and many configurations that were only compatible with previous flagships, such as 120Hz high refresh rate screens, super fast charging, and linear motors, have begun to appear on "people-friendly" mobile phones.

Consumers have "sub-flagship" choices like realme GT and Redmi K40 Pro, and they can get a near-excellent experience without spending high prices. The "people-friendly" market has never been so lively.

However, compared to creating a "cost-effective machine" in the minds of young people, realme GT is more significant to realme. Before the birth of realme GT, realme had a shortcoming that should not be underestimated, that is, its product naming is difficult to impress in the minds of consumers.

From the initial letter series of realme Q and realme X to the digital series of V15 and X50, realme has indeed brought consumers a lot of products with online mobile phones, but simple naming is easy to spread, but it is difficult for consumers remember.

The letter naming makes people confused about the gear gap between different models. The letter plus number naming is easy to "crash" with similarly named products of other brands. People may know that realme means "cost-effective", but because of the confusing naming Method, it is difficult to recall a specific model.

Realme needs a "totem" product series like Redmi's K series, iQOO's Neo series, and Honor's V series to take root in users' impressions.

Compared with other mature family series, the birth of the GT series can be said to be a bit late. Fortunately, it is finally here. Realme claims that the GT series will be realme's new performance flagship series, and the realme GT is to carry the banner of "flagship", the pioneer of the new cost-effective benchmark under the tree of masters.

Finally, let’s talk about the most important price:

  • 8+128GB price: 2799 yuan
  • The price of 12+256GB is: 3399 yuan, the initial price is 3299 yuan

Creating a new series from scratch is a difficult challenge for any manufacturer. In realme GT, I have seen more new interpretations of "price-performance ratio" by realme, and I also hope that GT can really bring realme to realme. A "great journey".

Higher and higher

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