Realme Book Photo Tour: Realme’s first laptop, the big screen must “dare to leapfrog”

On August 18th, realme's product line has undergone a brand-new change, launching its first notebook product, Realme Book.

Realme Book is a thin and portable notebook with a thickness of 15.6mm and a weight of 1.37kg. It is not too stressful to put it in the bag and bring it out.

The realme Book offers two color schemes: tidal blue and pirate gray. The surface of the aluminum alloy body is also sandblasted, which visually adds a metallic matte texture.

Unlike other notebook products, the C-side of the realme Book is very clean, without extra logo and stickers. Wallpapers such as Windows and Intel series are all concentrated on the D side, and together with the DTS sound effects are concentrated on a long sticker.

Realme Book uses an X-shaped bracket keyboard with a key travel of 1.3mm. The keyboard rebound strength is moderate, and the codewords will not be hard for a long time.

Its touchpad is a bit larger than ordinary notebooks. Realme said that this touchpad uses PTP precision touch technology, and the touch area will be 44% larger than common touchpads to facilitate and more precise touch. control.

In terms of interface, the realme Book uses the classic "2C 1A" combination, with two USB-C interfaces on the left, one of which supports the full-featured slow Thunderbolt 4 interface, and the other side is the 3.5mm interface and USB-A interface .

As a thin and light notebook, the interface of the realme Book is basically sufficient, but if you have a need for an HDMI expansion display, you need to add an additional converter or docking station.

In terms of body configuration, the realme Book is equipped with the eleventh-generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor, equipped with Intel Iris Xe graphics. The memory uses the LPPDDR4X 4266MHz specifications of 8GB and 16GB, and the hard disk has only 512GB PCIe solid-state option.

For text workers, the performance configuration of the realme Book is very easy to meet the daily office needs, and the basic three-piece Office is basically no problem. Even if you have to deal with Lightroom and Photoshop for light image processing, Realme Book can be satisfied, but it is still a bit tight when dealing with a large number of high-pixel images.

And at present, 8GB of memory is still somewhat reluctant. If you are mainly office, then it is necessary to choose the 16GB memory version.

In order to cope with the mobile office scene, the realme Book is equipped with a 54Wh battery. The official said it can support 8.5 hours of battery life, and it is not a big problem to work in a coffee shop or outdoor office for a long time.

At the same time, realme is also equipped with a charger that supports 65W PD fast charging. The size of the charger is similar to that of a mobile phone charger, making it easy to carry around.

The screen is the most prominent selling point of the Realme Book configuration. It is equipped with a 3:2 ratio, 14-inch 2K screen, with a brightness of up to 400nits, a contrast ratio of 1500:1, and it also supports 100% sRGB. It also has a good look and feel for daily use.

Paired with dual speakers that support DTS sound effects, it is also very good to watch videos.

As the first notebook product of the realme family, realme has added a lot of interactive modes linked with realme mobile phones to the realme Book.

For example, the most common file transfer and cross-screen interconnection functions are directly built into the realme Book. At present, users only need to turn on the function on the realme mobile phone to be able to transfer to and from the realme Book.

It is worth mentioning that the charger attached to the realme Book also supports 30W Dart Charge technology, which can charge realme phones.

If realme can come with a charger compatible with 65W PD and Super Dart Charge protocol at the same time, then only one charger is enough to go out.

In terms of price, the 8g memory version is priced at 4299 yuan, and the 16g memory version is priced at 4699 yuan. Both versions are equipped with Intel's eleventh generation Core i5-1135G7 processor and 512g SSD hard drive.

Realme said that it will continue to launch new color schemes in the future, and interested friends can continue to pay attention.

Higher, higher.

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