Really cut leeks! The beaters heal themselves on the “edible balcony”

"There is no vulgar rhyme, nature loves hills and mountains." Tao Yuanming's poems of returning to farming and pastoralism have been passed down from generation to generation, and the feelings in the pastoral poems are also passed down in the blood of Chinese sons and daughters.

What is more convincing than this poetic statement is that growing vegetables is our racial talent.

▲ In the movie "Gravity", vegetables (suspected of leeks) are being planted on the Chinese Space Station.

In "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", Liu Bei hides his powers under Cao Cao’s account and grows vegetables when he has nothing to do. In "Three-Body", Yun Tianming, who has only one brain form, also grows vegetables on the Trisolaran spacecraft; not to mention that we are in the real world Vegetables are grown in embassies everywhere, in the saline soils of Iraq, and in the wastelands of the Paracel Islands.

Let's put it this way, we must grow vegetables in a good land, and we must make a good land to grow vegetables. If there is no land, we have to grow vegetables in a whole plot.

The young man began to cut the leeks

Now that the vegetable-growing wind blows into the urban balcony, the urban people who have no land also have the meaning of "returning to the farm" in "Dream of Red Mansions", and they are beginning to think about where they can rebuild their land.

Taobao’s "Vegetables on the Balcony Report" released in March showed that the sales of seeds on Taobao have grown rapidly in recent years. After 1995, as the main force of vegetable growing, more and more balconies have become vegetable gardens.

Like the fast pace of life, most young people like varieties that are good breeding, short-lived, and quick-harvesting.

They don’t ask for output, they enjoy the process of flowering, fruiting, and harvesting. A sense of accomplishment is often easier to come than doing other things. “When you grow vegetables, you can eat it in a short time. You can see the growth of life every day and feel. The joy of growth."

Leeks, known as "lazy dishes", are especially popular among the balcony vegetable growers. Although workers often compare themselves to leeks, there is no irony here. Leeks are really going to be cut and eaten.

In the first three months of this year, the sales of chive seeds increased by 370% year-on-year, surpassing peppers and peppermint to become the most popular seeds on Taobao. Some new varieties such as cherry radish, ground cucumber, and strawberry persimmon are also popular.

At the regional level, Shanghai has surpassed cities in major agricultural provinces such as Shandong and Henan, and has the highest rate of "vegetables" on the balcony. Dongguan, Beijing, Suzhou, and Guangzhou also followed closely behind, becoming major online seed buyers.

On the whole, the economic level of cities with a high rate of vegetable production is also relatively high. Trends such as picnics and camping also have a broad market in these cities. Probably, human modernity and human animality are in a fierce confrontation.

Many sellers spotted the needs of this wave of young people and developed seed novice suits, and even some sellers simply broadcast live teaching. The "Ask Everyone" on Taobao has also become a literacy zone for vegetable growers. "Cooking friends" help each other underneath, as if they have entered the scene of the "Getting Rich" program on the agricultural and rural channel.

Why are Chinese people so obsessed with "growing vegetables at home"? Many people want to turn balconies and gardens into vegetable gardens?

In Zhihu, this question has more than 1,000 answers. Most netizens choose to expose their own process and results of growing vegetables in order to practice and attract more people to grow vegetables happily. Perhaps this can explain that growing vegetables is a hobby that is carved into genes, and there is no need to explain too much. People in it will naturally understand it.

There is a topic on Douban named #我在梯种菜吃#. There are currently more than 1,200 articles and more than 8 million views. Young people discuss together how to raise a vegetable plot and potted flowers at home and create their own "edible balcony."

Except for self-improving players like leeks and pakchoi, we don't choose a place or space to grow vegetables, and of course we don't choose varieties. Small players like ice grass can also get on the balcony and go to the kitchen.

Douban user "In the Sound of Your Gun" planted ice grass in March and had already harvested it twice in June. Cut the leaves, rinse with water, and refrigerate for two to three hours. The ice grass is ready to eat. Dip in some salad dressing will overwhelm the astringency and make it more tender and delicious.

▲ Ice grass. Picture from: Douban@你的枪声里

Growing vegetables is certainly the most native behavior, and it is also a topic of the whole network. Taobao produced seeds and reports, knowing that Douban was discussing enthusiastically, and Tieba did not stay out of the matter.

The Baidu Tieba of "Growing Vegetables on the Balcony" has attracted more than 70,000 people's attention, and they jointly practice the creed of "green, healthy, fashionable and safe urban rural life". In the boutique post, the bar owner personally wrote about his planting experience from buying seeds to top dressing, "Welcome friends who like to grow vegetables on their balcony to join. What we grow is not vegetables, but life."

The way to connect with the soil

"Carmen" is a fan of vegetable gardening on the balcony. She laughed at herself as a "failure case." The leeks that the workers said they could feed themselves were "lifeless, thin and weak" in her flowerpot. The value of being cut.

▲ Leeks on the balcony of “Carmen'''s house.

"Maybe it's not used to the soil here. The leeks were dug from the roommate's mother's vegetable field. When they were in the field, they obviously grew very well."

At this time, Carmen's mentality towards leeks seemed not to be a sickle, but the owner of pets.

China's long farming history has nurtured a strong vegetable growing complex. We have gained absolute security from the land and seeds, and the love for the soil is a deep-rooted consciousness.

Growing vegetables on the balcony may be a way to get close to the soil in cities that cannot be connected to the land. The motivation for "cultivation" in the square inch land comes not only from the fruits and vegetables, but also from the miniature fields.

When the pastoral life of sunrise and sunset fades away from us, growing vegetables on the balcony may be able to realize the pastoral dream at the lowest cost.

People who don't have time to practice it on their own will rely on short videos to watch how people bow their heads to work on the other side of the screen.

What Li Ziqi shows is the idealized paradise, the poetic countryside in traditional Chinese culture. In addition to chopping wood and making fires to make all kinds of food, she also makes the four treasures of the study, picks flowers and dyes clothes, makes swings and makes bread kilns. Behind it is the solid foundation of work since childhood, thousands of repeated exercises and the tenacity of continuous self-learning. .

▲ Li Ziqi.

Huanong Brothers is another style. Raising bamboo rats, picking wild fruits, river fishing, taking a dog for a walk, roasting brothers’ pigs… These fading field interests are what they cherish the most.

▲ Huanong Brothers.

The video will be more or less beautifying, but it is enough to show how people living in the country take root in the soil and use the gifts of the earth to pay homage to nature.

In contrast, "the prosperous age is not hungry, so why bother to farm and weave." Contemporary workers grow vegetables on the balcony, just want to maintain the good side of the old life, and symbolically find the rustic charm in the steel and concrete. There are elements of beautiful imagination. Growing vegetables on the balcony is very different from agricultural production. It is probably a combination of growing vegetables, raising green plants and raising pets.

However, this kind of life that is beneficial and harmless, physically connected with the soil is still interesting. After all, to this day, the four bodies are not working and the grains are not distinguished is still a derogatory term.

Cyber ​​farmer

As the Internet usage scenarios sink in an all-round way, the "farming game" may become more popular, and it is the idyllic pastoral of the cyber world.

"Farming games" does not mean that there must be crops. Broadly speaking, sandbox games, simulation management and construction games, and grow-out games can all be counted among them.

"Childhood Utopia" and "Moore Manor", the Switch game "Animal Crossing" in early 2020, the mobile game "Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River" launched in July 2020, and the steam platform game "Stardew Valley" are all available to players Reclamation and infrastructure experience.

Of course, "Happy Farm", which is more universal and closer to the theme of growing vegetables, can be regarded as the first truly successful social game on Chinese social networks.

An excellent farming game requires rich details, continuous playability, and a certain degree of freedom, allowing players to find their own rhythm in the game and live a "longing for life".

"Yuan" is a heavy player of "Animal Crossing". She likes the slow pace of Dongsen. There is no work and no scrolling. To her, it is more like a paradise in her dreams.

▲ Animal Crossing. Picture from: Weibo @动森医生子

"I'm a serious social panic. Basically, I play with a single player. I fish, plant flowers, catch bugs, and arrange small islands every day. The small islands are very big. I haven't finished the layout for several months, so I will do it slowly. The focus of Dongsen is actually the small animal residents. Sometimes they will say some very philosophical words to make you feel that they are not just NPCs (non-player characters).”

Hobbits are a kind of people appearing in the fantasy novels of British writer Tolkien. They are accustomed to smiling and enjoying food, and they love peaceful, peaceful, and easy-to-farm land. The movie "Lord of the Rings" is adapted from Tolkien's novel.

More interestingly, the "Lord of the Rings" actor sent a private message to a Dongsen player on Twitter, hoping that he could go to the island to sell kohlrabi, and was commented by netizens as "worthy of the fruit-loving hobbit" and "traditional skills of Shire residents."

Therefore, in the matter of loving farming games, there is not much difference between people all over the world, and this type of game is easy to break the barrier, allowing cyber farmers from all over to exchange what they have.

What is more special here in China is that it has not been long since we entered the industrial society from the agricultural society, and the overall degree of agricultural mechanization is not very high. Therefore, the memory of farming and manual work is still circulating, and the people regard food as the sky and other simple things. Thoughts still exist, so it is easier for us to move from cyberspace to reality and grow vegetables.

▲ Moore Manor. Picture from: Weibo @摩庄手游

German sociologist Simmel said that games, adventure activities, and fashion are all attempts to "escape the ordinary daily life" with the help of their aesthetics. They are not only the aesthetic form of fragmented experience in modern society, but also the pursuit of freshness and excitement. And create concrete manifestations of life distance.

Because of the existence of objective distance, the logic of "farming game" and real work is of course different, but players can escape the pressure and mediocrity of reality, live and work in the game, and return to another ordinary but not boring routine.

▲The wormwood on the balcony of “Carmen'''s house.

"Carmen" and her roommate, who did not grow leeks well, still enjoy the process of growing vegetables on the balcony: "I'm used to growing vegetables, and I have a good mentality. Recently, I want to buy some more flowering and fruiting types to attract birds to our house. Rest on the balcony, close to the rural life."

"Being in the cage for a long time, I will return to nature."

Planting in spring and harvesting in autumn, seeing the lush foliage on the balcony, the heart can also visit the forests and mountains temporarily.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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