Real Self Q3 Pro Picture Tour: Dimensity 1100 + Samsung 120Hz screen, thousand yuan phone is too capable of “rolling”

After entering the Chinese market for two years, realme's first million-level explosion is not the performance pioneer GT series, but the Q2 series with independent performance and cost-effectiveness.

Just last week, the realme mobile phone officially announced this achievement on Weibo: the realme Q2 series sold more than 1 million units on the whole network. Leapfrog configurations such as the first Sony quad-camera, the first 65W flash charger, and the first Dimensity 800U chip in the price range are all reasons why it has become its own sales champion.

▲realme Q2 Pro

As a new work in the Q series, the just-released Real Self Q3 Pro continues the gene of "all-round real fragrance". The processor, screen, motor and other configurations are all upgraded, which can be described as the new overlord of the thousand yuan machine market.

Real me Q3 Pro comes in three colors: Firefly, Electric Blue and Gravity Black. Among them, the firefly version is the most interesting. For the first time, realme combines luminous materials and fluorescent colors to create such an eye-catching back shell.

After fully absorbing the light, the slogan of "Dare To Leap" will be like a firefly, showing a matte and shiny texture, full of youthful and individual character.

The overall look and feel of the back is similar to the iconic crystal diamond craftsmanship of the Reno5 series, both with the texture of AG frosted. Under different angles, it will present a changing and flowing luster.

However, the difference between the two can be noticed at the first touch: Reno5 is made of glass, while Q3 Pro is made of plastic. The same is that both have good anti-fingerprint capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that the transition between the hot-curved rear shell and the middle frame of the Truewo Q3 Pro is quite natural, and the grip feels smooth. With a weight of 179g and a thickness of 8.4mm, it also maintains the light and thin feel of the Q series.

Real me Q3 Pro is in the camp of thousands of yuan, and the configuration has "rolled" to a higher level. Its Dimensity 1100 5G chip and dual-channel UFS 3.1 high-speed flash memory are all configurations that were only available on mid-to-high-end models in the past.

In AnTuTu's running test, the real Q3 Pro's score came to 675,000 points. This score can already match the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 model, and it is fully capable of daily gaming and entertainment.

In addition to performance, the improvement of the screen quality has also cost the money. This may be the first mobile phone in the same level of mobile phone camp to use Samsung's 120Hz AMOLED screen. Unfortunately, the real me Q3 Pro still continues the "wide chin" design.

But 120Hz refresh rate, 360Hz ultra-high touch sampling rate, 1000nit peak brightness, P3 wide color gamut, front and rear dual light perception, under-screen fingerprint recognition… These configurations were proper high-end machine features a year ago. Even if the chin is a bit wide, it is worth yelling the word "true fragrance".

This time, the real Q3 Pro has an upgrade point, which is quite moisturizing and silent. It is the addition of the Tactile Engine linear motor. The crisp feedback of "Da Da Da" when typing, and the three-dimensional shock when playing games, have vaguely improved the user experience.

The lens module of realme Q3 Pro is not new in design. Compared with the previous generation, the main camera has been increased from 48 million pixels to 64 million pixels.

The other two lenses are an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel macro lens. Cut off the low-usage black-and-white portrait lens of the previous generation.

The front lens is 16 million pixels, supports super night scene, AI beauty, blur and other functions, and also supports face recognition.

It can be said that the real self Q3 Pro grasps the needs of young consumers quite accurately. Excellent screen quality, mainstream performance, 4500mAh large battery + 30W fast charge, and eye-catching design for fun, all make it one of the most understanding young mobile phones in the thousand yuan camp.

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