Real Self GT Master Discovery Edition experience: Snapdragon 870 flagship from 2899 yuan, made by master

In the movie world, masters have their own scarce attributes, and most of them appear in movies with the world of martial arts as their story background.

There are tens of millions of martial arts movies and action movies released every year, but it is rare to find movies that dare to use the word Master in the title and directly refer to the meaning of the master (Master and the meaning of the professor) on Douban.

In the real world, masters are also scarce, but benchmarks and representatives can be found in all walks of life. They shine in their own industries and lead the trend of technology and design.

Realme was born as a new generation three years ago, and when he first debuted, he chose to cooperate with design master Naoto Fukasawa to launch a design joint product, which greatly shortened his path to fame in the domestic mobile phone market.

▲ Realme X Master Edition

Today, Realme released a new machine, continued to marry with the master Naoto Fukasawa, and launched the Realme GT Master Exploration Edition.

Pick it up and go to travel

This joint design was inspired by the Muji suitcase, and the design focus was mainly reflected in the undulating grille pattern of the plain leather back cover. This is also the industry's first three-dimensional 3D plain leather process, which creates a concavity and convexity that has a nice touch.

▲ Luggage gray color matching

In the promotional video, Naoto Fukasawa stated that he wanted users to feel traveling while using their mobile phones, so he thought of designing the back cover of the mobile phone like a suitcase.

Holding the Master Explorer Edition in your hand, a closer look may make people think of the suitcase from the back cover pattern, but whether it can further remind people of the experience or feelings during the journey, it is different.

Having said that, realme is a brand that is very good at writing on plain leather materials. The previous realme GT Dawning color version is also based on the entire plain leather back cover, spliced ​​with long strips of AG glass for embellishment, so the design is not only It alleviates the irritation of large bright yellow plain skins, and adds more tactile levels.

In addition, I have this GT Master Exploration Edition Snow Mountain color scheme (hereinafter referred to as the Master Exploration Edition), and the back cover is made of AG glass. It is printed with 6 inks to create a smooth feel that does not lose the glossy glass. It is not easy to be contaminated with oil stains and fingerprints, and the pure white color is extraordinarily quiet.

The protruding area of ​​the lens is not large, accounting for only about 10% of the total area of ​​the back cover. It is not overwhelming, and the radiation pattern radiated from the center of the main camera can be vaguely seen when the body is rotated.

The arrangement of the three-camera system has the same lens size. The two black elliptical openings closest to the bottom are actually light color temperature sensors, which are used to measure the color temperature of the ambient light and adjust the white balance.

Transition from the back cover to the front, with a metal middle frame processed by sandblasting in the middle, forming a sandwich structure.

▲ The weight of the snow mountain version is 185 grams

Large screen and high brush have become standard

The front of the Master Discovery Edition uses a 6.56-inch Samsung AMOLED curved screen with a slightly larger curvature. In the initial stage, I often accidentally touched it in the game, but the subsequent system update and repaired it, and the side hardly responds to touch operations. Thereby eliminating the false touch caused by the curved screen.

The resolution of this Samsung screen is 2400×1080, the display refresh rate is 120Hz, and the touch report rate in game mode is 480Hz. It can display the content on the screen at 120Hz refresh rate in most commonly used software. The native software of the system is also compatible with high brush.

Only in very few apps such as Bilibili and WeChat Reading, the refresh rate of this phone will be reduced to 60Hz, which is harmless. After all, most of the video frame rates in station B are only 60FPS at the highest. Reading apps Nor does it take such a high refresh rate.

With the support of the front and rear dual ambient light sensors, the Master Discovery Edition has a more comprehensive perception of the surrounding light of the user, and realizes intelligent adjustment at 10240 levels of brightness, but the actual effect is not ideal.

For example, when I walk out outdoors in a dark room, even if I have turned on the automatic brightness adjustment, the screen still maintains a darker brightness, which affects the look and feel. Fortunately, this happens not many times, and as the system is updated It should be able to solve it easily.

In addition, the Master Exploration Edition also has a super image quality engine and HDR10+ certification, which can convert SDR video into HDR video, enhance the contrast of light and dark, increase saturation, and achieve a recognizable picture quality improvement effect.

On the whole, the quality of this screen is remarkable. With realme UI's more saturated overall visual design orientation, users like to use it without getting tired, and it is a big plus for daily use.

Familiar formula brings familiar experience

In terms of hardware, the Master Discovery Edition chose the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chip as its "power source" this time. It consists of 1 large 3.2GHz core, 3 large 2.4GHz cores and 4 small 1.8GHz cores. The Snapdragon X55 baseband With blessing, the 5G downlink rate can reach up to 7Gbps, ensuring that the mobile phone can cope with various tasks under the 5G high-speed network.

There may be many friends asking a question: Is the Snapdragon 870 sexual? In fact, I can manage most of the software and games, including the "Peace Elite" that I often play.

When the GT mode of Master Explorer is turned on, it can keep the frame rate at 60FPS and run smoothly under the condition of "HDR HD quality + extreme frame rate". This performance is not worse than many game phones on the market, but this model is currently The 90FPS frame rate mode has not yet been opened, and competitive players still need to wait.

Based on my previous experience of using Reno6 Pro+, I am optimistic that I will be able to eat chicken in 90FPS mode on the Master Explorer version within the next month.

When faced with another high-demand game "Yuan Shen", how does the master exploration version perform?

Turn on the original god and run in the "medium quality + 60FPS" mode. This is still a big test for mobile phone hardware. We can see from the frame rate trend that the master exploration version is not mature enough to tame the original god. I tried my best to stabilize the frame rate around 60FPS, but occasionally it still dropped to 40FPS, and even some momentary freezes occurred.

But fortunately, during the game, we can actually tolerate frame rate fluctuations above 30FPS, and we can still play. If we want a more silky experience, perhaps reducing the picture quality by one more level will help. .

After using the realme UI system as a whole, it gives me a good feeling. From UI design to setting the display order of the interface, it is not difficult to see that it has evolved from ColorOS. Users who are accustomed to OPPO mobile phones, go to There is no discomfort on this phone, and it can even be used quickly.

Realme has also worked hard to control the body heat. The Master Explorer Edition uses the industry's mature VC liquid cooling, with a total heat dissipation area of ​​more than 12387.4 square millimeters. When running some large tasks such as taking pictures and games, the position next to the lens module will feel Obviously hot, but not hot, and will not forcefully quit the game due to heat.

The top-of-the-line master exploration version in my hand has 12G of running memory. In addition, it supports up to 7GB of expanded storage space, which is equivalent to "borrowing" part of the storage space as a cache, and you can mount more in the background. Application, retention time is also longer.

As consumers, we have basically bid farewell to the daily emergency situation of memory in the past. I clicked on the application opened a few days ago in the multitasking interface, and it is still the interface when I exited last time. It can still be used immediately after many days. It feels really good.

This time, play video

Looking at it so far, the master exploration version does not have obvious shortcomings, and the advantage it dares to claim to be a master lies in the image part.

The rear camera module uses a classic three-camera design, a 50-megapixel main camera, Find X3 the same Sony IMX766 sensor, supports OIS optical image stabilization, F/1.88 aperture, and the most commonly used lens is it.

The secondary camera is a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, Sony IMX481 sensor, F/2.2 aperture, 123° intake angle, and the viewing range is still quite large. It can be used to take grand scenery photos or group photos at parties. Use it, it's also commonly used.

Finally, this 2 million pixel macro lens, F/2.4 aperture, can still shoot good films under sufficient light conditions.

▲ Double the main camera

▲ Double the main camera

▲ Main camera five times zoom

▲ Under backlight, the purple fringing on the wide-angle edge is slightly heavier

▲ Double HDR on main camera

▲ Double the main camera

▲ Street mode

However, you need to pay attention to the incident angle of light when shooting, because it can keep a distance of 4 cm from the subject recently, and accidentally put the shadow of the mobile phone in the picture, which affects the look and feel.

▲ Macro

▲ Night scene mode

In addition, with the support of the Snapdragon 870 flagship chip, the Master Explorer Edition has a larger image processing space. It supports three ISPs and can switch freely between multifocal lenses, so in its unique street photography mode, it discards the conventional Instead of using four fixed focal lengths to adjust the design of the scroll wheel, switch the focal length to "short, flat, and fast" to make capturing faster.

Realme also co-created a street shooting filter with the well-known analog film software "NOMO CAM", which has a strong Kodak film style and is full of flavor. The film is released immediately, and the success rate is quite high. It has the momentum to become a new generation of "sweeping small card machines."

I personally use 2x zoom (50mm focal length in street mode). Although there may be some loss of details, it can keep you at a certain distance from the subject, reducing the sense of intrusion on people or animals, and the viewfinder. It becomes smaller and the background becomes cleaner.

▲ The above three photos are all real shot proofs of street photography filters, and the last two photos were taken in the evening

For the first time, the Master Exploration Edition has added a tilt-shift and starry sky mode, giving mobile photographers more room to play.

The imaging quality of the three lenses is pretty good. The first look is pleasing, and the details are average when zoomed in, but there is no obvious sharpening or smearing of the later marks, which is quite natural.

In general, during the experience of the Master Explorer Edition, I gradually developed the habit of taking pictures with my hands, and even started to feel that sweeping the street with my mobile phone is not an "impossible task". This is my biggest feeling about this mobile phone.

Perhaps when we press the shutter more and more times, we will begin to incorporate more personal thoughts when we press the shutter, and then we can become masters of street photography.


The Master Discovery Edition has a built-in 4500mAh dual-cell battery, which is in line with mainstream flagship products, so its daily battery life performance is also very close to similar products. I charged it fully at ten in the morning, unplugged it and restarted it, and used it normally until I got home at ten thirty in the evening, with 32% of the battery remaining.

Checking the power consumption report in the settings, you can find that during the nearly 4 hours of screen-on time, I hung up on WeChat, watched the video of station B, and played Peace Elite, and I was able to achieve the remaining 1/3 of the battery after 13 hours . I believe that changing to a heavier task intensity can also achieve ideal performance.

With the included 65W SuperDart smart flash charging head, it can charge the exhausted Master Explorer to 93% in 30 minutes, but when it reaches 90%, it will enter the VFC trickle and slowly power up It took 43 minutes to fill up.

The Real Self GT Master Discovery Edition will be designed by the master. The unique externality hides the hard-core performance and image strength. Finally, it uses the localized design hidden in every corner of the system to give users a good daily experience. It has no obvious shortcomings. , Is an ordinary mobile phone suitable for living.

Looking at its starting price of 2,899 yuan, you will find that this "master" is quite close to the people.

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