Real Me GT 2 Pro experience: New Snapdragon 8, 2K flexible straight screen, Real Me’s high-end flagship?

After seeing a set of promotional photos from VOGUE about the real GT 2 Pro, the word "fresh and refined" came to my mind.

The pure white, only white real me GT 2 Pro is especially special among the various colors of the back cover in recent years. It is like a state banquet "boiled cabbage". At first glance, it looks unremarkable, but the taste has changed a lot.

Just like this classic Sichuan dish, the Real Self GT 2 Pro does not use Ambilight and colorful colors to express the sense of design, but instead presents a "ordinary" color with different "crafts".

After touching the real machine, the impression of freshness and refinement is more prominent, and this does not only refer to the appearance, but includes other specifications and configurations.

Perhaps the most “quiet'' design and color scheme

The design of the back cover of the Real Me GT 2 Pro this time is a kind of "against the trend."

Nowadays, many manufacturers are more inclined to multi-layer process to superimpose various materials in appearance design, and in color matching, they are mostly superimposed in pairs to make gradients. With multiple buffs, it is often easy to catch the eye in the first place, but when similar products become mainstream, it becomes a "squandering and fascinating eye."

At this time, looking at the pure color of the real GT 2 Pro, it seems to enjoy a quiet, very Buddha in an impetuous atmosphere.

From the original Real Me X Master Edition to last year’s Real Me GT Master Exploration Edition, the collaboration between Real Me and Naoto Fukasawa has become the norm, and now the design language and style of this "Master" has become a part of Real Self. Design labels.

The two simple colors of "Master Paper" and "Master Mori" of Real Me GT 2 Pro also come from Naoto Fukasawa. The primary color of "Paper" is white, and the primary color of "Mori" is green. Without thinking, the names of these two colors will be automatically imprinted in my mind.

While returning to simple color matching, the body material also returns. The back cover material is taken from paper and made through a series of process extraction. It is officially called a bio-based material design and has passed ISCC environmental protection certification.

In our impression, paper is fragile, but the texture is gentle. The real GT 2 Pro does not continue to be “fragile”, but learns to be “gentle”. It has the gentle skin-friendly feel of paper, and its durability is actually not much different from other materials. At least during the period of my experience, the real GT 2 Pro is still as new.

Aside from the unique material of the back and the simple and elegant color scheme, the other parts are more authentic. The camera module is still mahjong with big and small eyes, but fortunately the distribution is very orderly and pretty good-looking.

The front is a "straight screen", and it is a "straight screen" made based on the flexible screen material. Therefore, the black border of the screen is better controlled.

On the whole, even if the bio-based materials are taken away, the design of Real Me GT 2 Pro is still sufficiently "unique". Its uniqueness lies not in the superposition of various "shiny" buffs, but in the "trend design" independent thinking. On top of this, adding bio-based materials for the first release is like a finishing touch.

Perhaps the only flagship straight screen

Why is the voice of "direct screen" so loud?

I found some arguments on various social media, not easy to touch by mistake, easy to paste the film, discoloration/distortion of the edge of the App, and incomplete display, which are considered as several major demands.

The color of the edge of the screen is distorted, and the curved screen is temporarily unsolvable, but it has little effect on daily use. As for edge touches, mature customized systems can be shielded (or optimized) by themselves. Last year, I used almost all curved screens, and the chance of “mistouches” is rare.

For "film", "distortion" and "incomplete display" are the pain points of using large-curvature curved screens (waterfall screens), so last year many product screens were made with micro-curved surfaces to reduce display incompleteness and distortion. As for " "Film" can only be affixed to you in advance before leaving the factory.

But the problem has not been solved. Whether it is Weiqu or Daqu (not wine), you can only stick a "plastic film" and use glue as an intermediary to firmly fix it on the curved screen.

The plastic film is not hard enough. Fingernails can always leave traces of it, not to mention other protective properties, and the light transmittance is not as good as the tempered film.

As for the curved screen, it brings a "sufficiently high" impact to the product, hiding the black edges from the design, making it more eye-catching. In the final analysis, the battle between straight screen and curved screen is more like the entanglement of rationality and sensibility.

After using the curved screen flagship for nearly a year, after transferring the small and beautiful data to the real self GT 2 Pro, the most intuitive feeling is that the screen is "recessed", the field of view is suddenly opened, and the edges are clearer.

At the edge, the screen of the real GT 2 Pro is not always to the bottom, but has a certain transition. There is no frustration when sliding back and multitasking. In this respect, it is not worse than a curved screen. .

In terms of feel of the whole machine, the back of the real GT 2 Pro has a large curvature to fit the palm of the hand. With the thickness of 8.18mm and the weight of 189g, there will be no support or hand in the hand.

In the straight screen form, the TrueWo GT 2 Pro uses a flagship-level screen, 6.7-inch 2K resolution, LTPO variable refresh rate, E5 material, 1.07 billion colors, Display Mate A + certification, and everything is available .

In the past year of 2021, even if it is not a flagship, there are only a handful of products with direct screens, and the call for direct screens is quite loud. The first "flagship" in the beginning of the year, the GT 2 Pro used a straight screen with both high cost and high quality, which can be regarded as a response to the recent market demand. Fans of direct screens also have a new flagship choice.

Perhaps the coolest Snapdragon 8

Not surprisingly, the Truewo GT 2 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm's new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform. What is unexpected is its choice of power consumption adjustment.

The Snapdragon 8 uses the same Samsung process as last year's Snapdragon 888, but the process is updated to 4nm, and the three-cluster (1+3+4) architecture composed of super large cores, large cores, and mid-core CPUs has been updated. The idea of ​​CPU upgrade is relatively simple, which is to use power consumption in exchange for performance.

On the GPU, from the perspective of previous engineering machines, its improvement is more obvious. The new generation of Adreno graphics processor has better performance, and the official said that it will have a 60% improvement compared to Snapdragon 888.

On the whole, regardless of the power consumption ratio, the theoretical increase of the Snapdragon 8 is still relatively obvious, but the specific performance still depends on the manufacturer's power consumption control and the choice of peak performance.

Whether it is a software benchmark with peak performance when needed, or a high-load game with continuous output, the real GT 2 Pro has two red lines when outputting, one is temperature and the other is power.

After a round of bombing by Antutu, GFX Bench, and GeekBench, the highest internal temperature appeared when the CPU and GPU were fully turned on. The CPU core temperature directly reached 60°C. The heat dissipation structure inside the machine made the body not hot. But the sense of existence of temperature rise is quite sufficient.

▲ During the AnTuTu run, the CPU was fully turned on, and the CPU temperature reached 60℃. Picture from: perfdog

When it comes to the game, the Real Me GT 2 Pro is not so aggressive, and stability comes first. In the "Yuan Shen" of the international server, the CPU core temperature is controlled below 55℃, the X2 super core frequency does not exceed 1.7GHz, and it will be controlled at 1.5GHz most of the time. When encountering complex computing scenarios, it is more dependent on the big core And small cores, and the GPU load is maintained at around 71% (the highest is 85%).

▲In "Original God", Real Self GT 2 Pro Snapdragon 8 CPU performance. Picture from: perfdog

The result of this choice is that the power consumption of the Real Me GT 2 Pro is controlled under 4.4W (the whole machine is expected to be about 6W), the body has only a little sense of temperature, and the average frame rate is only 45fps. Once there are a lot of textures and In the case of constant spawning, the screen may freeze slightly.

▲ In the game, the True Me GT 2 Pro still has many special settings.

In contrast, in national-level mobile games such as "Honor of Kings", the Real Self GT 2 Pro has more active scheduling for Snapdragon 8. The super-large core X2 is maintained at 2.4GHz throughout, and the mid-core and small-core cores have to be leisurely. The GPU has only 30% load, and the power consumption is around 2.7W.

In the unconventional use scenario of not counting the running points, the real self GT 2 Pro's choice of power output of the Snapdragon 8 tends to be "stable" and "lasting", rather than "full firepower".

In this way, the power consumption performance and temperature control of the real GT 2 Pro machine are also more stable, there is no sharp and long-lasting temperature rise, and the whole machine is more warm and moist. Of course, in the face of "Original God" that requires extreme performance, the performance is slightly conservative.

Perhaps the camera that spends the most time

The imaging module of the Real Me GT 2 Pro uses a three-camera dual-flash configuration. The main camera is the classic IMX766, the ultra-wide-angle is Samsung JN1, with a dual 50 million combination, and the third camera is a 2 million pixel " microscope".

The camera combination of Real Me GT 2 Pro does not have a "telephoto". The 2x is mainly cropped by the main camera, but the ultra-wide-angle lens has two more ways to play.

Coupled with a "microscope" of up to 40 times, and a "street" mode on the TrueWo GT Master Discovery Edition, the camera of the TrueWo GT 2 Pro has a lot of functions.

In terms of overall user experience, although there is no periscope camera that provides 5x telephoto, the 2x details obtained by cropping are acceptable, and it is still enough for daily use.

Of course, a 5x or telephoto lens is not a "pseudo-demand". A fully equipped camera will definitely bring a higher filming rate when playing. However, such a module configuration will also squeeze the limited space in the machine and bring additional weight, which has advantages and disadvantages.

The True Me GT 2 Pro takes a thin and light body and a large battery, instead of the native 2x, 3x, and 5x telephoto.

▲ The ultra-wide-angle lens 150° mode arranged in the secondary menu.

In terms of ultra-wide, the Samsung JN1 is also equipped with the first wave of flagships this year. The advantage of JN1 is that the CMOS is smaller, so it will present a 150° angle of view similar to a "fisheye lens" with the lens set.

▲ Upper: 150°, lower: ordinary super wide angle

▲ "Planet" mode in 150° mode.

The freshness of the 150° angle of view is sufficient, but the only problem is the very obvious optical distortion, which is similar to the fisheye lens on the camera, it is more like a "fun" lens, rather than a serious recording.

The same is true for the microscope lens, which is more interesting than practical, but looking at my photo album, the frequency of appearance of the microscope is obviously higher than the ultra-wide angle of 150°. Even though the microscope is not a new specification and new angle of view, its existence will always make you take a look at it, which is a kind of curiosity mentality at work.

Aside from the unique perspective, when it comes to style imaging, the real GT 2 Pro always presents a clear style with low contrast and slightly high saturation, which is very easy to look at. If you need higher contrast and stylized and unique toning, just switch to street mode.

▲ Main photo (cloudy day)

▲ Main photo 2x.

▲ Main camera (low light).

▲ Indoor 2x.

▲ Main indoor photo.

▲ Street shooting mode + street shooting filter.

The features of the real-me GT 2 Pro imaging system are quite clear. There is no telephoto, but it is more interesting. In terms of applicability, this combination can also take 90% of the usage scenarios, and will also provide a lot of additional functions to make shooting more fun and interesting.

Perhaps the most different first wave of new phones

Normal and moderate use, from 100% to 20%, the real GT 2 Pro is enough to brighten the screen for more than 5 hours. If you don't play games, your score will be improved. This is due to the built-in 5000mAh battery, and the credit must be given to the Snapdragon 8 performance output adjustment.

In terms of charging, the Real Me GT 2 Pro is equipped with a very mature 65W SuperDart fast charge, which is fully compatible with previous models. Therefore, the charging speed is also very 65W, which can be fully charged in about 30-40 minutes.

It is worth noting that the real GT 2 Pro still does not support wireless charging, but considering the greatly improved battery life and a sufficiently thin and light body, it is not a big problem.

What are the "disadvantages" of this phone?

After lamenting the feel of the back cover of the real GT 2 Pro, the weight of the whole machine, and even praised the better-looking camera module design, Mr. Jason finally calmed down and asked the above questions.

No telephoto, no wireless charging? Is my answer.

But thinking about it carefully, this is not actually a "shortcoming". The product is not a math problem. It does not have a set of fixed formulas and solutions, and it is not that each individual item is the best and then superimposed.

On the road to product birth, there are often quite a few "choices" for the final result. On the contrary, it is more like a logical problem. There are many "I do not have you" and "You do not have him", which are obtained in hardware technology. Before the big breakthrough, choice and balance have always been the main theme of the product.

The True Me GT 2 Pro discarded the telephoto and wireless charging, and took back a thin and light body, a larger battery, better battery life, and a sufficiently "beautiful" camera design. More importantly, it achieved 3899 yuan (first release). 3699 yuan) price. Don't forget, the Real Me GT 2 Pro also brings a unique trend in design and body materials.

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