Real GT2 Master Explorer Edition Experience: Don’t Be a Hexagon Warrior, Just Be a Funny Soul

When they experience the real GT2 Pro in early 2022, many people are looking forward to the new generation of "Master Explorer Edition".

▲ Real me GT2 Pro

Compared with the GT series, which focuses on creating a "bucket machine", the characteristics of the "Big Detective" series are more distinctive.

The distinctive point lies in the distinctive cross-border design. The cross-border design of the previous generation GT Master Explorer Edition comes from Naoto Fukasawa, which combines his unique suitcase elements and is fully recognizable.

▲ Real GT Master Exploration Edition

At the same time, the GT Master Explorer Edition also uses plain leather craftsmanship to create a bumpy feel. No matter in feel or vision, Realme GT Master Explorer Edition is unique among similar products.

After half a year, the GT2 Master Explorer Edition is also the flagship model of the real me in the second half of the year. Compared with the GT2 Pro at the beginning of the year, it has formed the dual flagship strategy of the real me.

▲ Real GT2 Master Exploration Edition

If last year's GT Master Explorer Edition still had some reservations on the processor, then the GT2 Master Explorer Edition is a product that not only inherits the cross-border design style, but also has full specifications.

Even, it is more appropriate to call the real me GT2 Master Explorer Edition GT2S Pro.

From traveling to camping

Before the official release of the Master Exploration Edition, I will release the real machine map in advance, and attach an interpretation of this style.

▲ GT Master Explorer Edition trunk gray color matching

The reason why the previous generation of Master Explorer Edition used the design of "suitcase", Naoto Fukasawa's concept is to hope that users will have a feeling of travel and exploration when using mobile phones.

Of course, whether this design concept can evoke a sense of freshness when traveling is a matter of opinion. But it is undeniable that the unique grille bump brings a more comfortable feel.

▲ Picture from: "Crossing Darjeeling"

The new generation of GT2 Master Explorer Edition is co-branded with trend designer Jae Jung, and its "hard box" design style is taken from the outdoor trend culture.

Jae Jung has a wealth of cross-border experience, and designed The North Face's joint name with KAWS and the joint name of TNF and Gucci Vault.

▲ Picture from: "Crossing Darjeeling"

Similarly, in the design style introduction video, the hard case has a history of a hundred years. Its appearance is to allow people to carry some objects with them when they travel. Portability is a major advantage of the hard case.

Later, after the hard case became popular, it was not limited to being carried around, but became a cultural feature, and the storage of trophies, records, etc. were all contracted by the hard case.

With the popularity of camping in recent years, hard cases with various uses have become a must.

Just as the GT Master Explorer Edition uses design to awaken people's travel experience, the hard case design of the GT2 Master Explorer Edition is also an outdoor design style, allowing people to temporarily break away from daily trivialities and explore.

Although the two generations have different design orientations, they have similarities in their original intentions, and both advocate "exploration".

Putting aside the design concept and returning to the GT2 Master Exploration version, in order to echo the "hard case", the body uses a variety of splicing materials that match it.

The overall design adopts a right-angle edge design, the frame is made of metal material, and the back of the fuselage is made of plain leather. At the junction of the two, there is a "hard box"-like wrapping and metal rivet design, and the recognition of the whole machine is directly full. .

▲ Metal rivets may be a plus or minus

As for whether it looks good or not, similar to the word "recognition", there is also polarization.

Maybe it's because every girl has so few bags. After seeing the GT2 Master Explorer Edition, they all have extremely positive comments, as if seeing a favorite bag, their eyes will glow.

On the contrary, many boys will frown when they see this design, expressing that it is difficult to accept this setting.

For me, the embellishment of metal rivets, the PC corner guards, and the tough right-angle borders, the GT2 Master Explorer Edition has a sense of unrestrained shape.

As for the color matching of "Hard Box Wilderness", purely subjectively, it belongs to the middle school that is neither respected nor disgusted, acceptable but not disgusting.

▲ The included phone case has corresponding lines

If the feel of the hand is also included, the design of the GT2 Master Exploration Edition may be a lot of extra points.

The large area of ​​plain leather material on the back cover brings a lot of improvement to the feel. However, the right-angled edge is in the impression, and it is difficult to bring a comfortable grip.

Under the premise of maintaining the style of the right-angle side, the GT2 Master Explorer Edition mainly did some detailed work on the transition between the frame and the front and back panels.

The edge of the screen adopts a 2.5D arc, and the back panel frame introduces a 46° C-angle design, which reduces the feel of the right-angle edge and the palm of the hand and fits the palm better.

In terms of actual feeling, it is similar to the multi-material back cover on the back. It has an added feel and is much more comfortable to hold than the ordinary right-angle side.

However, the body width of the GT2 Master Explorer Edition is about 75mm. If the palm is small, there may be a little support. Fortunately, the weight of the whole machine is maintained at 195g, which is not heavy. Even with this larger body, it has A flimsy feeling.

The front of the GT2 Master Explorer Edition is a 6.7-inch OLED flexible screen with a resolution of 2412*1080, 1 billion colors, P3 color gamut, variable refresh rate, HDR10+ certification and other flagship screen specifications.

In terms of parameters, the resolution of FHD+ has a certain gap with 2K+, but returning to the look and feel, it is not as obvious as the data comparison. Unless the comparison is a few hairs, the look and feel is not very different.

The FHD+ screen also has the advantage of saving power, and such a choice is actually a product choice.

The GT2 Master Explorer Edition is similar to the GT2 Pro, both of which use a straight screen design, and all are flexible screens, which will have a narrower frame and chin, and the right-angle edge will visually bring a higher screen ratio.

In the real me product series, the GT2 Master Explorer Edition is a product with a very distinctive design style. Even if the joint design of the hard box wilderness is put aside, the tough body is the current trend of design.

This generation of GT2 Master Explorer Edition has replaced the co-designer and proposed the "hard box" design concept, but the prominent theme still revolves around the main "exploration" meaning of the Master Explorer Edition, which is an exploration of traditional design. I also want to arouse people to rekindle the spirit of adventure in addition to their small lives.

"Master" performance

The previous Realme GT Master Explorer Edition was equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 flagship chip, and its theoretical performance did not reach the "master level" level.

Moreover, the positioning of the first-generation "Big Detective" is more inclined to "design", rather than a typical "bucket machine" of the true self, to carry the flagship product in the second half of the year.

The GT2 Pro at the beginning of the year is a typical real product. There is no reservation in performance, and there is no compromise in design for performance.

Compared with the previous generation, or even the GT2 Pro, the main improvement of this GT2 Master Exploration Edition lies in the "Master" process chip, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen1.

The key improvement lies in the energy efficiency ratio. The more mature TSMC 4nm process technology has brought the frequency of the CPU super-core Cortex-X2 to 3.2GHz, and the GPU has also been overclocked accordingly.

Simply put, this SoC can consume less power under the premise of achieving the same performance. It can be said that it runs faster and eats less.

In addition, the GT2 Master Exploration Edition also introduces a new generation of independent graphics chips, the purpose is to share the SoC pressure and achieve efficient frame insertion.

At present, the mainstream MOBA and battle royale games, due to the demand of "fairness", even the mainstream Snapdragon and Dimensity chips are enough to meet the highest picture quality and ultra-high frame rate, high frame rate and high picture quality are often very difficult. Hard to have both (open).

In order to get a better gaming experience, frame interpolation technology is also gradually popular nowadays.

However, there is a certain delay in frame insertion in theory. If it is not handled properly, it will be counterproductive. The new generation of X7 independent graphics chip improves the computing power, and reduces the delay as much as possible through higher computing power.

In fact, whether it is MOBA, battle royale or "Genshin Impact", you can open frame insertion through the sidebar.

In the specific experience, for the frame rate, the game originally supported 120fps. After lowering the frame rate (90fps) and turning on the highest picture quality, there is almost no difference in operation and delay, but the picture quality has a completely different performance. .

In "Yuan Shen", the performance of high frame rate is directly obtained after frame insertion. Whether it is running the map, brushing monsters or collecting, the overall experience is improved by one notch.

The most important thing is that after the frame insertion is turned on, the power consumption performance of the whole machine should be improved by one notch. After all, on the mobile phone side, the "frame rate" level of large power consumers is reduced.

Coupled with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, which has improved energy efficiency, and the FHD+ resolution screen, the GT2 Master Explorer Edition has the potential to be an e-sports product.

Speaking of e-sports mobile phones, the Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition also has a "hidden" shoulder button setting, which can replace the touch function of the screen through button mapping, and cooperate with the vibration prompt of the linear motor, which is somewhat like a mechanical button.

The shoulder button is actually a very small e-sports requirement. Adapting the shoulder button needs to destroy the integrity of the frame and add a little mechanical structure. Hidden shoulder keys found an almost perfect solution in the demand and practicality.

However, if these two shoulder keys can be integrated into the system to provide global custom functions, such as taking pictures, videos, opening apps, etc., then these two hidden shoulder keys will have a wider range of use.

▲ Temperature control performance under outdoor baking

Returning to the essence, the GT2 Master Explorer Edition is actually more conservative than the GT2 Pro in terms of performance adjustment. After three consecutive runs, the temperature is controlled at 45°C.

Regardless of whether the GT mode is turned on or not, the running score does not change much, but in the game, the GT mode has very obvious changes.

The change here is not an explosive performance output, but it is more like a switch. After turning it on, you will have full performance. After turning it off, the frame rate of the game is limited to 60fps, which is not suitable for the current popularity. some mobile games.

After opening "Honor of Kings", even if a high frame rate is selected, the system will still control the frame rate at 60fps, and will not give relevant reminders or AI will automatically turn on GT mode.

After several tests, the GT2 Master Explorer Edition in hand has set the GT mode to be always on, in order to minimize the adjustment after opening the game. The switching logic of GT mode and the distinction from normal mode may need to be rethought.

Or, the energy efficiency ratio of the SoC is already good enough, and it is a good choice to use the AI ​​engine to automatically switch.

As for charging and battery life, the GT2 Master Explorer Edition is not inclined to 150W high-speed charging power like the GT Neo 3, but has also made a balance, 100W charging power is matched with a 5000mAh large-capacity battery.

The charging speed is stable and rising. Although it is not as high as 150W in numbers, the difference in charging efficiency in practice is not that big, almost a gap of 80 to 90 points.

Relatively speaking, the 5000mAh large battery brings a sense of security to the GT2 Master Explorer Edition. Even if the GT mode is turned on all day, and the high frequency of lunch breaks and nights is high, the screen can be bright for more than 6 times under moderate use. Hours, at this time there is still about 10% of the life-saving power, which is a surprising achievement in battery life in recent years.

The performance of the Realme GT2 Master Exploration Edition has become my main "high-scoring" machine recently. It has a stable performance output, a straight-screen feel, and a good power consumption performance.

It can be said that the GT2 Master Explorer Edition is the most powerful flagship product of the moment.

Continue to polish IMX766 and continue to play with flowers

The image of the GT2 Master Explorer Edition, in one sentence, is an enhanced version of the GT2 Pro.

Both of them have almost the same image configuration, the main camera is IMX766, and the ultra-wide-angle JN1 is 50 million pixels, supplemented by a 2 million pixel "microscope".

Similarly, there is no telephoto lens, and 2x and 5x are digital cropping. In better light, a crop of 5x can be useful on social networks, but if you're serious about creating, the image quality is soft.

The image quality of 2x cropping is relatively solid, and even in low-light environments, it still has a good performance.

▲ main camera

▲ 2 times

▲ 2 times

▲ 5 times

▲ 2 times

▲ main camera

The main camera style of the GT2 Master Explorer Edition adopts a slightly high-contrast rich imaging style, with more distinctive features, and it is easy to catch the eye.

The "street shooting" mode is similar to the "professional" mode of other products. The original 0.6x, 1x, and 2x have become professional focal lengths such as 16mm, 24mm, and 50mm, and the shutter is more sensitive, as if less A little calculation process, the filming speed is higher.

In the street shooting mode, many "filters" have also been added, and they have a memory function. For example, the "street shooting" filter I often use is always there.

▲ The right side is the street shooting filter, the left side is the default color

▲ The left side is the street shooting filter, the right side is the default color

▲ The above three photos are all applied with street shooting filters

Compared with the original strong imaging style, the street shooting filter goes a step further, the light ratio continues to be enhanced, and the blue in the tone is more blue, and there is a retro film filter, which is easy to shoot in scenes with richer colors. A different look.

However, the filter is not a universal formula. When encountering a night scene, it is still recommended to turn on the night scene mode, so that you will get a purer photo.

▲ Based on the new skin detection function of "Microscope"

The gameplay of the microscope and ultra-wide-angle is very close to the GT2 Pro. The ultra-wide-angle brings a 150° fisheye lens, and the microscope provides an additional observation (hunting) angle.

Previously on the GT2 Pro, this imaging system may have brought me a lot of freshness, but after re-starting the GT2 Master Explorer Edition, I almost forgot the unique functions of fisheye and microscope in daily life, and the main camera And 2 times almost took on 85% of the shooting subject matter.

The other 15% is actually covered by the 5x telephoto lens, but this is also a missing part of the GT2 Master Explorer Edition.

In terms of design and performance, the image is not the strength of the GT2 Master Explorer Edition, but the main camera that is slightly higher than the industry standard to conquer the world. It may not be suitable for everyone, but functional enough to meet most needs is a trade-off.

The master exploration version of not being a "hexagon warrior"

In the GT2 Master Explorer Edition, I mentioned many "trade-offs", such as performance and battery life, screen and battery life, charging and battery, and camera focal length.

The product is constantly making trade-offs, in effect expressing the product's claims. The GT2 Master Explorer Edition is a product that is based on cross-border design and continues to explore other specifications.

Even though it is abandoned in image, it is different in design and performance. It is not difficult to make a "hexagonal warrior" type of product, but it is more important that a product has unique characteristics and interesting propositions.

The first-generation GT Master Explorer Edition is such a product, and the new-generation GT2 Master Explorer Edition still does not intend to please everyone, but insists on making a distinctive "Master Explorer Edition".

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